Reese Witherspoon Book Club List: All of The 35 Picks By Her

Reese Witherspoon undoubtedly has one of the best book clubs initiated by the celebs. Her excellent selection of books makes it evident that she has a rich taste when it comes to books. The Hollywood actress has always been a famous name in the show business but now she has also established herself in reviewing books.

In 2017, the actress launched her book club and her picks have also shown great potential in the industry. The first book with which she inaugurated her book club, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and many others have made it to the list of New York Times bestseller novels. 

The latest pick by Reese Witherspoon is of April 2020, it is the book called Untamed written by Glennon Doyle. Even her one pick from the book club named Little Fire Everywhere has got its own show. And similarly, all her book picks have done a pretty great job at presenting themselves in front of the audiences.

Reese Witherspoon has combined her book club with her media company which is called Hello Sunshine. Initially, she started with her bookstagram posts on social media that gained quite an attention from the audience and now she has started her own book club and curated one of the best masterpieces that we have. She has also partnered with Audible to bring all her picks to the audiobook platforms.

I know you are already excited about knowing her picks after reading so much about her. Well, your wait ends here.

Below are all the best picked Reese Witherspoon books for her Hello Sunshine book club in reverse chronological order:

1. Untamed

Author’s Name: Glennon Doyle

April 2020 Pick

Untamed: Reese Witherspoon books

Untamed is a memoir written by Glennon Doyle that was selected by Reese Witherspoon for her April 2020 pick. In this memoir, the author has shared her life experience and also how she was able to cope up with all the struggles that life gave her as a hurdle between her happy and free life. But any difficulty in life was not enough to tame Doyle, and that’s why her memoir is titled Untamed.

This intimate and stirring memoir starts when the author witnesses love at first sight that soon ends up in divorce and makes everything a little too complicated between the blended family. But soon, the author goes on an inspiring journey to find her happiness and feel comfortable with herself. The book has a powerful message at the end of it.

Reese Witherspoon has called this a powerful memoir as you get to explore the various roles of a woman in her entire life including motherhood, relationships, and finally discovering oneself from all these identities.

2. The Jetsetters

Author Name: Amanda Eyre Ward

March 2020 Pick

The Jetsetters

Reese Witherspoon has titled this book as a must-read during your spring break. The actress has advised not to forget to pack this masterpiece with you if you are going on the break as this fun read will make everything a lot better for you.

The Jetsetter concerns the life of an older woman named Charlotte. The 70-year-old woman, after winning the content of ‘Become the Jetsetter’ gets the chance to re-ignite her relationship with her three estranged children. The contest wins them a 10-day trip on a cruise where these four adults discover a lot of each other’s life and especially they are forced to face their past.

3. The Scent Keeper

Author Name: Erica Bauermeister

February 2020 Pick

The Scent Keeper

The Scent Keeper by the author is a pretty interesting and unique read that you are going to enjoy thoroughly. The story is about Emmeline, a girl who was raised by her father on an isolated island. She has spent all her life there where her father taught her about senses that she will need to use in the natural world.

On the other hand, there is a whole other kind of mystery going on when Emmeline finds out about the drawers in which there are trapped scents. The scents that she finds in her cabin will help her in finding out her true self and her true identity when she will go older and will go on to explore the real world.

4. Such a Fun Age

Author Name: Kiley Reidl

January 2020 Pick

Such a Fun Age

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reidl is her debut novel that tells you the story of two women leading their own very different lives. It is a story of Alix Chamberlain and Emira Tucker. On one hand where Alix is an inspiring influencer and also a mother she seems like she has her life altogether and everything is well and sorted.

On the other hand, there is Emira who babysits for Alix and is really broke and clueless about her life and her future. But one incident changes everything. One time when Emira was out on a grocery shopping at her local grocery store she faces racism and the whole thing gets caught on camera and became viral. That’s when the worlds of both these mothers are going to collide.

5. Conviction

Author Name: Denise Mina

December 2019 Pick


The critically acclaimed crime novel by the author concerns the life story of a woman named Anne McDonald. Anna McDonald is so influenced by true crime podcasts that she uses it to escape her reality which she finds really uncomfortable. But what she finds next is going to shock you.

Soon Anna learns that she has a strong connection with one of the podcast’s stories and the connection makes her go on a run to find the truth. The twist in the book is surely going to leave you shocked.

6. The Giver of Stars 

Author Name: Jojo Moyes

November 2019 Pick

The Giver of Stars

The Giver of Stars is actually a non-fiction story based on true events. It follows the life of an English woman, Alice Wright. The woman moves to a hometown of her husband which is in Kentucky. Soon Alice starts delivering books in order to find an outlet in her surroundings as a part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s latest traveling library.

Later she discovers a new-found feeling in her, a feeling of freedom, a feeling of independence. She develops a sort of sense of unity in her because that’s what happens when you are surrounded by such strong women.

7. Fair Play

Author Name: Eve Rodsky

October 2019 Pick

Fair Play

Fair Play comes with a tagline that reads ‘A Game-changing solution for when you have too much to do (and more life to live)’. The New York Times Bestseller novel by the author is inspired by her own frustration of an inability to manage everything around her. Rodsky has always felt an imbalance in her life because of her inability to handle household works and co-ordinating her marriage.

That is why she has created this guide that works as an easy to follow book that you can use to organize your life and do every work as according to what you should produce first. The book is important in order to manage family relationships along with your other works.

8. The Secrets We Kept

Author Name: Laura Prescott

September 2019 Pick

The Secrets We Kept

The book by Laura Prescott is about two female secretaries who have turned into spies and witnesses the story of love, sacrifice, and duty. The plot of the book is inspired by the true story of the CIA. The task was assigned to these ladies at the height of the Cold War and they had to protect this mission at all costs.

The mission was to smuggle Doctor Zhivago out of the USSR. The greatest love story of the 20th century is a story of struggle and sacrifices and this book will have you on your edge the whole time.

9. The Last House Guest

Author Name: Megan Miranda

August 2019 Pick

The Last House Guest

The Last House Guest is written by Megan Miranda who is the author of the bestselling book ‘All the Missing Girls’. The thriller book follows the lives of two girls named Sadie and Avery. The theme of the book is set in an idyllic Maine vacation town. The two girls came so close to each other during the time that they literally become inseparable.

But one day everything takes a disastrous turn when Sadie was found dead one summer. And everybody in the town blames Avery for her death. Avery who is devastated by the death of her best friend must clear her name first.

10. Whisper Network

Author Name: Chandler Baker

July 2019 Pick

Whisper Network

Whisper Network is what Ricky Saget, the New York Times bestseller author of Final Girls calls ‘A primal roar of a novel, furiously funny and just plain furious.’ The idea of the book is quite interesting and speaks loudly for women’s empowerment.

The book concerns a group of women working at a fictional company named Truriv Inc. All these strong women take a stand against a man who is newly promoted to be their boss. They take a stand against him because he has acted inappropriately towards a colleague and they want to teach him a lesson.

11. The Cactus

Author Name: Sarah Haywood

June 2019 Pick

The Cactus

The New York Times bestseller novel comes with a tagline ‘Even the prickliest cactus has its flower’, well, isn’t that true. The book follows the life story of Susan Green, the woman who had her life almost sorted out until one day everything comes crashing down when she finds out that she is pregnant. She also loses her mother to death and now she is trying to pick the pieces again.

Susan tries so hard to keep her emotions in check but it is not very easy when you are going through such circumstances. But soon she finds herself falling in love with her brother’s friend.

12. From Scratch

Author Name: Tembi Locke

May 2019 Pick

From Scratch

From Scratch written by Tembi Locke is actually a memoir of her own struggles and sacrifices. The black woman has to face many hardships in her life due to her race. The woman was rejected by her husband’s family because she was black and now when her husband is dead and she is left with his child she finds her in-laws home.

The mother and a widower go to Silicon countryside to her in-laws home and tries to bond with her late husband’s family perfectly knowing that they are the same people who rejected her.

13. The Night Tiger

Author Name: Yangsze Choo

April 2019 Pick

The Night Tiger

The Night Tiger is written by an Asian writer Yangsze Choo. The story of the book is set in Malaysia in the 1930s. The Night Tiger is a historical novel that follows the life stories of two main characters. One of them is a dancehall girl and the other is an orphan boy.

The fate of these two kids is entangled over a Chinese superstition that believes in the concept of the men who holds the ability to turn into tigers. The enthralling read will keep you hooked till the end until you find out what happens at the end of the story.

14. Daisy Jones and the Six

Author Name: Taylor Jenkins Reid

March 2019 Pick

Daisy Jones and the Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid has presented us with yet another brilliant read after The Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo. The book concerns a fictional band named Daisy Jones and the Six. The book will take you on a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. The whole town is inspired by the band and the girls of the town want to grow up to become Daisy.

The unforgettable and riveting novel is written as an oral history of the biggest band of the seventies. The brilliantly written piece of writing is a national and the New York Times bestseller novel and also won many awards.

15. The Proposal

Author Name: Jasmine Guillory

February 2019 Pick

The Proposal

The Proposal is written by one of the greatest romance novel writers, Jasmine Guillory. This book can be considered as a follow-up of her previous fan-favorite romance novel, The Wedding Date. The story of the book follows the life of a freelance writer named Nikole.

In this book, you will witness the story of an embarrassing public proposal in from of 45,000 people which Nikole manages to save herself from. This when a doctor comes into the picture who saved Nikole from this huge embarrassment.

16. The Library Book

Author Name: Susan Orlean

January 2019 Pick

The Library Book

The Library Book is based on a real-life incident that happened in April 1986 in Los Angeles where a public library caught fire. It relives that incident with pretty much every detail and tells us what happened on that day and also concerns the people surrounding the incident. 

The author of this book is a renowned journalist who has put her heart and soul in this book and made it one of the most loved books in literature. She has also impressed Reese Witherspoon with her writing style. 

17. One Day in December

Author Name: Josie Silver

December 2018 Pick

One Day in December

One Day in December by Josie Silver starts off as a romance novel but instantly turns into a tragedy. The book follows the life of a girl named Laurie. The ordinary girl who was at a bus stop locks her eyes with a mystery man. After that, she instantly falls in love with the man and is convinced that he is her one true love. 

The following year she spends looking for the guy everywhere and goes on a quest to find him. After that, she reunites with her best friend who introduced her with her boyfriend who was the same mystery man with whom Laurie locked her eyes at the bus stop and is been desperately looking for, for a year.

18. The Other Woman

Author Name: Sandie Jones

November 2018 Pick

The Other Woman

The Other Woman comes with a tagline He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, which is an idea around which the book is based. In this title, ‘She’ refers to the mother of the man who will do anything to get rid of the woman that her son is dating. The twisted story is about a possessive and insecure woman who is not ready to share her son with any woman.

The twisted triangle between these three produces one of the best psychological suspense novels that will have you questioning her at every page. 

19. This Is How It Always Is 

Author Name: Lauri Frankel

October 2018 Pick

This Is How It Always Is

This is How It Always Is actually works on a very interesting idea which is also a true-life story of some people in today’s world. The book is about a boy named Claude who wants to transform herself into a woman when he grows up. He believes that it is exactly how it was supposed to be.

His family has been supportive of his decision and let him follow his heart. Though they make every effort in keeping this all a secret and not let anybody else know about it. But eventually, everything gets exposed and what follows it is worth reading the book for.

20. Where The Crawdads Sing

Author Name: Delia Owens

September 2018 Pick

Where The Crawdads Sing

Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is definitely a classic. The title of this book is embedded in history as one of the best books ever written in drama. The book features a girl named Kya Clark who is known as ‘The Marsh Girl’ who is brought up in North Carolina.

The New York Times Bestseller novel is about a mysterious murder investigation of the town celebrity. The heart-breaking coming of age story reminds us that we are shaped according to our surroundings. 

21. Still Lives

Author Name: Maria Hummel

August 2018 Pick

Still Lives

Still Lives is a mystery book that follows the life of Kim Lord. Kim Lord is a celebrated feminist artist who one day disappears on the day of her exhibition. To quote Reese Witherspoon, The book is an “ultimate mystery, full of crazy twists, and turns.” The book is a real page-turner by the author who introduced us with the journey of a woman into the belly of an industry that is all about money and secrets.

22. Next Year In Havana

Author Name: Chanel Cleeton

July 2018 Pick

Next Year In Havana

Next Year In Havana concerns the life of Marisol who lives in Miami and works as a freelance writer. The girl then travels to Cuba in order to fulfill the last wish of her great-grandmother Elisa who fled Havana during the revolution. Her wish is to scatter her ashes in her true home which is in Cuba.

When she reaches Cuba she gets uncovers the great family secret which is kept hidden for a reason. The secret that she discovers is about the time of the country’s most dangerous revolution. Meanwhile, she also falls in love with a man who has secrets of his own. 

23. Something In The Water

Author Name: Catherine Steadman

June 2018 Pick

Something In The Water

Something in the Water follows the life story of a woman named Erin who is a documentary filmmaker. Erin and her new husband Mark are very excited to go on their romantic honeymoon at a very exquisite location, Bora Bora. When in Bora Bora they go on Scuba Diving. As they were having the vacation of their life in Bora Bora and also feeling the waves, they discover something very shocking and unexpected. 

Now it is up to them whether they want to speak out about it or keep this a hidden secret. The suspenseful book instantly became the new york times bestseller novel and as the New York Times has called this book, “Steadman keeps the suspense ratcheted up” you can have high expectations from this book. 

24. You Think It, I’ll Say It Stories

Author Name: Curtis Sittenfeld

May 2018 Pick

You Think It, I’ll Say It Stories

You Think It, I’ll Say It is a collection of ten stories by author Sittenfeld. The author has brilliantly crafted all these stories to give you a memorable experience. With strong characters and interesting storylines, each story is amazing on its own. Through this story, the author pinpoints the events in our life that leads us to our destiny. 

The characters will make the story unforgettable for you and as Reese Witherspoon has said, the characters are ‘complex and interesting’, I am sure you are going to have a great experience with this book.

25. Happiness: A Memoir

Author Name: Heather Harpham

April 2018 Pick

Happiness: A Memoir

Happiness: A Memoir by the author Heather Harpham comes with a tagline, The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After. The moving and heart-touching memoir is about the struggles that the author has to face in her life. Heather and Brian were deeply in love until one day when Heather finds out that she is pregnant.

Pregnancy is good news for any couple but not for Brian who doesn’t want kids but Heather will save her child at all costs. She then moves to California and gives birth to her daughter alone. Tragedy hits her hard when the doctors told her that her daughter is gravely ill.

26. Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Author Name: Balli Kaur Jaswal

March 2018 Pick

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Don’t get fooled by the title because it is not what you think. The story is actually about a girl named Nikki who works as a Bartender in West London. Nikki gets the opportunity to work as a creative writing teacher which she accepts because she could really use the money to support her family.

Her job is to teach a close-knit Punjab community and her teaching takes a very unexpected turn when she begins teaching the Sikh widows about the art of erotic storytelling. The book is a very fun and interesting read.

27. The Light We Lost

Author: Jill Santopolo

February 2018 Pick

The Light We Lost

The Light We Lost stars of as a love story of two college sweethearts who met with each other as seniors at Columbia University. Lucy and Gabe instantly fall in love with each other and promised to always keep them happily ever after alive. But only time will tell what happens next. 

Lucy and Gabe then embark on the journey of their 13-year strong love and they are keen to find out whether their love will stand the test of time. As you turn through the pages the story will get more interesting, and whether it is a romantic book or a tragedy you will only find out after reading it.

28. Braving the Wilderness

Author Name: Brene Brown

January 2018 Pick

Braving the Wilderness

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by the author is actually a guide that teaches you how to reconnect with your true self. The book is all about embracing nature and will introduce you with an interesting and perfectionist world.

According to Reese Witherspoon, in this story, the author has discussed how divided our world is through various aspects and there is only one thing that unites us and that is nature.

29. The Last Mrs. Parrish

Author Name: Liv Constantine

December 2017 Pick

The Last Mrs. Parrish

The Last Mrs. Parrish is about Amber Patterson and Daphne Parrish. Amber Patterson has always been envious of the life that Daphne has. She feels that Daphne takes all the happiness in her life for granted and wishes to have the same. In an attempt to make that happen, she befriends Daphne and soon starts to take over her life.

She wants to infiltrate her life by getting close to Daphne’s husband and wants to take her place and wants to live the life that Daphne is having.

30. This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage

Author Name: Ann Patchett

November 2017 Pick

This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage is actually a memoir about the author’s life in which she has portrayed all the struggles that she has faced in her life and what lessons she learned from the experience of life. She has not left any part of her life and poured everything that she has experienced, good or bad.

From her childhood to the present day, the author has relived some of the most important experiences of her life and showed us the lessons she has learned. Well, the story is not just a lesson to the author but also to the ones reading it.

31. The Rules of Magic

Author Name: Alice Hoffman

October 2017 Pick

The Rules of Magic

The Rules of Magic by the author is the story of a mother who wants to protect her children at all costs. The theme of the story is set in New York City in the 1960s. Susanna Owens has three gifted children and she is ready to put everything at stake in order to protect her kids from the magical fate that awaits them.

The magical fate is from her hometown Massachusetts and the truth has been haunting her since her children’s birth. The Rules of Magic also has a follow-up novel called Practical Magic.

32. Little Fires Everywhere

Author Name: Celeste Ng

September 2017 Pick

Little Fires Everywhere

The book, Little Fires Everywhere is now adapted into a limited Hulu series, and it’s executive producers none other than Resse Witherspoon. Along with Reese, Kerry Washington is also producing the series. The author of Little Fires Everywhere is the same one who is the bestselling author of Everything I Never Told You.

The book is set in the Cleveland suburbs. It follows the life story of Elena Richardson. Elena with her family forms close relations with a single mother named Mia who also has a teenage daughter. She starts renting the house by the Richardsons but she is also a possessor of a mysterious past that she is trying to protect.

33. The Lying Game

Author Name: Ruth Ware

August 2017 Pick

The Lying Game

The Lying Game is actually a very interesting page turn about a mystery. The unputdownable book written by Ruth Ware is very thrilling as well as captivating. It concerns a group of friends who get reunited after years. The friends used to be really close before and shared a very strong bond.

When they reunite, the fourth in their group sens out a very mysterious text to everyone that says, “I Need You”. What follows after is a twisted mystery that will make you rush to the end.

34. The Alice Network

Author Name: Kate Quinn

July 2017 Pick

The Alice Network

The New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Novel, The Alice Network is a historical novel. The book takes you back to the era of the world of war 1st and tells you the story of two women, a spy of World of War 1 era and an American Socialite. These two women are bought together wi in this very interesting book through an enthralling narrative.

This mesmerizing story of courage and redemption is about the union of these characters that the national bestselling author Kate Quinn has brilliantly portrayed. 

35. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Author Name: Gail Honeyman

June 2017 Pick

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a story about a solitary woman named Eleanor who likes to stay rather alone but soon she forms an unexpected friendship with a very unhygienic man. The guy is from IT who works with her in her office. The story is about the importance of friendship and human connection in the words of Reese Witherspoon. 

The book is soon to be a major motion picture produced by Reese Witherspoon. If this book has impressed Reese Witherspoon so much then it is definitely worth your try.


So these were all the books from the Reese Witherspoon book club from June 2017 to April 2020. Each of these books is brilliant and amazing and everybody would agree that her taste in the book is impeccable. The books may not be mainstream but that’s the best thing about it because she has tried some of the most underrated books and gave them the recognition they deserve.

Her every pick has performed really well and that provided the credibility to her book club that she served to have. All these 35 books are of varying genres and you will definitely find your favorite one on the list. 

If you have read any of these books do let us know in the comment section below how you liked them. Also if you have any queries or suggestions you can give it to us by commenting below, we would be happy to help you.

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