8 Most Powerful Books By Brene Brown That You Must Read

Brene Brown is a master storyteller and she is considered a specialist in this field. Her books have been loved by a lot of fans and their themes are often insightful. She is a true Texan so you know that her raw personality is enough to charm the hearts of any room. Her books are mostly unpredictable and that is what fans like a lot which is why she is one of the greatest authors of our time.

The best thing about her books according to me is the fact that she can combine a lot of distinct flavors into a mix and there won’t be a conflict between any of them. Her energy is awesome and her literary style has brought in quite a lot of followers from all around the world. This is why a lot of people are checking out the best books of hers to read. So here is a list of books written by Brene Brown which will be great for you to read.

List of 8 Best Brene Brown Books:

#1. Rising Strong

Published: 2015

Rising Strong: Best Brene Brown Books

As we already know, Brene Brown is a strong author and her work is so beautiful that it is why she is respected all around the world for her books. This is a book that would positively help you in piecing together your life again if you’ve had a falling out. In this book, she talks about accepting our own failures. It is said that if you accept your vulnerabilities and are sure to yourself then you can work wonders and you’d always emerge triumphantly.

It is true to understand that it’s not the triumph that makes us what we are, it’s our struggle. The author wants to spread a message by the medium of this book that when you start owning up to your failures and accept each of your mistakes then although you might fall, you’ll rise again, stronger than you were before. Reading this book might help you greatly with your life and it might be all the help you need to shake things off and get up again to fight.

#2. Daring Greatly

Published: 2012

Daring Greatly

Most of her books deal with the same topic so if you aren’t already a giant fan of hers, you might not like a lot of books written by Dr. Brene Brown. She focuses most of her literary strength on empowering people and making their lives better. This is why she has gained the respect of almost everyone who is familiar with her book. This book is also one of those that are used for self-help and promotes healthy psychological habits to do the best that we can.

The title of this book was somewhat inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s words and as we already know, Teddy was a man who believed in daring greatly and losing rather than winning without making the right efforts. Using this, Brene helps her reader in understanding the fact that it is only your efforts and the risks that you have taken, that eventually get you to the top. Sometimes that’s the best you can do and if you want to be better at it, try reading this book.

#3. Dare To Lead

Published: 2018

Dare To Lead

Leadership quality isn’t something that everyone has but one should always remember that it can still be developed over time. By the medium of this book, the author tries to help us understand the real meaning of leadership and the things we can do to actually make the decisions as a good leader. She tries to help her reader understand that leadership is not about having power over someone else or dominating someone else, it is about managing their problems and helping them develop.

There is one other thing that isn’t caught by other writers so well, and that is the fact that leadership doesn’t just help your team grow, but it also gives you such experiences that just can’t be matched. She tries to elaborate that a leader doesn’t always have all the right answers so we don’t have to pretend that we know everything as a leader. A leader is always the one who believes in asking the right questions and that is exactly why this book is a must-read to help you understand this powerful concept.

#4. The Gifts of Imperfection

Published: 2010

The Gifts of Imperfection

People take imperfections to be a sin but it actually isn’t, it’s a blessing and that’s something that the author wishes to convey to the readers with the help of this book. It is also a very powerful book, just like the other ones written by Dr. Brown. The way she brings on this topic is really interesting and her insights on the subject itself are pretty appealing. She will help in cultivating self-belief and understanding yourself enough to accept yourself the way you are.

The book tries to help us understand our weaknesses and helps us embrace them rather than suppressing them which obviously makes it very helpful to anyone who feels like they are full of imperfections. She points out that a perfect person can’t really much learn from themselves, but an imperfect person can learn loads on the way of success. This book is really helpful to help you see yourself as who you really are so you must try to give it a go.

#5. Braving the Wilderness

Published: 2017

Braving the Wilderness

The author is a social scientist so she obviously knows a lot about the field she is writing in. Her credibility is unquestionable and that’s simply why this book would be a turning point in your lives. Through this book, Brene helps us understand that the sense of true belonging wants us to be who we truly are rather than trying to change ourselves. The author tries to compel us to let our real selves go instead of packing them in a cage and making them behave the way we want to.

She suggests that all of us are suffering from an internal spiritual crisis that disconnects us from ourselves. We need to break free and let our inner wild animal go so that we can live how we are supposed to. She puts forward her simple views like the fact that we can either stay in the confined space that we make around ourselves or we can break those boundaries and come out as our true selves. If you wish to lead a better life and you need help in it, try reading this powerful book.

#6. The Power of Vulnerability

Published: 2012

The Power of Vulnerability

This is a topic that has been discussed in a lot of books by Brene Brown. She tries to point out at the fact that a wise man learns more from his vulnerabilities than a stupid man learns from his strengths. This book talks more mainly about your weaknesses. It helps the reader understand that it’s just our own reality that we need to accept and we will achieve everything we desire, no matter how big it is, we just need to know what our vulnerabilities are.

It is not just about understanding your weaknesses but rather about accepting them in your heart and dealing with them the right way so as to help yourself throughout. It is all about taking your weaknesses as it is and turning them into your greatest strengths. The author has helped more than millions in understanding the basic rules for getting success in life and I think reading this book will help you out greatly as well.

#7. I thought it was Just Me

Published: 2007

I thought it was Just Me

This book targets another emotion while spreading out the specialist perspective of the author. By the medium of this book, the author talks about shame and its effect on women. We might think that shame isn’t something to care much about but that just isn’t true. Shame can put a negative effect on someone thus causing harm to their confidence and self-esteem. Unlike other emotional issues, shame can manifest itself in many ways, and sometimes it isn’t even understandable without proper psychiatric analysis.

The author wants to discuss how women can get rid of shame and reclaim their courage and power to achieve the best they can in life. Shame is actually a barrier that stops you from getting the success you deserve as it doesn’t let you do a lot of things according to your will. Taking care of it is necessary before the damage gets too hard to manage because it won’t let you be. Try reading this book if you want to learn more about this topic and even though it is recommended for women even men can read it without a doubt.

#8. Men, Women and Worthiness

Published: 2012

Men, Women and Worthiness:  best Brene Brown books

This book is a really important one as it builds on the concepts of the previous one and discusses the difference between shame as an experience between men and women along with the similarities. The previous book just talked about women as a focus but this one will obviously help both the genders out. The author starts by defining what shame is and differentiates it from guilt in an orderly fashion. She helps us understand what actual shame is rather than confusing the two.

There are four elements of shame resilience and the author discusses them at length in this powerful book of hers. She doesn’t just talk about what shame is but she even talks about the things we can build up as an antidote against shame, like the feeling of empathy. She portrays herself strongly while discussing how shame is what stops us and why we need to get rid of it. This book is a complete package so check it out for an informative time and a healthy life.

I hope this list of books was helpful to you as a dedicated reader. This list is according to my personal preference of the best Brene Brown books so it might differ from the interests of person to person. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post or drop a comment below.

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