Book Search By Plot

Book Search By Plot: An Easy Way To Find A Book

Sometimes we go through some books and we love them so much that we decide to read them again in a few days or months. Sometimes we may leave off a book in the middle of it and believe that we’ll start off from the starting once again as we got lost in between. This might happen to a lot of people and it isn’t something I would blame you for.

But sometimes it happens that we leave off the book for quite a while and somehow remember that we left in the middle. It may be a fiction book or a non-fiction one, it doesn’t matter. We then go through a rough phase where we can’t find any interest in anything else other than trying to figure out the name of that book.

Being a book enthusiast, I plan on reading a lot of books and succeed in reading at least three books a week. This definitely explains how big of a role this plays in my life. There are a lot of such readers who read books and love knowing more about them. There are even some clubs that solely devote themselves to the art of literature and discuss, as well as promote it.

Sometimes it may happen that you hear about a book from your friend or any other acquaintance and you remain stuck on its details for weeks since you forgot the name. This happens to a lot of people including me. And I myself know what a tedious job it can be to look for it. So now I am going to discuss a few simple ways in which you can find out the title of the book by using the plot or description.

4 Simple Ways To Do Book Search By Plot & Find Out The Name of a Book:

Out there you might find a lot of misleading and long processes to go through in order to search for this but here, I will help you in doing four simple things that will help you in getting what you were searching for.

Searching on Google

Searching on Google

Try searching the basic description or plot of that book on google. You can simply write whatever you remember in the search bar and google won’t disappoint you. But in order to make sure of your success, try searching for the exact words that you think might be in the book.  Like, if you have read the book before, you must have an idea over the words used in the book and how the book turns out. This is what you can use to your advantage.

Try inputting the words that you think are in the book and then press the search button at the end of the search bar. After that, google will go through the entire database and search for those exact words and will provide you the best results it can find. This would be one of the most thorough searches that can be conducted and you will most likely find out the name of the book. Even try inputting the genre of the book because that can help too.

Search for it on Google Books

Search for it on Google Books

Now, if you can’t find the name of the book from Google directly, chances are that you might find it on Google Books. Although Google search is the most thorough search that you can conduct but a search on Google Books will concentrate solely on books and might have better chances of finding the book for you. It isn’t a very big deal and you can easily know the name of your desired book without many frets.

All you need to do is input the words that you need to search for and then hit enter to initiate the search. Google Books will go through all the books available on its database and will find you the most relevant results. You just need to go through these recommendations and you’ll get to know the name of the book you are searching for.

Ask your librarian

Ask your librarian
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Google is quite smart but it still isn’t a human being so its data might not be able to relate itself with the book we desire. It can also be a case sometimes that we may remember a few details about the book’s description but we might be unaware of the exact words used in it. In such a case, talking to a librarian can help. Most librarians have read a lot of books and know a lot about them.

By simply telling the librarian, the simple description like characters, or the name of the writer, of your desired book, or you may also tell him/her the plot of that book and you may be able to find out its name. Due to the librarian’s memory being strong, he/she can recommend the name of that book and you might find it without any frets. It might actually be the most efficient solution to help you out.

Ask people on social media or other such platforms

Ask people on social media or other such platforms

You may even ask people on social media directly about the book if they know it they might tell you. Or you can simply update a story on your social media addressing the description along with the plot of that book and asking the people reading it, to help you find the name of that book.

You can even place your inquiry on platforms like Quora to get information from experts and other known individuals. This might take a while to get you the results but it will surely get you an accurate one.

I hope I was able to address your query in searching for a book using its plot or description. If you have any further doubts, you can drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on our post. Any kind of criticism is extremely welcome.

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