10 Best World War 2 Books You Will Ever Read

World War 2 that took place from 1939 to 1945 is one of the most unforgettable phenomena in history. The brutal war that took the lives of millions of people is remembered as the darkest part of history. There are many books written on World War II that shows us the war from different angles.

World War II books, despite already being a historic read has various genres. Some of them are purely written from the point of view of a person narrating a war as it is, while some of them have an emotional take. Nonetheless, each one of them will provide you with one of the greatest books that you will ever encounter.

Since the war took the lives of so many people, most of the books you will find heartbreaking and emotional. They are undoubtedly very moving and will give you a different perspective of the war.

The inspiring world war II books written during the era are not just inspiring but have also proved to be influencing a lot of lives and changed the way people think about the idea of war. With numerous amount of books written on World War II, it is hard to find the one that is worth your read.

But to your rescue, we have created a whole list of the books that are worth a read and are actually some of the best world war 2 books ever written. Have a look below:

1. In My Enemy’s House

In My Enemy's House

In My Enemy’s House by Carol Matas is one heartbreaking book about the terrors of World War II. It explains the feelings of the ones who were being persecuted in WWII and how desperate they were for safety. It is a story about a Polish Jew named Marisa.

Marisa, the girl with blue eyes and blonde hair goes to Germany to find work as a servant. The polish girl in her attempt to survive works under a high ranking Nazi official. The girl is hiding in her own enemy’s home in a plain site and hence the title ‘In my enemy’s house’.

2. The Boy in Striped Pajamas

The Boy in Striped Pajamas

It is hard to not talk about this book whenever we are talking about the best books written in World War II. The boy in striped pajamas is by far one of the most heart touching and emotional novels ever written on WWII. The author of this book is John Boyne and this book also has a movie of the same name made on it.

The story of the book revolves around the life of a boy named Bruno. Bruno and his family have been recently moved to the new house that is very far away from the place where they live now because of his father’s promotion.

The place where he lives is surrounded by really tall fences and in his exploration of the outer world, Bruno finds another boy who has led a pretty different life than his own. Their friendship leads to some devastating consequences.

The book will definitely make you cry rivers and is considered as one of the most important books to read on World War II and teaches us a lot about life.

3. Prisoner of Night and Fog

Prisoner of Night and Fog

Prisoner of Night and Fog is written by Anne Blankman. It is a gripping historical thriller that is set in the 1930s Munich. The book was published in the year 2014. It is a story about a common girl named Gretchen Muller who lived with her uncle named Dolf. Her uncle was a part of the National Socialist Party.

Dolf has always taken care of her family and protected them from the outer world since her father sacrificed his life for Dolf. In this story, Dolf is none other than Adolf Hitler. The girl, Gretchen follows every command of Hitler and he is faced with an extraordinary choice in Hilter’s Germany.

4. The Berlin Boxing Club

The Berlin Boxing Club

The Berlin Boxing Club by Rob Sharenow was published in the year 2011. The book received the Sydney-Taylor Award and is written brilliantly. It is loosely inspired by the real-life story of Max Schmeling, the boxer who follows Kristallnacht.

According to Publisher Weekly, The Berlin Boxing Club is the ‘masterful historical novel’ in a starred review. The story of the book is based on the life of a boy named Karl who never thought of himself as a Jew. The boy is just fourteen years old and the bullies at his school in the Nazi-era Berlin have never cared about the fact that his family doesn’t practice any religion.

The story moves forward as Karl tries to find his own worth and shows us how he doesn’t get demoralized by all the attacks on his heritage.

5. Flygirl


Flygirl written by Sherri L Smith is a story about a black woman in World War II. The woman named Ida Mae just wanted to fly in the sky and being a pilot, just like her father was a pilot himself. But back in the time in the 1940s in the state like Louisiana, she knew that it can’t happen. But the story takes the turn when World War II is declared by America.

Soon after that, the American Army forms the Women Air-force Service Pilot for female pilot and Ida feels like her dreams are about to get fulfilled. Now she is all excited and ready to apply for the plot as a white girl by using the light skin. But soon she realizes that’s not what she is and it is more about what you are then it is about what you do.

6. Wolf by Wolf

Wolf by Wolf

Wolf By Wolf: One Girl’s Mission to Win A Race and Kill Hitler is written by Ryan Graudin. The plot of the story is set in 1956. The story of the book revolves around the life of a young girl named Yael. She was put into the concentration camps since she was a little girl.

The former death camp prisoner was a victim to too much suffering and the tattoos on her skin of the wolves is a constant reminder to her about the loved ones she lost. Yael only has one motive in the story, that is to kill Hitler by winning the race. A race has been organized to commemorate the victory of the Axis powers of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan rule.

7. Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray is written by Ruta Sepetys. The story of the book revolves around the life of Lina, a fifteen years old girl from Lithuania. The book shows us how her family has been torn apart after the interruption by Soviet officers. The book shows us the war with the perspective of little children and how they felt when their families were falling apart.

Between Shades of Gray introduces us to the pain felt by the time when World War II was taking place. Lina was separated from her father and her remaining family was forced into a crowded train that was making its way to the Siberian work camps.

8. Salt to the sea

Salt to the sea

Salt to the Sea is another book by Ruta Sepetys. This story is about the thousands of refugees who are on a desperate trek towards freedom as World War II is drawing to a close in East Prussia. Many of these refugees have something to hide that you will know about after reading the book.

Right before their happy ending, they are faced with a tragedy and now all they are left to do is fight for their survival. The book gives us a great refugee perspective through the story and helps us understand how the whole phenomenon through their eyes.

9. Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire is written by Elizabeth Wein. The thrilling and heartbreaking novel is about the life of a female pilot and her experience in notorious women’s camp, Ravensbruk. It is a story that teaches us why we must break down our own barriers in order to get victory over yourself and how fighting for the greater good is important.

The book will provide you with a unique perspective and will teach you so many life lessons. The story of this female pilot is all about hope by telling you the story of those women who were trapped in horrific circumstances.

10. Wait for Me

Wait for Me: best world war 2 books

Wait For Me, the romantic novel by Caroline Leech. The book follows a 1945 historical romance and is about the life of Lorna and Paul. The couple is on the opposing sides in World War II and now it is up to them how they want to tackle the situation.

The story gives us the depiction of those living during the time period and how the war changed everything for them. This is a great book to read which gives us a totally different perspective. It is the perfect blend of historical events and sweet romance which the author has brilliantly included in her book.


The above-mentioned book about World War II gives us an account of what happened at the moment and what it’s like to have lived during it. Each one of them presents us with a different perspective and a different viewpoint but the conclusion in all the stories and novels remains the same, that the war has destroyed the lives of so many people and it is definitely the darkest part of our history.

The text from these books is not just informative but also make us feel what the people during the time must be feeling. Each with an emotional touch will definitely make you wonder about the time when it took place.

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