15 Best Anger Management Books That Can Change Your Life

Most of you seek help with all sorts of issues, but today I am going to address the elephant in the room, yes the article comprises the best anger management books that can help you take control of your anger. There are capricious emotions in the realm which you experience in your regular life. There is happiness, sadness, care, and many more but the most difficult emotion to handle is anger and rage as it eats you up and everyone around. More than 7.8% of people suffer from anger issues. There are many aspects you need to work on so get ready to see the changes within you, array yourself with the tools you need to conquer your anger, start working on your self-esteem and create the zone of happiness, calm, and bliss in your life.

Inspire yourself by the following best anger management books mentioned below:

1. Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion

Author: Gary Chapman

Published In: 2015

Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion

All of you seek help for anger management and what can be better than this book of Gary Chapman, no wonder it is counted under the best selling books. Anger and rage are cruel and make you struggle whole your life even are little, you might have suffered a lot due to your anger issues. Like, lashing out somebody you love, getting frustrated easily which probably takes your loved ones away from you, making them feel uneasy and unwanted. Your anger is not only hurting your life but also your surroundings and still could not figure out what to do. Well if there’s a will there is a way and raise of hope too! When you figure out the reasons for your anger and what to do about it, life becomes much-more easier.

Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion, conveys surprising insights about anger. The writer counselor bolts explain how its effect on relationships, and how to overcome it. Some of the examples include understand yourself better, surmount shame, denial, and bitterness, manage anger and conflict constructively, determine good anger from bad anger, make positive life changes, let go of your grudges, help others deal with anger and many more. 

Anger is quite explosive and can harm your relationships, you need to remember one thing is it more worthy than your bonds. Turn your anger in healthy habits, Gary Chapman great book can totally turn you into a new person.

2. Anger Management for Women

Author: Jennifer Lee

Published In: 2019

Anger Management for Women

Generally, it is said that man deal with anger issues but isn’t true, most of you will agree on the page that women suffer from anger management problems?

What can be better than a self-help guide specifically written for women? Well here’s the solution to all your anger problem ladies, well it is true that the usual generic books on anger management with general tips often written for men and sounds boring when women read it. As you will recognize that women and men are not the same thing and express their anger in very different ways and the techniques work them are different as well. The book covers all the aspects which women deal like, What anger is? differences between anger in man and anger in women? what are the general causes of anger in women? how anger becomes a problem for your health? effects of anger in women if that much is not enough the book contains all specific Anger Management strategies for women and best cooling down tips when you’re angry.

The self-help book is the best guide for you to understand the origins of your anger giving you the ability to distinguish its triggers. Thee best part of the book is it’s all written with simple language and step by step description which includes the most efficient and proper management techniques for women. The book with such a great approach is definitely one of the best anger management books for women.

3. The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life

Author: Les Carter, Frank Minirth

Published In: 2003

The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life 

All personnel has an urge to of the biggest desire to be counted as a good human being by other individuals. But there are some issues you cannot overcome and one of those issues is anger. You are an angry man or woman the whole world considers you the same and creates a perspective of you not being a good person.

The book clears the vision about anger having negative consequences, and your anger is your largest enemy and can ruin your image. The book makes you understand your anger and how to work on it. Do not become the hostage of your anger. How to change your mind and learn your calmness and bliss. The book has it all to make you a better version of your own.

4. Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men

Author: Thomas J. Harbin

Published In: 1999

Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men

Though anger is not limited to men it has all power on women as well but well it also the truth that men can be much more harmful to the surroundings than women.

But what happens if the world gets blessed with extraordinary males, no anger and fear real gentlemen all around, what an amazing thought isn’t it? Men play many roles, husband, father, son, and need to maintain their relations with everybody, but most of the time they get frustrated and forward the legacy of an angry man and a negative nature. The book clearly explains how to live in the present, not being stressed and angry men can never be happy. I would suggest each man go through this book to strengthen your relations with your loved ones.

5. Anger Management

Author: Wallace Foulds

Published In: 2018

Anger Management

Anger is a universal problem being so many emotions to handle most of the time is consumed by anger. You need to tame the emotions for your betterment, you can use anger in the correct direction. Channelizing the rage into a productive way can save your energy and time. It generally easy to express anger appropriately to clear misunderstandings without hurting anyone. The books give you an idea of never feeling hopeless just because you are unable to manage your aggression that accompanies your angry emotions.

This amazing book is best for you to utilize your unwanted emotions and develop some good habits that can heal you from broken relationships or any traumatize sufferings you are going through. Not only that this book teaches the fundamentals and provides with a template that explains how you should act before anger strikes, how to act while experiencing anger? how to defuse anger? what should be your behavior? what should be your approach? and many more. The book is best for channelizing your anger and sorrow into your most efficient time.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Author: Daniel Clark

Published In: 2019

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an ultimate Beginners Guide. Willing to learn about the various manifolds of intelligence that many organization uses in its hiring evaluations of potential candidates. This book Emotional Intelligence the one of the intellectual creation of writer restraining Mastering Social Skills, Improve Relationships and Control Emotions also work on Social Skills, Anger Management, Enneagram, and Self-Discipline the book is a must-read if you are learning how to develop your emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence popularly known as EQ or EI is a very common problem faced by many people and it is difficult to create a balance between emotions and behavior. This book is a guide to those who are seeking balance and working on emotions. Though you might have innate emotional awareness and emotional intelligence you are not the pro to manage it all. As you go through the pages you get to understand each character mentioned and handle the emotions intelligently.

This book will give you the information you need to understand how important it is to incorporate emotional intelligence into your life to develop a better understanding of your inner self, your emotions, how your actions can be driven by them, as well as how they can affect others around you.

Some of the highlights of Emotional Intelligence are:

  • You also get the Test is in the back of the book you can take the test and see what range your emotional intelligence is. This book great for not only the organization but for personal development as well.
  • The book gleams the spotlight on -how your professional life can be hampered if you do not have control over your emotions and they not only affect your productivity but the productivity of your coworkers too?
  • How are interpersonal relationships with our significant other, family and friends can be enhanced when we not only recognize how we feel and react emotionally, but how we can recognize how they feel and react because of their emotions as well and more.

7. Anger Management – 12 Step Guide to Recognize and Control Anger, Develop Emotional Intelligence, and Self Discipline

Author: Ray Vaden

Published In: 2019

Anger Management - 12 Step Guide to Recognize and Control Anger, Develop Emotional Intelligence, and Self Discipline

Anger Management a 12 step guide contains 12 brief chapters that detail the steps you require to take to manage your anger and by recognizing and controlling anger to strengthen self-restraint and emotional intelligence that you need to maneuver through life. 

The book starts from where you stop thinking like you need to explore your anger and understand the reason rather than running from it. Well, it is hard to deal with something without owing it so once you accept that you are angry, you need to understand where the nature of your anger by ascertaining its origins, where it’s being triggered and what posture is leading you till unbearable points . Once you realize this, you can quickly take control of the situation. The book holds great techniques that include pausing before you react, calmly expressing your anger, practicing empathy, working on your trigger points, and channelizing your anger. Not only that in the book lately you’ll be finding a discussion on how different strategies you can take to consolidate the following steps into your daily routine. 12 step guide is perfect for the crusade to overcome anger, the book is relatable and has efficient points to influence your anger. With such great qualities, the book definitely stands on the list of best anger management books.

8. How to Keep Your Cool- An Ancient Guide to Anger Management

Author: Seneca The Younger

Published In: 2019

How to Keep Your Cool- An Ancient Guide to Anger Management

The book is a proper clarification defining the true timeless wisdom of anger is the most destructive form of anger, like no plague, or any other disease can play this role in your life as self-destruction. This enlightening book starts with bang introduction and explains the passionate level of anger and lately maneuver to the anger management. The book consists of historical examples, anecdotes, puns, and gliding rhetoric all build to recognize anger intensity. Resonating Christian and Buddhist ethics the book focuses on tracing nearly all the world’s toxic sources. And work on the path of forgiveness, compassion and love to overcome anger issues

The writer shows increasingly infected public debate and working on that. The book is a pearl of valuable wisdom and is a must-read for not only anger management but to understand the betterment of your surroundings.

9. Emotional Intelligence

Author: Sarah Angela

Published In: 2019

Emotional Intelligence by Sarah

When you talk about EQ, you get to see various forms of it has the difference between men and women or between people of different ages, or people of a different atmosphere. Emotional Intelligence boosts EQ and is a key for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, anger management, Self-Discipline & Communication Skills to Handle Difficult Conversations the whole concept visualized in the book is the hard work of 20 years of many studies, documented in books, research papers, and case studies.

The book focuses on various methods to teach and learn about EQ like what is your current EQ and where you need to work. The book reflects the right kind of support, commitment, exercise to get the best outcome. Well, EQ has a benefit that it can be maintained on every level, unlike your IQ which becomes restricted at a certain age. And to maintain a happy and satisfactory life EQ s really important and the book comprises all the elements and covers the topics such as Angеr Mаnаgеmеnt And Tесhniquеѕ, uplifting Emоtiоnаl Quotient, Command over your feelings not only that the book also holds the elements that lead transcendent Relationships, Communication Skills on workspaces and atmosphere, Benefits and, Personal Productivity of Emotional Intelligence. This book is one of the most relevant books as it not only deals with your emotions but also prepares you to deal with all sorts of crises for both personal and professional.

10. Never Get Angry Again

Author: David J. Lieberman

Published In: 2018

Never Get Angry Again

Never Get Angry Again- the title itself explains everything and is definitely worth your attention and why not? after all its New York Times and internationally bestselling author David J. Lieberman’s comprehensive book. The book deals with the impassioned, physical, and spiritual causes of anger and all in a practical guide for all kinds of readers. The writer understood the concept of anger and also how much change is required at a certain time in order to lead a happy life.

In the book, the author revealed his own experience and gave his own perception to see anger through a comprehensive, holistic lens, and give readers some techniques and tools to overcome anger such as take a deep breath and count to ten or Meditate or visualization of your happy state. Well, these are basics and you get these bits of advice from all your closed ones and experts but when it comes to coping with the complex emotion of anger you face an issue which they aren’t able to resolve. So from here, the book starts working for you it explains to you the facts like either something bothers you and causes anxiety, frustration, or anger. The book gives you a practical vision of what is the reason and why things aren’t changing. The book is the way towards calmness in any situation occurring in front of you.

11. Anger Management For Furious Adults

Author: Summer Blodgett

Published In: 2019

Anger Management For Furious Adults

The motive behind going through anger management books is a simple restraint the anger before it starts ruling your life. Not even a single person out there who might never experience anger or blown rage. As its a human emotion and healthy as well if it’s channelized in a proper format. Each has different triggers and can cause a problem to another person and you too when it gets out of control

This book is a great help to the questions you encounter in your daily life like how to understand your anger? what is the importance of self-control, how to recognize the symptoms of social anxiety disorder? Moreover, the book consists of the best 21 daily strategies to overcome anger like build self-awareness, discover forgiveness, release the stress from your life, the art of calmness, breathing therapy, various meditations techniques. The book turns out to be great to the people who struggle to deal with anger and negative emotions and that is affecting your health, self-esteem, relationships, and even your productivity and loved ones. You can recommend this book to the people you see in surroundings suffering from the same.

12. Emotional Intelligence Mastery:

Author: David Clark

Published In: 2019

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

What can sound more voluptuous than 7 Manuscripts in 1 Book? The set has the most powerful collection helping you to improve your overall personality which includes emotional, personal, and relationship growth. These sets work on your persona and help to enrich your aura and become more successful in your personal life. Each book has a different agenda from the other let’s get a bit briefing about the material contained:

  •  Emotional Intelligence book 1 considered to be an Essential Guide to helping you to improve social skills, handle relationships, and hoisting your EQ.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy book 2 is the well-framed Psychologist’s Guide that can be really helpful in overcoming depression, anxiety issues intrusive thought patterns, the book is great at sharing marvelous techniques to rebuild your brain.
  • Anger Management book 3 is again a Psychologist’s Guide specially designed to identify and control anger issues, the book has a motto-Master Your Emotions and Regain Control of Your Life.
  • Self-Discipline is 4th book of the set and contains 21 Day Step by Step Guide create beneficial Habit of self-discipline, stalwart focus, exceptional productivity, and making you a better person.
  • The 5th set in on How to Analyze People, well this is also a Psychologist’s Guide to mastering on Speed-Reading People, with the help of human psychology and analysis of body language. 
  • Manipulation is the targeted content of 6th book well-defined Psychologist’s Guide to Highly Effective Manipulation Techniques art of Persuasion, influencing, and Mind Control.
  • The last book off the set Empath is 7th Psychologist’s Guide working on the development and embracing your Gift which includes Effective Techniques that make you stand alone as an individual.

13. Anger Management God’s Way

Author: Daniel C. Okpara 

Published In: 2017

Anger Management God's Way

As explained above anger can be very fruitful if channelized in a better form. You not only have to manage it but need to deal with in the proper way. Well if not it can cause severe life-changing consequences. There are many issues you deal into your daily life such as a breakup, past relationships, the frustration of goals, pressures of work, family or loved ones and can has numerous reasons to build anger and rage. You chose not to get angry but keeping the rage within creates a desire for revenge. This exceptional book takes a deep dive into the Bible and reveals the theory and mysteries addressed in the bible.

The book is counseling to many and explains the psychology that tells you to manage anger and how God dealt with it. The author exceptionally tried to cover many important yet ignored aspects like meaning and Types of Anger, Why You Get Angry without a reason? learning the Spirit of Anger, what are the causes and sources, how dangerous it can be, and how you can deal with it? what is the response of your surroundings when you get angry and how to deal with your anger by chanting and praying? The book deals on the roots of anger on how to control it prayer, the prayer of forgiveness, patience, and how to do you hurt God with your anger. The book is the best for the people who are searching for the way to control your anger through spirituality

14. The Cow in the Parking Lot- A Zen Approach to Overcoming Anger

Author: Susan Edmiston, Leonard Scheff 

Published In: 2010

The Cow in the Parking Lot- Anger management books

All of you meet numerous people in daily life with various kinds of professions. The book explains about the level of frustration each a handles from domestic violence to road rage. Writer briefs about his own journey of his anger until he encountered self-realization. The intense study of Buddhism and meditation changed the whole thought process of the writer. The book shows the transformations of getting angry for a single parking space to daily adjustments.

Imagine your parking space is occupied by another driver that you can get back by howling but what happens if it’s occupied by a cow. The book is all about changing your attitude and perspective towards the situations you are surrounded by. And the change can be seen by using simple Buddhist principles and applying them in a way that is easy for non-Buddhists to understand and put into practice. This interactive book can help you to change your perspective step by step and profound happiness. Scheff created the book based on the successful anger management program The Cow in the Parking Lot and shows anger is natural but you need to divide the importance of the particular situation and understand whether the situation demands a reaction or not. With four most common types―Important and Reasonable; Reasonable but Unimportant; Irrational; and The Impossible. The book is a whole journey explained in a single incident that climaxes by the observation that only you make yourself and angry and can do nothing about the situation. So rather than getting yourself into trouble by getting angry to understand the beauty of calmness. 

15. Anger Management Guide

Author: Frontier Desk 

Published In: 2018

Anger Management Guide

This Anger Management Guide by Desk is all about actionable Strategies to control your mood swings and habits that are destructive and making your life worthless. You all know that anger cannot be ignored or avoided it’s natural and you feel it. And it is not wrong to get angry as its an emotion like happiness, sorrow, love, pain, and more. But anything beyond the limit is a problem as then there is nothing in control and you might regret your actions taken at that time. This book is a 5 chapter book and covers all your thoughts rasing on regular basis regarding anger.

Such as why is it important to manage your anger? how to understand that you have a problem, how to control it instantly, and what are the techniques, how to work on chronic anger. Majorly anger issues happen due to terrible mood swings, and then you do things that you regret later, the book teaches you how to work on that. This book comprises adequate tips that will help you manage your mood swings as well as anger. Habits that are destructive and need to control like mood swings. You need to manage your emotions and overcome destructive habits in order to achieve good relationships. There are many issues such as anxiety, low confidence, chronic anger which you need to overcome. The book is the best guide for you to change your life for the better.


Anger issues are common just people require an adequate direction to deal with it. There are many things that you go through in your daily life and impacts on your behavior in which some are good and some are definitely problematic which can be the reason for you to build anger and rage. All you require is to channelize your consent and approve only when it actually requires your attention. 

The above-mentioned books in this article are anger management in order to overcome your anger issues. These amazing and self-explanatory books are crafted by renowned authors that can be really helpful to create a better version of your own. 

This article incorporates the collection of handpicked best anger management books that can change your perception towards things happening in your life and contains techniques and tools for anger management so that you don’t regret your decisions later. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them by commenting below.

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