15 Amazing Books For Toddlers To Consider

Toddlers and infants need stimulus for mental growth which is provided by pictures with high contrast and other visual aids. Although when we take infants out of the picture, toddlers have a more important need of visual and well as audio stimulus as this is the time they start speaking small words or their cute little broken sentences.

Therefore, they need books that don’t really have a lot of huge words and instead provide strong visuals to help their mental growth. And if we read or show them the right books, it will directly impact their growth into what might seem a much healthier brainwave process. I understand that as a parent we need to do the best for our child and that’s why we need to read the books that promote good values and great visuals.

The books that promote such health are not so rare and all we need to do is look for the right ones. Although I know that finding them might be quite a task. After all, we grownups don’t have the curiosity of a toddler to make it all so interesting. This is why I’ve prepared a list of books that you must consider reading to your little one for better mental health and a healthy resolution of general curiosities.

List Of Best 15 Books for Toddlers:

1. Black Bird Yellow Sun

Black Bird Yellow Sun: books for toddlers

This children’s book is written and illustrated by Steve Light and candlewick press. It is totally simple and does exactly what it advertises, it tries to help your toddler grow by helping him/her with some great thoughts to undergo. It will get them curious about what the blackbird does on the grass, beneath the beautiful skies, under the sun and whatnot.

2. What Are Stars

What Are Stars

This book is written and illustrated by Katie Daynes and Usborne books. It concentrates on simple and the most basic questions that might be going through a little child’s mind. When a toddler looks up at the night sky, he/she is old enough to notice the twinkling lights that are floating somewhere in the sky right above their heads but aren’t falling on them, and neither can they catch them. This book tries to help the toddler grasp this concept in a way that is more suitable to their level.

3. Touch Think Learn: Vehicles

Touch Think Learn: Vehicles

This book is written and illustrated by Xavier Deneux and Chronicle books. It is more of a cutout than a book and might seem very interesting from the innocent eyes of a toddler, from cover to cover. It has a bold illustration of beautiful modes of transports such as cars and they attract the attention of the given toddler in such a way that he/she enjoys the book thoroughly.

4. Alligators All-Around

Alligators All-Around

This book is written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak and Harper Collins. It is more of a storybook that features a family of alligators and they charm the kids all around the world for the work of this author. This book stands up to alphabetical practice for a toddler and is a great way to launch them into the field of academic knowledge slowly as the characters seem to grab their attention.

5. Baby Goes to Market

Baby Goes to Market

This book is written and illustrated by Atinuke and Angela Brooksbank, respectively. It feasts on the well-known fact that toddlers like to see the adventures of little infants to feature their own growth and have a sense of realization of being older. This book takes a ride through the trip of an infant to the market which seems quite useful for a toddler for stimulus and hence the child must check it out.

6. Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud

Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud

This book is written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Alex G Griffiths and little Simon. It focuses more on the vaguest concept that the children might be curious about. This concept is “inside voice” which we adults consider or conscience. This book tries to elaborate on the concept and helps the toddler understand it in a much simpler way.

7. Escargot


This book is written by Dashka Slater and is illustrated by Sydney Hanson and Farrar, Straus and Giroux. It has the main character as a snail and toddlers will love this book because it might tickle their funny bones quite a bit. It helps the kid in showing an interest in eating vegetables as well.

8. From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe

This book is written and illustrated by Eric Carle and Harper Collins. It does exactly what the title says, it focuses on the human body and everything that the different parts of our body can do. The book tries to do this with the help of our fun friends, the animals. It is a great book for a toddler to go through.

9. Say Zoop

Say Zoop

This book is written and illustrated by Herve Tullet and Chronicle Books. It is a playbook and offers a 2D game to its little audience that makes them jump, runs, touch, and much more. It is one of the best books for children’s games that might never turn out the same way it did before.

10. This Book Is Magic

This Book Is Magic

This book is written and illustrated by Ashley Evanson and Grosset & Dunlap. And as the title says, this book is for cute little magicians. If the toddler is interested in magic then this is the best book to tend to because, through the medium of this, the child can learn certain brilliant tricks that might be helpful for his and even interesting for his curios mind. By using this book, the kid can witness some very different things that might surprise a kid’s perception.

11. Sheep 101

Sheep 101

This book is written by Richard T. Morris and illustrated by LeUyen Pham and Little Brown Books for Young Readers. The motive of this book is easily understandable by any adult. Making a kid fall asleep is a great task as they just don’t wish to sleep, which is what this book helps you with. Just let this book work and your child will be down in barely a fraction of seconds.

12. Love You Forever

Love You Forever

This book is written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Sheila McGraw and Firefly books. If you are an adult who was fascinated by the awesome daily soap F.R.I.E.N.D.S, then you are already familiar with this book ever since Joey read this for Emma on her very first birthday as a gift. It is a wonderful book of lullaby that would provide the given toddler with great night sleep and would put your mind at ease as well.

13. Dad by My Side

Dad by My Side

This book is written and illustrated by Soosh and Little Brown Books for Young Readers. It discusses the beautiful relation of a kid with their dad. Because as we all have an attachment to our father in our young years, he can just kiss and hug our pain away. Moreover, he is so powerful and strong and is definitely a hero to his son/daughter. This book is dedicated to that hero for a little toddler.

14. Jabari Jumps

Jabari Jumps

This book is written and illustrated by Gaia Cornwall and Candlewick Press. There are times when toddlers start showing an interest in a particular hobby and eventually develop it. But when the time comes for them to try it out, they get frightened and nervous. This is where the given book comes in handy as the protagonist of this book helps the toddler understand how overcoming your fears is so easy.”

15. Wallpaper


This book is written and illustrated by Thao Lam and Owl kid’s books. It focuses on a toddler’s intent to make friends. It doesn’t contain any words and rather just sticks to illustrations. It helps a toddler realize how every effort pays off and that making friends is necessary but only with the right people. It is important for any and every toddler who wishes to make friends.

I hope this list of books for toddlers was intriguing and helpful and could help you select the right book for your little one. These are some of the best books according to me and might differ from person to person. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on our post.

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