8 Awesome Wordless Picture Books For Children

Children are the future of our world and we need to nourish them with the best we can. Whether it is their body or their brain, proper nourishment is important. We can nourish the human body with food but for our brain, we have always preferred books. But it’s not just about the content of the book and rather the presentation of it that appeals to the reader.

A simple thing to understand is that children aren’t attracted to normal literary material and rather look for pictorial representations. Moreover, picture books prove to be helpful for even the younger kids that haven’t learned to read yet. This is why picture books are quite helpful when tackling children. So I have tried to make this list of books for children that follow a pictorial approach.

8 Best Picture Books for Children

#1. Journey

This book is written by Aaron Becker.

Published: 2013


This book deserves to be on the top of this list and the wonderfully crafted book that depicts unexpected friendship and self-determination. This book revolves around the story of a lonely girl who draws a door on the wall of her bedroom and then escapes into a world of fantasy, full of adventure. She creates a lot of things in this magical world using her red marker in her hand. The book tells an entire story in a picture based form which will attract your child and provide them the right stimulus they need.

#2. Skunk on a String

This book is written by Thao Lam.

Published: 2016

Skunk on a String

This is a pretty interesting book whether you look at it from the eyes of a kid or an adult. At least that’s what I think about it. It introduces us to a Skunk who is tied to a balloon’s tail and the book goes on to show his attempts to get it untied which always fails no matter who tries. He floats above a lot of places while tied to this balloon and the illustrations in this book are really amazing. He floats in front of the apartments of the busy day-to-day people in the city and even the building cranes high up in the city. The adventures of the skunk through the book will keep your kid spellbound.

#3. Spot, the Cat

This book is written by Henry Cole.

Published: 2016

Spot, the Cat

Now, as humans, we have a tendency of making simple associations which is why the first thing that will go through our adult mind is that this might be a book where we have to find the cat in a given picture but no. This book is about a cat whose name is the spot, and it tells the story of her traveling adventures. Spot, the cat, sneaks out of his house through an open window and goes out on an interesting trail through the city, documented in this wordless picture book. Spot’s adventures will keep your child latched to the book and would help in stimulating mental growth.

#4. Mirror

This book is written by Suzy Lee.

Published: 2003

Mirror: wordless picture books

This is a very simple book that is outstandingly stunning and graceful. The illustrations in this book must be appreciated separately as they are just marvelous, and the author’s creativity is quite famous as well. As the title suggests, the book discusses a girl trying to explore the nature of a mirror by dancing and acting in front of it. The book has a simple meaning that explains the concept of karma as everything we do has consequences. It is not just about the deeper meaning but also about the introduction of your child to a mirror which is why it is somewhat necessary for your child to see it.

#5. South

This book is written by Patrick McDonnell.

Published: 2008


Another good book for your child to get in contact with new visual stimuli and learn new values. This will help you in teaching your kid the meaning and importance of friendship along with the fact help is good quality. It revolves around the story of a little bird who is lost as all his family and friends have migrated, or in simpler terms, moved along the south direction for the winters. Thus, the little bird makes an unexpected friend named Mooch who is a cat. The book is quite wonderful and the story mentioned in it will help your child greatly.

#6. Float

This book is written by Daniel Miyares.

Published: 2015


This wordless picture book is a modern-day classic and it revolves around the small paper boat of a little boy. This little boy is out on a rainy day to have fun and he brings along his boat which is made of newspaper. The adventures of this boy illustrated in this wordless picture book are precious even for an adult. It shows how the boy enjoys so much with his boat as they dance and roam around but it all turns sad when his boat gets away from him suddenly when he tries to float it in the stream of a gutter. This wordless picture book is highly helpful due to the concepts it put forward in the book.

#7. The Lion & the Mouse

This book is written by Jerry Pinkney.

Published: 2009

The Lion & the Mouse

This book shows one of Aesop’s fables and the author of this book has won awards on his work on this book. The illustrations in this book following the story of the lion and the mouse are really interesting. All of us as children have heard the story of the Lion and the Mouse, and I think it is great if we pass it on to our children. The story illustrated in this book is about a lion who spares the life of a mouse instead of eating it. And later, when the lion gets stuck in a poacher’s trap, the mouse frees the lion. The book is really essential for your child because it teaches some great values.

#8. The Typewriter

This book is written by Bill Thompson.

Published: 2016

The Typewriter

This is a wordless journey of a world in the form of pictures where your child will be able to witness an unforgettable journey as the storyline proceeds. This book revolves around three children who find a typewriter that was found on a carousel. They are pushed off into an adventure that is completely new to them and opens them to some new feelings and perspectives. The illustrations in this book are colored quite richly colored which attracts the kids and gives their brain a great stimulus. Check this book out for your child to help them grow.

I hope I was able to satisfy your need to check out a nice and interesting picture book for your child. I think they will be really helpful in providing your child with the right visual stimulus. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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