8 Best Big Nate Books- For Kid To Love In 2020

Childhood is an amazing time with lots of fun, stress-free life, loads of time to play and the best part is comics. All of us have been of comics and comic heroes. This article is solely based on Nate Wright- The Big Nate books are perfect for comic lovers and fans will love their goofy humor and brilliant cartoons. 

Nate Wright highly popular among kids is the rebellious eleven-year-old who considers himself to be a genius doomed for greatness. Despite being the stiffest student such and a permanent member of detention, his belief in his destiny is unshakeable. After all, he read it in a fortune cookie and it has to be true according to him. Nate being the self-proclaimed king of the class, the motivational leader of the school sports team or even a talented comic book artist stands out with unshakable confidence and high enthusiasm and nothing can stop his path even if it means landing in detention AGAIN.

 Lincoln Peirce started Big Nate as the star of the popular American comic strip. Peirce created the Big Nate in 1991 dedicating the character to his big brother. Over 300 American newspapers, Peirce has written a series of eight Big Nate books and there is even a 3D animated Big Nate movie in the works for 2021. Children aged 9 and over love to read Diary of A Wimpy Kid, The Beano or Captain Underpants and that makes them a fan of Big Nates as well, the humor and cartoons are highly cherished by kids

The books are fun-loving, easy to read, and laugh-out-loud funny, and doesn’t require too much usage of the brain to understand. Here are the amazing counts of Big Nates books in order of preference.

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Big Nates-Strikes Again

The second book of Big Nate’s novel series is aimed at children aged 8 to 12. This book showcases the relationship between Nate and Gina in an interesting way and multiple challenges they are forced to work on a report together, in which they ultimately decide to cheat it out. The book also holds multiple characters the writer has given them certain traits that won’t change in order to preserve the status quo of what makes the character that character.

However, when we talk about this book these character traits are still being established before they potentially get broken. In this book, the writer has tried to preserve the trait so that it can be followed in the upcoming series. The approach of Nate was a bit towards the history into this book that makes it quite a unique and interesting plot for kids. So if you are a big fan of comic books don’t waste time and get this one right now.

Big Nates- On A Roll

Big nates books

Realistic fiction On A Roll is the third book of the Big Nate Novel series. The plot includes the, as usual, Nate being in detention and the antagonist is a series mainstay that Nate is in conflict with, so it positions itself for ending up exactly like the previous installment. Well you can say that this book has shown progress where Strikes Again was trying to that is making the ending work while still preserving character traits.

The storyline involves Nate getting upset with Artur’s luck skeptically affecting him, which eventually leads to the loss of his skateboard. Nate and Artur become Timber Scouts and participate in the competition to get an even better skateboard. The whole book contains the struggle and hard work Nate does try to finally beat Artur to it. The best part of Big Nate’s books is the successive ending that is highly popular among kids. The characters are supposedly perfect as Artur to finally not get his way for once. It’s an absolutely fine story and is a must-read for kids who are a big fan of happy endings.

Big Nates-In A Class By Himself

Big Nate- The boy with the biggest head in the United Kingdom and Ireland, a children frictional novel In a Class By Himself is the first novel followed by Big Nates Strikes Again. The book gained popularity due to its simpler plot, but it’s simplicity that works really well. The introduction to the series could not be much better than with this book and the first book should have that simplicity to be loved by comic lovers. This book basically introduces you to Nate’s self-centered character and his belief that he is doomed for greatness, which really gets rule over his mind after reading a fortune cookie. And now the journey begins of proving himself

and resulting in a series of not-so-great events that are well-defined by the chapter. However all the pieces fall into places in the end in a massive turnaround that makes the book such a big hit and gets its loyal readers. The book makes you feel really excited and eager to get the new series, you are going to love cartoons and animation that makes reading much more worthy.

Big Nates-In The Zone

In The Zone a luck theme-based book is definitely popular among kids. Nate’s perspective towards luck changes entirely when he gets to know about Chad’s lucky foot. He gets suspicious and bruised until his misfortunes get bad enough to the point that he decides to use it after Chad gives it to him. There is a fight between Chad and Nate for the foot and that eventually leads Mrs. Godfrey to take the foot from both of them.

This makes both of them realize that everything not based on luck and in the end all that matters is your approach towards the situation. There was equal space in the room for antagonists as well, which was also neat, and there are events involving Chad’s character that was pretty great. The book involves pretty good formation and amazing humor that can giggle the kids and hand in hand teach them something that can be helpful for them to become a better person.

Big Nates-Lives It Up

Lives It Up involves the introduction of a new character to the Big Nate mythos in Breckenridge Puffington III. A new student for whom Principal Nichols task Nate to guide and tour him around the school and befriends to make him comfortable as it’s his very first day of the school. Nates tries to comfort him and make friends with him but soon realized that Breckenridge Puffington III is a plant fanatic and doesn’t gel along pretty well. On the other hand Breckenridge develops a liking towards Nate that becomes beyond comfort for Nate. That calls for a heavy drama in the book and the ending is absolutely superb that can help you to understand the real meaning of friendship.

Lives It Up shares a great message about acceptance through his relationship with Nate. You meet somebody completely different from you and they might not be according to your preference however still they have something or the other to offer just you require a good time with them to understand. Ultimately this book conveys a beautiful message and helps kids to understand the meaning of acceptance. So parents go grab this book for your kid right now.

Big Nates-Goes For Broke

Goes For Broke is absolute eye candy for kids and New York Times bestselling realistic fiction novel. The book coveys an incredibly deep message in comparison to the other installments, being this high on the list mainly for its analogy to the Greek tale of Achilles’ Heel. This book is an exception from the other books as in this book Nate explains P.S.38’s contempt for rival school Jefferson, which is comparatively much better than P.S.38. Nate believes Jefferson to be of utmost perfection and there is no loophole to defeat him. The book involves the introduction of new characters and the storyline of finding the weakness to defeat Jefferson.

The book involves tricks and the way Nate finds that weakness, and how he uses it against Jefferson in the end, was absolutely splendid. The character of Dee Dee was highly in demand after this book and the other characters are subsequently utilized in order to take the series forward. Well something can never change doesn’t matter if you grow up love for comic books still binds you to grab one and read in your free time.

Big Nates-Flips Out

Flips Out is an absolute no-brainer and is one of the best books of this realistic frictional series. In this book, the writer has not just only shared a great storyline with stakes, or taught a lesson, or an inspiring note but here is the time when he gets out of his zone with character dynamics and personalities. Moreover he chooses to go all out in challenging the significant aspects of these characters and their relationships to one another.

The storyline revolves around the kid’s mishaps cause his relationship with his lifelong friend to be severed. And much he puts the effort to change as an individual to get him back. Francis has complaints with Nate and which Nate overlooks that brings him into trouble when Nate loses the school camera in the mess of his locker, causing a rift in his friendship with Francis. Nate is convinced that he did not lose the camera however there are circumstances that clarify the mishap has happened that makes Nate realize the consequences of changing who he is as a person, and a case to figure out what exactly happened to the camera.

This book is a great example of loveable friendship and is the reason for being highly popular. The writer has done great justification with all the characters it doesn’t matter whether they are rivals they definitely share a great screen. Sometimes we don’t even realize that these comic kids friendly novels have such amazing and meaningful content that can help kids to grow better.

Big Nates- Blasts Off

Blasts Off is an exceptional and best outcome till date. This book is another level of experience for kids and in high demand. The Blasts Off is the answer to all your question of why Nate thinking himself to be so great. Well, Pierce is no longer bound to take the storyline ahead with the following traits, here the author has changed the fundamental aspects of one character and centralizes this reason for being this book to be so great.

This book is a new phase and a building of new characteristics into Nate, as he starts developing a new crush on Ruby Dinsmore, only to learn that Randy had a crush on her as well. The fight takes place between Randy and Bate for Ruby’s affection and Nate takes advantage of his new position in the school. The storyline discovers the new traits of the characters and turns Randy to be a bully. The book with a heart-winning storyline and amazing approach this book is a must-read for every kid.


Comics are the best part of your childhood and why not, after all, they are the one that provides you an ability to understand the mature concepts with the easy to read and fun-loving storyline. Big Nate an American comic strip written by Lincoln Peirce is loved by the kids and has a special place in their childhood. Big Nate- The boy with the biggest head in the United Kingdom and Ireland, is what made it much popular. 

The above-stated books in this article are the best Big Nate- a popular star book in order to make childhood fun-loving, laugh hard, and inspirational approach. These amazing and easy to read books are designed is the renowned cartoonist who knows really well what makes kids happy and joyful. Most of you might be a comic fan or a superhero fan these amazing Big Nate books will take you to the roller coaster ride of fun and humor.

This article consolidates the collection of handpicked funniest and best Big Nates books that not only makes you feel joyful but changes the mood and perception towards looking the inspiration into small things. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them by commenting below.


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