8 Michael Peterson Books- Fame And Conflict To Confide

Michael Peterson an American novelist who is not only famous for his philosophical and religious accounts but also made headlines and turns out to be the most controversial writer as found guilty to kill her wife, Kathleen Peterson, on December 9, 2001. Peterson got limelight with his three novels based “around his experiences during the Vietnamese conflict”—The Immortal Dragon, A Time of War, and A Bitter Peace. But no one can forget about the most talked work “The Staircase” he has worked on it for a long time, in some ways since his eight years in prison and is adapted as the documentary show by Netflix. Apart from his controversial personal life let’s get bit deeper into some of the best Michael Peterson books that are profoundly appreciated by the savants. 

Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings (1996)

Michael Peterson books


This book includes expanded pedagogical features, ten new readings and this fourth edition of Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings is the most significant and commercial introductory anthology in the philosophy of religion. The book raises the recent and forever topics like reformed epistemology, process theism, the kalam cosmological argument, the religion-science controversy, religious ethics, and the diversity of world religions. If you are fond of religious ethics and the diversity of world religions this book is a must-read in order to explore religion deeply.

A Time of War (1990)

The story revolves around the Marshall and the novel captures the essence of a time and a place. The account crafts that Marshall is eventually drawn into even another conflict that will involve a Vietnamese girl, a French colonial, and others. This rich and astounding novel is loaded with the classic story of Vietnam that is compelling, blood-chilling, sweeping, and brilliant work of Michael Peterson. 

A Bitter Peace (1995)

A Bitter Peace is a sequel to Peterson’s Vietnam War classic, A Time of War. Well if you have read A Time of War then you will get to conclude that presidential envoy Bradley Marshall’s mission to achieve peace with honor in Vietnam is did not turn out be successive as well as it will haunt him for years to come. This dedicated novel comprises wrenching shrewdness, unremitting indecision and suspense set in a world that sends a man of conscience after the only intent worth attempting personal salvation.

The Problem of Evil: Selected Readings 1992

The Problem of Evil: Selected Readings is based on the philosophy of religion and command more concentration than ever before. This account consists of high scope is organized in such a way that clearly manifests the main formation of the overall problem as it has been dressed in Western theistic cultures frequently and the Christian tradition respectively.

The Immortal Dragon 1983

This well-renowned novel involves the nineteenth century, Andre Lafabre flees from disgrace in France to Vietnam and becomes hooked up in life-threatening intrigues, vulnerable intent and the struggle for power. This historical nineteenth-century saga is worth reading and understanding the struggle for power.

Charlie Two Shoes and the marines of Love Company (1998)

This story belongs to an eleven-year-old Chinese boy, Tsui Chi Hsii – popularly known by his American name Charlie Tsui, or Charlie Two Shoes. Charlie Tsui was advised by a company of U.S. Marines sent to China in 1945 shortly after the end of World War II. This book is all about his journey, struggle and what left behind after the war. This tale shares the emotional side of the writer and is completely share of work he has given ever before. This book is a true realization of the American dream and numerous obstacles had to be overcome by the Chinese boy. 

God and Evil: An Introduction to the Issues (1998)

This book manifolds the typical style of the writer that is comprised of a well-structured survey that examines the problem of evil in the context of the philosophy of religion. The book ponders on the reconciling belief in a just and loving God with the evil and suffering in the world. The author has framed many issues like What is the relation of rational belief to religious faith? What responses have important thinkers advanced and which seem most promising? What different conceptual moves are possible on either side of the issue? And more. This book is highly recognised not only for professional philosophy but also for the personal benefit of thinking through one of the most important issues in human life. This is a must-read to know the logical, the probabilistic, the evidential, and the existential arguments.

With All Your Mind: A Christian Philosophy of Education (2001)

With All Your Mind makes is solely based on the significance of education in America from a historically orthodox and broadly ecumenical Christian point of view. The author contends that reflecting philosophically about education is the only hope for essential and impactful improvement. This is a refreshing book as it convokes everybody who is concerned about education in America to “participate” in the study that analyzes representative theories and practical strategies that reveal the power of Christian ideas in this requisite area. This classic tale is based on assumptions and implications of influential classical and contemporary philosophies concerning education, including idealism, naturalism, Thomism, experimentalism, existentialism, linguistic analysis, and postmodernism.

Behind the Staircase: All Profits Go to Charity (2019)

The tale that got the most recognition and was the talk of the town as it is a peep into the author’s personal life. The author has crafted this account in the duration of his 8 years of imprisonment. The book shares the real-life experience of the writer since the time his wife got killed. It shares the experience of the author of his eight years in prison with murderers, criminals, rapists, gangbangers, and pedophiles until the conviction is overturned and he is released. What he encounters till that time each good and bad.


Despite having a controversial personal life Michael Peterson has a fair share in the book and writing world. He is one of the most celebrated and prominent writers though he was typecasted for his religious approach and philosophical writing he has proved his versatility with some of his classic gems. 

The interests of the author have always leaned towards writing the religious and philosophical context and his moreover Michael Peterson emphasis on education, including idealism, naturalism, Thomism, and experimentalism. 

The above mentioned were some of the greatest read by the author. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries you can ask them as well by commenting.


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