8 Best Molecular Biology Books To Learn The Subject

Molecular biology is one of the branches of biology, this Subject is very important and tough to understand and study, but you need not worry as Bookschums is here to give you a list of a few best books ever written on this topic so let’s stick to this article to know more about the best molecular biology books and choose the appropriate one for you.

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1) Molecular Biology of the Cell

Author: Bruce Alberts, Alexander D. Johnson, Julian Lewis, David Morgan

Molecular Biology of the Cell

This informative account is all about cell biology. This book is a pond of information in biology that is expanding entirely. This is the time when knowledge is cherished by the reputative society and has become excessively important for textbooks to partake this scientific knowledge into concise principles and enduring concepts.

Sixth Edition of Molecular Biology of the Cell provides clear writing and exquisite illustrations that have been extensively revised and updated with the latest research in cell biology. This illustrated account also provides an extraordinary framework for teaching, learning, and gaining knowledge.

2) Ancient DNA: Methods and Protocols

Author: Beth Shapiro, Axel Barlow, Peter D. Heintzman, Michael Hofreiter

Ancient DNA: Methods and Protocols

You can surely call this book as a bible of Molecular biology, this book consists of every important aspect with proper description and format, this book includes chapter-vice details, necessary supporting material, step by step information, and studies to support the content, the book also provides the information about the lab protocols and how you can troubleshoot the known problems that generally occurs.

This book aims to help both experts and beginners to actually help them in practical experiments during the lab sessions, if you have serious interest in the subject then this is one of the must-own molecule biology books.

3) The Biology of Cancer-2013 Edition

Author: Robert A. Weinberg

The Biology of Cancer-2013 Edition

This updated and consolidating work has brought important recognition in the world of cancer biology. Though the second edition maintains all of its hallmark cherished by students, instructors, researchers, and clinicians around the world. This work is mainly for the students grabbing knowledge about the molecular and cellular bases of cancer at the undergraduate, graduate, and medical schools. This amazing book involves clarity of writing, an extensive full-color art program, and numerous pedagogical features making this gem convenient and likable.

This book manifolds the essential information like The tumor microenvironment, Metastatic dissemination, Tumor immunology, Cancer stem cells, The epithelial-mesenchymal transition, Multi-step tumorigenesis, Invasion and metastasis, Mutation of cancer cell genomes, Greatly expanded treatment of traditional therapy, Epigenetic contributions, MicroRNA involvement, and so on.

 4) Bioprocess Engineering

Author: Michael L. Shuler, Fikret Kargi, Matthew DeLisa

Bioprocess Engineering

This book is an introductory module for bioprocess engineering and biochemicals, the book gives knowledge about productivity innovations and safety measures that has to be considered in bioprocessing engineering. It talks about the new, improved coverage of The small RNAs as regulators, and differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes Cell-free processes, metabolic engineering, and protein engineering Biofuels and energy, including coordinated enzyme systems, mixed-inhibition, and enzyme-activation kinetics.

The writer has reviewed many fundamentals of molecular biology, cellular biology, and biochemistry which include the growth and functioning of cells, different metabolic paths, and few more details about molecules and cells.

5) Molecular Biology of RNA

Author: David Elliott, Michael Ladomery 

Molecular Biology of RNA

The role of RNA is very important yet very underestimated in all lives of earth. This is an important molecule that plays a crucial part in the DNA template, only a few people actually understand that the importance of RNA is actually the same as DNA in the origin of life.

This book is a very helpful creation of content for the students studying this for the first time. It includes the introductory text at the beginning and useful modules in the book.

6) Molecular biology: Concepts of inquiry

Author: Jennifer A. Hackett, Julia Masters

Molecular biology: Concepts of inquiry

This book is a high school level textbook for molecular biology this book consist of all the primary knowledge about the subject and gives a brief about molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics, this book is not an encyclopedia and sticks to key concepts of the subject and review and refine the high school knowledge about the topics.

the book in its 6 chapters gives you a brief about molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, organic molecule, Protein structure, genetic engineering, genome evolution, RNA, molecular dynamic modeling in drug design, and many more related topics.

7) Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Author: Rene Fester Kratz

Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition

The books is a ride from the past to the present and tell you how the cells have reformed in the times. If you are pursuing any course related to molecular biology and needs an overview of the subject this book is the first choice to trust, the way this book is written surely gives it a place in the list of the best molecular biology books. Also if you are just curious about the latest things happening you can go for the latest versions available of Dummies.

This book solves many world queries, describes how DNA helps determine the traits of a human and enhances your knowledge on similar topics, this is a must-read if you have an interest in molecular biology.

8) Essentials of Molecular biology

Author: V. Malathi

Molecular biology

This book is written by V, Malathi who has designed this book for students and everyone who wants to learn molecular biology out of interest and curiosity, this book talks about different topics such as biochemistry, molecule science, organic molecules, DNA and RNA, cell biology, genetic engineering, and all the other related topics.

This book gives a brief knowledge about almost all the topics that should be covered under this subject and it is a must-read if you want to learn about molecular biology.


The above-mentioned books in this article are the best books in order to understand molecular biology. These amazing and self-explanatory accounts are crafted by notable and celebrated authors that can be really helpful to gain essential knowledge professionally and for your personal intelligent quotient with an amazing ounce. Also we have a list of best forensic science books for young enthusiast who are willing to learn the subject.

This article streamlines the collection of handpicked best biology books that can change your perception towards genetics, organic molecules, biochemistry, role of RNA and DNA in human life and the perception to observe the basic things in your surroundings. In Addition, you can turn out to be a scholar if you are a student and gain some most essential knowledge by testing your capability of learning and teaching. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them by commenting below.

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