9 Best Forensics Science Books- Must Read In 2020

We all know that science is the mother of invention and has a “know it all attitude” well it’s not a secret that Science has hands down proven its capability to lead our lives strongly. But when it comes to investigation and spotting it has created tremendous ways to spot the criminal or to get high headed proof forensic is breaking records of its own. So if you are a forensic enthusiast, then it’s the right time to settle your urge for as the article comprises the collection of best forensics books to churn the wheels of your brain and make it sharper while sitting home and feeling fatigued in this lockdown.

Here are the 9 best forensics science books to predict the crime thrillers you are watching sitting at home.

A Hands-On Introduction to Forensic Science: Cracking the Case,2nd Edition

Author: Mark Okuda

Published In: 2019

This book doesn’t require any introduction if you have gone through the first edition and the second continues in the tradition of the first edition having a completely unique approach towards forensic science. The entire book contains each chapter with a brief, fictional narrative crime fiction that describes the synergy of a skilled crime detective and teaming with criminalists and the whole journey with suspense to reach the climax of a missing person case. The book provides information step by step about the crime and its traditional presentation of scientific postulates and theories on assigned forensic matters.

The book is thrilling and knowledgeable that explains lab activities that are easy to go and captures the attention of the students with the skills necessary to analyze the evidence presented in each chapter. The new edition is completely updated with a special focus on new DNA techniques in DNA sequencing and an engaging story of missing person case by documenting the crime scene. This book is one of a kind and can share with you the various perspective to learn about forensic science.

The Future of Forensic Science -Forensic Science in Focus 

Author: Daniel A. Martell

Published In: 2019

This book offers an assorted and eye-opening view of the future you can say that its way ahead of its time and turn out to be a revolution in forensic science. The book involves the content from the Past and Current Presidents of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences which include their forensic science expertise, intelligence, acumen, wisdom, and data. With a futuristic approach and visualization, the book focuses on articulating theoretical advances, innovative data and leads from the laboratory, and life-changing technologies.

The book solely takes responsibility for the information from some of the greatest forensic minds of their generation. The Future of Forensic Science has all the eleven sections that comprise the AAFS. This book in its own way provides information in forensic anthropology, forensic engineering science, forensic toxicology, behavioral science, and forensic psychiatry. The book creates a realistic vision of changing forensic science for the better. This extraordinary book is published as part of the AAFS series ‘Forensic Science in Focus’. This book is a must-read for all forensic science professionals, academics, and students who show a keen interest in forensic science. 

Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, Fifth Edition 5th Edition

Author: Suzanne Bell

Published In: 2019

There are some great aspects on which the spotlight is required in order to uplift modern forensic investigation. The fifth edition of the landmark text Forensic Science plays a really important role in order to make you familiar to scientific and Investigative Techniques that leads participation and case studies from the personal files of experts in the field. This edition is fully updated with attestations into engaging and accurate account of making it difficult to go ahead with theories and proving again and again. This book consolidates simplicity and designed for the undergraduate level discussing the intersection of law and forensic science.

The points that the book focuses on are how things become evidence, and how courts need to judge the proves presented in the form of item or a testimony. Forensic Science includes forensic anthropology, death investigation and entomology, bloodstain pattern analysis, firearms, tool marks, forensic documents, and much more. This book breaks the myth about forensic science and what could be trusted and what not. This book is a different level experience yet so simple to understand the stated theories. If you don’t have one grab one and make a place for this piece in your bookshelf.

Forensic Analysis and DNA in Criminal Investigations: Including Cold Cases Solved

Author: RJ Parker

Published In: 2015

This book is great when it comes to you want to know about the latest Forensic techniques and Cold Cases solved recently, of course with photos. The sheer explanations of this book appeared as an introductory guide. This book is also a reference to forensic techniques for front-line police officers, criminal attorneys, journalists, crime authors, and many more.

The book is full of real cold case examples where forensic science played a major role to find the culprit or spot the guilty. Well, it is not the hidden truth that DNA analysis and new techniques have given new hope to crime investigation and made it very easy to create a path towards the criminal. The writer’s approach in the book holds sheer examples of amazing serial killer accounts which can prove to be exciting, thrilling, and worth giving time.

Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques 1st Edition

Author:  Stuart H. James, Jon J. Nordby Ph.D., Suzanne Bell

Published In: 2002

Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques is the first introductory book that represents forensic science in its most comprehensive sight, incorporating sheer crime and beyond. Investigating techniques are really important when comes to find out serial criminal cases like criminal profiling, cyber forensics, recreating the scene, and whatnot.

This illustration is best when it comes to understanding forensic science from the basics that include trace evidence, forensic toxicology, DNA Analysis, and its legal aspects, questioned documents, drug analysis, crime scene investigation, firearms and tool marks, biological fluids, fingerprints, and when it comes to forensic terms it involves Forensic Pathology and Traumatic Death, Forensic Odontology, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Taphonomy, Recognition of Bloodstain Patterns, Footwear Evidence, Tire Imprint Evidence, Forensic Engineering, Vehicular Accident Reconstruction, Computer Crime, Forensic Psychology, Psychiatry, and Profiling, Human Anatomy and the list goes on. This tremendously explained book is really great to understand the investigative techniques and forensic science.

Forensic Science: The Basics, Second Edition 2nd Edition

Author: Kathy Mirakovits

Published In: 2006

Well at this point in time when technology and development the skill of committing crimes are also increasing and the same goes for the raise in advanced technology and the requirement of forensic science. With the increasing crime rate forensic has also a wider role to play in the investigation of crimes and criminals. Nothing can be better than this book to understand the complicated science and graphic violence without holding any typical experiences. Though the book provides great professional references but without complicating the content.

This second edition is an amalgam of the co-author who is known nationally for training instructors on how to teach forensic science at all levels of education. You get an idea of dealing with the initial evidence collection process which requires certain procedures to directly presenting shreds of evidence in the courtroom bounded with the case studies, photographs, and exercises this book doesn’t require any scientific knowledge or a connection understand and relate.

This book turned out to be a valuable resource for detectives, journalists, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other non-science professionals who need to understand. So if you are the one who doesn’t want to go through the scientific term side by side then this is a must pick for you.

Principles of Forensic Audio Analysis- Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing, 1st Edition

Author: Robert C. Maher

Published In: 2018

This book expertise in audio forensics and provide essential specialty in modern forensic science.  The great combination of modern audio forensic analysis and skills in digital signal processing, the physics of sound propagation, acoustical phonetics, audio engineering, and many other fields this book has managed all. Scientists working in the field of audio forensics addresses the issues of authenticity, quality enhancement, and signal interpretation for audio evidence.

Audio forensic has an important role in all terms including to a criminal law enforcement investigation, an accident investigation board, or an official civil inquiry. Not only that but audio forensic has become part of daily routines in call centers and police radio dispatchers, inexpensive portable audio/video recording in order to avoid emergency and collective can help in collecting shreds of evidence subordinate to any crime. Dashboard recorders in police cars, public area recording, and more audio forensic have brought a new revolution all over the globe.

Unnatural Causes

Author: Richard Shepherd

Published In: 2018

One of the absolute masterpiece as it is an excellent forensic book of all time. The story in the book revolves around the mysteries unexplained sudden death and being a detective encounter the book has ups and downs and extraordinary approach toward the crime story. Searching out the evidence and facing serial killers, natural disasters, ‘perfect murders’, and freak accidents investigating the whole story in order to find out the criminal.

Collecting all the evidence to put the killers behind the bar and making the innocence is free and turned open-and-shut cases on their heads. This book complements the story of a fascinating, insightful, candid, compassionate’ Observer. And is a great amalgam of forensic science and murder mystery. The writer’s thoughts will blow your mind.

Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation-Protocols In Forensic Science 3rd Edition

Author: John J. Lentini

Published In: 2012

Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation deals with the practical application of fundamental scientific principles to determine the causes of fires. Though originally published in 2006, this fully updated 3rd edition reflects the modern developments in the field.  There are basic manifolds of errors that investigators can make which lead to incorrect determinations of the causes of fires. There are some scientific aspects, the litigation of fire-related events is rapidly changing, particularly with respect to an investigator’s qualifications to serve as an expert witness.

This book covers these latest developments and ties together the changing standards for fire investigations with the fundamental scientific knowledge presented in the early chapters of the book. This book is a boon for those individuals who have just begun in fire investigation and for those who are studying fire investigation chose it as a profession. This book is a great explanation for the investigators and they will learn to recognize quality fire investigations and those that are not up to today’s standards. This book welcomes scientists and not non-scientist both with open arms. This book is a must-read for a forensic science lover.


Reading forensic science books with all modern and investigative techniques requires great enthusiasm to hold on suspense and understand the technology used, you cannot deny that its a different level experience. The above-mentioned books in this article are astounding and will provide all the knowledge and collective information about forensic science. These amazing and self-explanatory books are crafted by renowned authors that can be really helpful to create a better version of your own. 

This article incorporates the collection of handpicked best forensic science books that can blow your mind and jaw drop techniques, tools procedure, theories and more can make you understand the power of science and invention. Also, we have a list of best Biology Books for science students which you must give a shot. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them by commenting below.


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