12 Best Historical Romance Novels of All Times

There is nothing more fascinating than reading romance novels with a historical theme. The early period of literature really blessed us with one of the best romance novels, the classic tales, forbidden love, strong characters, and unforgettable storyline were all just so amazing that really gave us hope that fairytales were possible.

The early era of literature gave so much scope for the romantic genre to flourish and that was the time that produced the best romantic novels that we have today. I mean we have to admit there is something special about the historical novels that draw us towards it.

Many brilliant authors showcased their talents through these books and presented us with some of the greatest romance novels that we have today. If you haven’t read any historical romance novels, you are missing out on so much.

There are literally millions of books based on Historical romance and choosing the ones to read could be a daunting task. For your convenience, we have curated some of the best historical romance novels that were ever written. Have a look below:

1. Outlander

Outlander: historical romance novels

It is not possible to not list Outlander when talking about Historical romance novels. Now a very famous Netflix series, Outlander was written in the year 1991. The book is the first part of the author’s eight-book series of multiple genres and the author is none other than Diana Gabaldon.

The story is about the complicated love of Jamie and Claire. Set in the 18th Century, the story tells the tale of a smart, proto-typical pinup, highland hunk Jamie and the time-traveling nurse Claire. Jamie who is so in love with Claire is ready to go where his love takes him.

The man actually travels through space in time in order to find her and is ready to do anything to get a chance at the most beautiful love story ever.

2. An Extraordinary Union

An Extraordinary Union

An Extraordinary Union written by Alyssa Cole is the first book of the Loyal League series. One of the best spring romances of all time, An Extraordinary Union will introduce you with the lives of Elle and Malcolm. The protagonists in the story get faced with a lot of difficulties in their life and just want to live happily ever after, but guess that is too much to ask.

Read this story of Elle who so smart and driven and Malcolm, the dashing hero who is so ahead of his time and how they survive this situation and fight for justice.

The book that was published in the year 2017 has proved Alyssa Cole as one of the most talented young romance writers of recent times.

3. The Soldier’s Scoundrel

The Soldier's Scoundrel

The Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian takes a unique approach at love stories but definitely worth a read. The author has brilliantly written this story of Jack Burner and the hardships he had to face in his life. The boy grew up in slums in London had to do anything he can to put food in the mouth of his siblings and himself.

From the very beginning, Jack had no love for the upper class in London. But he was unaware that the same society will provide him with the love of his life, Oliver. Jack and Oliver even from being the two different halves of society make the greatest love story of all time. The chemistry of the couple will get more sizzling with each turning page. It is the story of two men who are meant for each other.

4. Rebellion


The list of historical novels is incomplete without mentioning any of Nora Roberts’ novels. Frequently dubbed as the queen of romance, Nora Roberts has gifted us with many classics that are still remembered as audiences’ favorite. ‘Rebellion’ that was released in the year 1988 is the first part of her series featuring the MacGregors family.

The story of the book follows the life of Serena MacGregor and Brigham Langston. Brigham who is Serena’s brother’s friend is not immune to her wrath. Her hatred of all things even extends to Brigham. But the Scottish man is all set to prove himself worthy of her and he is ready to do what it takes.

5. Someone to Love

Someone to Love

Mary Balogh, the New York Times Bestselling Author has presented us with Someone to Love which is the first-ever book of her series featuring the Westcott. The book starts with the death of Humphery Westcott who has died after living a huge fortune that comes with a scandalous secret. The truth that will forever change the lives of everyone in his family.

Meanwhile, Anna Snow who has woken up to a fortune is ready to live her fairytale but wait where is her Prince Charming? She must find her Prince first. The chemistry, the drama, the detail, everything is in the first portion in this book that recites the story of an orphan heroine and a loner hero.

6. Mine Till Midnight

Mine Till Midnight

Mine Till Midnight is written by Lisa Kleypas and the book was published in the year 2007. Lisa Kleypas is a fan-favorite historical romance novelist. The book which is the first part of his series featuring the Hathways is ultimate unputdownable romance fiction. The story will introduce with Amelia Hathway, the oldest of all her siblings.

Amelia belongs to a poor family but one day her family comes to know about the unexpected inheritance which is going to change her life forever. Mine till Midnight is a great story of friends who became lovers. The classic will immediately become your favorite once you start reading it.

7. Arabella


Arabella is the regency romance novel written by Georgette Heyer. The author is considered as the founder of Regency novels which has been an integral part of historical novels genre. Her books will always be in so detail that it feels like she has lived the era herself. Her writing style contains so much wit and humor that it becomes completely impossible for the reader to get disappointed.

Arabella is the story of a woman who enters London, the big city in order to find her own Prince charming. As she was making her way to her destination, her carriage breaks down at the house of a man. Well, not just any man but Rober Beaumaris, the richest and well-connected man in the city.

Robert presumes that she is there to trap her into marrying her but she overhears Robert when he says this and declares that she is an heiress. But the reality is something else. Do read this romance novel to know what happens exactly.

8. Simply Scandalous

Simply Scandalous

Simply Scandalous by Tamara Lejeune is a clean, witty novel that deserved to be on this list. The brilliant story will show you the life of Juliet Wayborn. The woman who seeks revenge from the person who has beaten up her twin brother. She decides to target the closest culprit of the act which is Lord Swale. Her plan is to humiliate him.

Lord Swale, in turn, tries to do the same with Juliet when he finds out about her plan. He decides to make her fall in love with him and then humiliate her. But things don’t go as planned but that was for the best because it gave birth to the most romantic love story ever.

9. Unveiled


Unveiled is written by Courteney Milan and it is the first book of her series to feature Turner. The historical romance novel is about a dyslexic hero and a princess. Lady Margaret Dalrymple is the only daughter of Duke of Parford. One day she gets some orders from her father who wants her to take up the role of a servant.

He orders her to disguise herself as a servant so that she could spy on the heir. Following the plan, Lady Marget becomes the servent and starts spying on Ash Turner who is the heir. Ash gets distracted by the beautiful servant and from there starts the beginning of a beautiful love story. The story you won’t forget for ages.

10. The Corinthian

The Corinthian

The Corinthian is again by Georgette Heyer. Georgette Heyer by her books has set the standards of the historical novels so high that barely any artist would be able to achieve it. Some have tried and succeeded but let’s just say there was something different in her writing that made her novels one of a kind. The Corinthian is another example of it.

The book follows the life of Pen. Pen is a simple and sweet girl who is trapped in her aunt’s house. She lives with her aunt and cousin and both are equally evil. The main motto of this evil duo is to get their hands on the fortune that Pen holds.

Due to all this, one day Pen decides to flee her home and starts an adventure away from her evil aunt and cousin. She, along the way, meets Sir Richard Wyndham, a metrosexual man who accompanies Pen with her adventure. The book is entirely very humorous though the ending is quite painful. But overall it is a great read.

11. Suddenly You

Suddenly You

“Suddenly You” is one of the lesser-known titles by the author Lisa Kleypas. The novel may not have gained as much commercial success as her others but it is definitely one of the best books that she has written. It is one of those underrated books that are too good to miss. Lisa Kleypas has established herself for writing great historical romance, and “Suddenly You” will give you another reason why.

“Suddenly You” is a complicated love story of Jack and Amanda. Jack Devlin is a handsome and courteous boy, he is everything a girl will ever look for in her partner and Amanda is quite attracted to him too. But there is one problem in her love story, Jack is Amanda’s publisher and starting a love affair with your business partner is unprofessional, right?

But then what about love? what about happily ever after? What if Jack is her soulmate? What will Amanda do at this point, only she knows and God. Find out at the end of the story what does she decides and treat yourself with this great romance novel.

12. Gentle Rogue

Gentle Rogue

You will be quite surprised by this book when you come to know about its storyline that it could be in a romance novel genre. The story is actually about revenge between the lovers. But let us tell you it’s not the bloodshed kind of revenge but rather a sweet one. The storyline of the book is quite sweet and cute. Readers are already crazy about Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey and you will too once you get your hands on this one.

The story is actually about a girl named Georgiana Anderson who disguise herself as a boy for her own safety. She is actually traveling to her home in America and boards the ship as a boy so that nobody could recognize her. James Malory is the noted rake captain whose ship she has boarded.

She could fool the world with her disguise but not Jack. Jack sees through her makeover and understands that the boy is actually a girl. After that there is a very sweet romance blooming between the couple then one day Jack is filled with revenge when he gets to know that Georgiana has no intention of continuing the relationship further.


So, the above-mentioned books are some of the greatest historical romance novels ever written. With different story lines, strong characters, amazing plot, these authors have gifted us with some of the most brilliant romance novels that we have today. There was something different about that era that made its love stories epic.

The intensity of everything was at its peak whether it is the evilness of antagonist, heroic nature of the protagonist, that fight for the love, happily ever afters and all that was just the perfect recipe to make a historical romance novel great. And some great authors have made these epic love stories live forever through their writing which is impossible to forget once you read it.

Apart from these if you have read any other great historical romance novels that you think should have been on the list then please let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, we would love to receive your feedback on this one.

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