9 Books Like Outlander That Will Make You Fall In Love

Everyone loves a good story that serves a good purpose and shares an innovative perspective. This is why Outlander was so much appreciated by the readers. It didn’t just revolutionize its own sub-genre but the entire fiction community. The book is leaps and bounds ahead of the expectation and the points it will put forward will enthrall any reader at its best.

The book surrounds the story of a woman, Claire Randall, who used to be a combat nurse. She comes back from the war and meets her loving husband on their second honeymoon and while walking around, she steps on a standing stone and suddenly everything turns different. What she later figures out is that she has been transported back in time and now seems to be under the threat of being fatally harmed by spies and soldiers of that time.

That is when she meets James Frazer who is a Scottish warrior and that somehow starts a tale of confusion. Now, she is in the middle of a decision where she can either choose her husband from her original time or continue with this desire of being with James. This is why Outlander is appreciated by a lot of readers and that’s why I have made a list of books like Outlander which may entertain you.

9 Books Like Outlander To Read:

#1. The Winter Sea

This book is written by Susanna Kearsley.

Published: 2008

The Winter Sea

If you take my opinion, the Winter Sea truly deserves to be on the top of this list. It is one of the best novels with an interesting time travel element and would most definitely thrill any reader who is willing to try it out. The concept of time travel introduced in the book is in an exciting way which is why I like it. The storyline is well structure and the storytelling technique of the author is great.

The book revolves around an author who is interested in writing historical fiction novels and her name is Carrie. She wishes to start a book about the Jacobites and King James the Second. But something goes terribly wrong and the story she is writing comes to life in the form of romance including two of its characters. This is what makes her story really accurate but soon she realizes her growing concern for the characters. Reading this book might be exactly the excitement that you want.

#2. A Knight in Shining Armor

This book is written by Jude Deveraux.

Published: 1989

A Knight in Shining Armor

The title of the book itself is really fascinating as anyone who is interested in novels with a romantic foreground would instantly be attracted to this book. Although it does sound like a typical romance novel, the author puts in the twist of time travel which obviously makes it much more interesting. And it is really different from other such books as the hero moves forward in time rather than the female lead moving back.

This book signifies the story of Dougless Montgomery who has recently gotten out of a failed relationship and mourning the loss of her love which is when our aforementioned knight, who is truly the Earl of Thornwyck and not a real knight, arrives into her life. His name is Nicholas Stafford and he has a secret mission coming from nearly four centuries back but is successful in sweeping Dougless off the flour. Read the book to find out what his secret is and how does everything turns out.

#3. At the Water’s Edge

This book is written by Sara Gruen.

Published: 2015

At the Water’s Edge

The book doesn’t start very smoothly and it might seem like it’ll turn you down at first but you must give it another chance. It will take time to build up an interesting storyline but when it does, there will be no turning back. It is set during the time of the Second World War and starts around a group of Americans who have made their way to Scotland to search for the Loch Ness monster.

It is all narrated from the perspective of Maddie who is somewhat a jet setter and has been brought to the pond forcefully by her husband, who drinks a lot. As time passes by, her irritation of the group of new Scottish friends gets lesser and she finally starts embracing their companionship, especially of a local innkeeper named Angus who falls in love with Maddie. The storyline continues to move into a series of confusing events as the war sets in and the reader would start wondering whether Angus would ever get to be with Maddie.

#4. Rebellion

This book is written by Nora Roberts.

Published: 1988


Rebellion: The MacGregors is a pretty interesting book and is the very first historical romance book by the author. Her thoughts presented in this book are brilliantly well crafted and as a reader, rocked me to my very core. Just like the previous book, this one also takes place in the Highlands of Scotland and is set in the year 1745. It deals with the Jacobites yet it doesn’t mess around with historical entries.

This book is the best combination of historical fiction and drama and would definitely be eye-catching. It revolves around Serena MacGregor and her story of disregard for the English lord who went by the name Bringham Langston. Lord Bringham wishes to marry Serena despite her behavior towards him and just as she finally catches feelings for him, the Jacobite rebellion begins where the English lord has a major role to play. The way the storyline proceeds is really liked by the readers.

#5. Emily and Scot

This book is written by Kathryn Smith.

Published: 2002

Emily and Scot

The author is quite famous at this point in time which obviously means that most of you might have read some of the other books by her. And I think this particular book written by her is indubitably the best for outlander fans. The storyline is well structured and the characters are defined in quite sufficient detail. The book revolves around an English aristocrat named Emily and Jamie.

Initially, Emily mistakenly assumes that Jamie is a servant due to his looks but he turns out to be the local laird’s cousin. Well, it is easily predictable that their feud begins from this moment on as they make opinions about each other. Emily thinks that Jamie lacks social manners, while Jamie thinks she is a bit too snobby. This conflict later turns into love and the rest turns out to be really beautiful to read through.

#6. A Twist in Time

This book is written by Julie McElwain.

Published: 2017

A Twist in Time

As you can see, it hasn’t been too long since the book was published yet its fan following grows exponentially. And it really deserves the buzz it is receiving because I have read the book and it turned out to be amazing. This book is the second installment of the series and it upholds the stature of it pretty well throughout.

It revolves around a tale where the nephew of the Duke of Aldridge is accused of a murder that he didn’t commit. The protagonist of this book, Kendra Donovan is actually stuck in 1815 where she got through unexpected time travel, and no matter what the circumstances are she can’t let an innocent be sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit who also seems to be her lover. The advancement of this book is actually interesting and should be followed.

#7. Hard-Hearted Highlander

This book is written by Julia London.

Published: 2017

Hard-Hearted Highlander

Hard-Hearted Highlander is perhaps the sexiest book that you might read out there and it is evident from the cover itself. It hasn’t been too long since the book was released which is why it really deserves all the appreciation it is getting. Moreover, if you have been fascinated by the hot and steamy scenes presented in Outlander then this book is perfect for you.

This book revolves around a woman named Bernadette Holly who wishes to do anything she can to ensure the safety of her young charge and a Highlander named Rabbie Mackenzie who is stuck in an engagement to Avaline against his own wish. He is doing this just to protect the future of his clan but he totally has his heart for the governess of Avaline. It is quite interesting to find out whether they will make it to each other or not.

#8. Highland Flame

This book is written by Mary Wine.

Published: 2017

Highland Flame: books like outlander

Another recently released book on this list, Highland Flame is a must-read. This too is set in the Scottish Highland region and would not disappoint the reader even a bit. Its enthralling storyline will bring you to your knees and will dwell in your heart forever. The story presented in this book is quite exciting yet unpredictable.

It revolves around the story of two very different people, a rough Highlander Liard Diocail and lady Jane Stanley. The moment they bump across each other is when the spark strikes at first. The moment our rough Diocail lays his eyes upon Jane, he feels the urge of protecting her from whatever he can. The book poses forward some moments of confusion as well as utter beauty. Reading this might be the most fascinating thing you do in this lifetime.

#9. The Night Mark

This book is written by Tiffany Reisz.

Published: 2017

The Night Mark

This might be the last book on the list but it isn’t the least of all. The Night Mark is a book that turned out to be a wonderfully moving read for me. It is again based upon the time-traveling romance genre like the Outlander and shares certain obvious similarities. But there is a certain difference that would definitely appeal to you as a reader.

The most amazing thing about its storyline is how the time travel element differs from all the other books on the list. It doesn’t include a time travel element where love is newly found. Rather the book presents the story of a widow who is heartbroken on her loss travels back into the past unexpectedly and falls back into the presence of love in the arms of her lost husband. The book will make you fall in love yourself and soon you will shed a tear or two while going through the storyline.

I hope this list was helpful and the books mentioned within it are really interesting to go through. I have personally felt like these books are captivating and as a reader, exciting. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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