Awesome Books On Zombie Apocalypse That You Can’t Resist!

Some fictional books are better than others. Similarly, some themes of books are more interesting than others. Each theme of written works are fascinating in a different way and they provide their reader with different types of knowledge.

One of the themes on Sci-Fi thrillers is Zombie apocalypse. These are quite appealing due to the adrenaline rush a reader possesses while reading these books. These books are based on mythological creatures that are dead and prefer on eating people who aren’t dead.

Some people even believe that they like eating the brains of living beings. These are some things that make these fictional books so interesting. A lot of people are interested in reading such books in order to help them forget reality and get immersed in a different world full of imagination.

10 Best Zombie Books For You To Read

1. Zone One

Zone One

This book is written by Coulson Whitehead. This is the book that you can expect the most from, out of this list and it won’t disappoint you. This depicts a post-apocalyptic world, which is divided into: infected and uninfected. Or you may basically call them the dead and the living. And it is obvious that the uninfected try to stay away from the infected to stay safe and so try to build a civilization that goes before the Plague in zone one.

The infected still lurk about through the island and try to infect the others. The male protagonist of this novel whose name is Mark Spitz gathers a couple of civilians and all are devoted to getting rid of the infected who hide around the island. But things take a drastic turn when the plans of this group fail. Reading this book would be really interesting because even though it sounds like those generic zombie books but the author has brought some major storyline twists.

2. Feed


This book is written by Mira Grant. It is part of a trilogy and also the very first book to be included in it. This is a great set of works by the author and is quite underappreciated in its time. These books contain a horror storyline that might keep the reader lured into it without even blinking an eye. This is a very fascinating book which is due to its uniqueness and it is set in a situation that might be much different from our real world.

It depicts a world where our race has found the cure to cancer but the deadly disease has been replaced by another one. The new disease is very strong and it affects the brain while creating a hungry thirst for blood in the person it infests. The book is basically based on two bloggers who try to look into this issue and try to uncover where this virus has come from.

3. The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

This book is written by Carrie Ryan. This too is a book that is a part of a series. Moreover, it is the first book in the series. This book brings a new concept into light that provides a wonderful storyline for any reader. It is a butt-clenching book that would definitely throw the reader off his feet.

It concentrates on a village that has been surrounded by a boundary and nobody from there has ever seen any place apart from it. This fence or boundary is the only thing that protects them against creatures that show traits as that of a zombie. A girl still tries to slip through in order to see how life is beyond the village when she learns of the corruption going around the village. Now, she has to fight against the beings that lie across the boundary and try to survive against them.

4. Raising Stony Mayhall

Raising Stony Mayhall

This book is written by Daryl Gregory. It is a great book to curl up with on a weekend if you are a fan of books that accommodate zombies or zombie-like creatures. It tells the story of a zombie baby whose name is Stony Mayhall. This baby is found undead, as an infant, in the arms of his dead teen mother.

The most powerful member of the Mayhall family, Wanda Mayhall, takes Stony home and decides to raise him as her own baby and tries to give him the best life that she can. It is an interesting book as it provokes a sparkling though process where the reader tries to figure out how little Stony would act when he starts to go out of his house, into the real world and discovers more people like him.

5. Bruja Born

Bruja Born

This book is written by Zoraida Cordova. This is a part of the series Brooklyn Brujas, and it the second book in the series. Obviously the people who have read this book or are familiar with the title might think that the book is all about witches and not zombies. But that is just not true.

This book tells the story of a witch who wishes to bring her boyfriend back to life and conjures the army of undead creatures to help her through the cause. This is why it can be included in a zombie-themed book. The series should be begun with reading Labyrinth Lost, which is the first book of this series to make more sense out of it. Giving this book a quick read will definitely be quite interesting.

6. Husk: A Novel

Husk: A Novel

This book is written by Corey Redekop. It tries to focus on a serious issue while taking a humorous approach. It concentrates on a guy name Sheldon Funk who is basically an actor, struggling to find work and is turned into a zombie. He has a passion for human flesh work and tries to accommodate it with the other responsibilities he needs to look after.

The author tries to paint a vivid picture of everything he tries to discuss in this book and even askes some questions that we might all think but don’t ask out loud. He talks about how Sheldon tries to manage to start his career as an actor while trying to manage her mother’s dementia and to keep in sync with his boyfriend, all through the fact of being a zombie. This book focuses on questions like, “Can zombies evacuate bowels?”

7. Breathers: A Zombie’s Laments

Breathers: A Zombie’s Laments

This book is written by S. G. Browne. This book is more suitable for readers who wish to have a fun book about zombies rather than a horror one. It circulates around Andy Warner who is a freshly made zombie. He is still sadly complaining about his lost life. He is still trying to look for the pros and cons of his current form and still wishes to turn back.

After being to an anonymous meeting by the zombies, Andy meets some other zombies who help him out in adapting to his conversion to a zombie. They even try to help him with the part where they have to eat the flesh of humans. It is a zombie romantic comedy and is worth at least a single read due to its interesting content.

8. The Rising

The Rising

This book is written by Brian Keene. This is quite like the conventional zombie fiction books. It revolves around a character named Jim Thurmand. He is one of the only human beings that are still living in the zombie world. He is basically the male protagonist in this book.

He has to save his young son as he is several miles away. He needs to be rescued which is why our protagonist can’t just hide while waiting for this wave of zombies to be over. With a bunch of different people, he tries to travel across the country to try saving his son. Read the book to know if he succeeds.

9. Devil’s Wake

Devil’s Wake

This book is written by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due. It is a part of a series that accommodates a lot of great books. It doesn’t just have zombies but it also keeps some aliens included in the mix to make things much fascinating than they were. It has a powerful storyline and it is quite unique as well. This book can work wonders if you like these types of novels.

This book contains a story where the aliens try to establish control over our world and their best bet to do so is by inflicting a plague upon us that turns people into zombies or zombie-like creatures. By doing so, they divide humanity and make them fight against each other so that there are lesser for them to fight against. This book basically tells the story of Terry and Kendra who have to drive in a bus over thousands of miles through such highly infected areas when the world is nearly destroyed by this plague. Read the book to know whether they make it or they turn too.

10. Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies: best zombie books

This book is written by Isaac Marion.  This is a great book to read and it has even been cinematized. Some people believe that this romantic comedy zombie book tries to rip off Romeo & Juliet by naming the character Julie and R that this book revolves around. It’s a beautiful piece of a book when it comes to love and it combines so for me really great topics with each other. It can be considered both, sweet and funny.

It is the kind of book that a lot of people like due to its lead characters’ diversity. This book accommodates the love story of a man who is a zombie that falls in love with a human being. They discover their roots together and figure out the power of true love and how it can transform an individual. It shows how this man transforms when the warmth of love thaws his heart. It definitely takes a great look into the miracles of love. It has appealed to a large amount of its audience and due to it, they have really been interested in its sequel that rolled out a short while ago.

I hope I was able to help you in finding the best zombie book for you to curl up with. These books are one of my personal favorites and each of them are quite widely appreciated by its readers. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post or comment on it. Any sort of criticism is welcome.

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