Junie B. Jones Books In Order: Meet The World’s Funniest Kindergartner

As we all know how much tough it is to develop the habit of reading in today’s world with all the technology and gadgets. The ease and luxury that the modern world provides sometimes make us forget about the traditional ways that we used to had when this world was a little more original.

Books have always provided us with an ocean of knowledge and with each turning page you get to learn something new and it is no doubt that they will ever be an important entity in human life. But the digitalization is making us forget the essence of everything. But to make sure that doesn’t happen to your little ones, you should develop the habit of reading in them since they are young.

And Barbara Park has made it really really easy for the parents with her Junie B Jones Series. The funny and adorable reading books for kids will make them fall in love with it and be ready cause you may want to buy all of them because once you read this to your kids, they would be eager to read all the stories.

Barbara Park, no doubt, is an amazing author and her kids’ book series couldn’t get better. Junie B Jones, the character she has formed for her series is full of fun and every kid will be able to relate to the silliest nuances that she goes through in her daily life. There are a total of 28 primary works, Barbara Park has ever written that involves Junie B Jones, and we have listed a glimpse of all of them in the list below.

1. Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus

Publishing Year: 1992

Junie B Jones who is yet only a kindergartner has a lot going on with her life and this time it is the stupid smelly bus that has made her day worse. This is her first day as a kindergartner but guesses she is too afraid to step on the bus. The reason you ask? It’s a smelly school bus filled with meanies. She gets so scared of it that she decides to stay at school when it’s time to board the school and go home.

2. Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business

Publishing Year: 1993

The lovely kid is again having a hard day. I mean gee, give her a break already. This time the thought that has been troubling Junie B Jones is that her brother is actually a monkey. Junie has a newborn brother but she mistook him for a baby monkey for god knows what reason. But that’s not important is, the important question is, do you want to have a fun read? Because if the answer is yes, then this book is totally for you.

3. Junie B Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth

Publishing Year: 1993

Junie is too young for feeling Monday morning blues but that reason is not enough to stop her from having one. Well, as you would know she is too young for a job too, but she has that as well. Because that’s what she told her classmates. And not just any job but the best of all.
But she is in for big trouble. She also got into trouble already for the shooting of her mouth in kindergarten. What this week is going to bring next?

4. Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying

Publishing Year: 1994

Having sneaky feet sure makes you a great spy and if you don’t believe me, you should probably ask Junie B Jones because she has them. She also doesn’t have a nose that whistles and that makes her the bestest spier in the whole world because what else do you need for the job? But even the greatest spy in the world can not escape the consequences of sneaking and peeking Mrs…

5. Junie B Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake

Publishing Year: 1995

Fruitcakes, delicacy wrapped with nutrients of fruits. But too bad Junie B Jones doesn’t find them good. In fact, she finds them yucky blucky. When on Carnival Night, Lucille wins a box of fluffy cupcakes with sprinkles, Junie is eager to get something too.

But when she gets the chance to win the cakewalk, she chooses the prettiest of all, a cake wrapped in aluminum foil, but only to find out that it is something she despises the most. Any guesses? Yup, its the yucky blucky fruitcake.

6. Junie B Jones and That Meanie Jim’s Birthday

Publishing Year: 1996

The meanie Jim is being a trouble for our Junie B Jones. He has invited everybody to his birthday party except Junie. As you would expect, she is furious about it and is really to avenge, but she is torn between two choices, whether she should have her own birthday party six months earlier and not invite Jim, cause that will teach him a lesson or she should move to It’s a Small World After All in Disneyland.

7. Junie B Jones Loves Handsome Warren

Publishing Year: 1996

Oh well, who doesn’t have crushes, and despite being in a kindergarten, Junie has her eye on a boy. There is a newbie in her class and Junie finds her really handsome. In fact, she thinks that he is the most handsome guy she has ever seen. But like her, other girls like Lucille and Grace also have their eyes on him.

They are eager to make him their boyfriend and so is Junie. But the boy thinks that Junie is a nutball because she is always so ecstatic and laughs all the time. Who knew being happy was such a turnoff. Anyway, the real issue here is, how is Junie ever going to get that boy to love her.

8. Junie B Jones Has A Monster Under Her Bed

Publishing Year: 1997

We were all afraid of the monster under our bed for quite a long time and so is Junie B Jones. But she is a little smarter than everyone else, we got to give her that because she knows that there is no such thing. But everything changes when she discovers the monster drool on her pillow. Her whole belief system is shaken.

Now she is left with just one thought, what if her friends are right? What if the monsters under the bed do exist? Now she is scared at every step when she goes to sleep. Just hope the monster doesn’t get to her.

9. Junie B Jones Is Not A Crook

Publishing Year: 1997

The missing mittens of Junie B Jones are lost, and she is tired of searching them, Finally, she decides to look in the lost and found box. The lost and found box proves to be a real treasure for the little kid. She doesn’t find her missing mittens in the box but what she did found fascinated her evermore. It was a wonderful pen but should she keep her or would it be so wrong? Does that make her a criminal?

10. Junie B Jones Is a Party Animal

Publishing Year: 1997

Well, what else did you expect from such a fun kid? Her friend Lucille is having a sleepover and that too in a giant house of her rich Nanna. She has invited Grace and Junie B to her house and both the girls are a little too excited to see all the rick stuff in the giant house.

But everything is not so easy for Junie B Jones. She is living her dream in the giant rich house but with such a fun sleepover what could possibly go wrong.

11. Junie B Jones Is A Beauty Shop Guy

Publishing Year: 1998

The expectations of Junie B Jones from her life is very limited. She just wants to get the best job in the world. But would that be, you ask? Well, for Junie B it is the job of a beauty shop guy. And that’s what she aspires to be. But how can she be one without having any practice or experience? Well, she got to get her hands on it first.

Now it is the time to pick up volunteers, but who would that be, we have already chosen bunny slippers and the pet dog, what next? Herself? Well, this is one of the sacrifices that you have to do to get your dream job.

12. Junie B Jones Smells Something Fishy

Publishing Year: 1998

What kind of school organizes a pet day but restrict the dogs? The answer is Junie B’s school. Junie B Jones can’t her dog to the school for pet day so she asks mommy and daddy for a new pet but they refused. But that doesn’t stop her from getting one on her own. What would make a good pet? A jar of ants? wiggly worms? guess you will find out in the book.

13. Junie B Jones is (Almost) A Flower Girl

Publishing Year: 1999

It’s wedding time! Her aunt Flo is getting married and she is really happy for her. She finally got the chance to show everyone that she is finally a grown-up. But unfortunately, she can’t be the flower girl because her aunt Flo has picked someone else for the job, now how will she show everyone that she is a grown-up. But she is sure that she will find a way to do that and she did. Find out about it in the book.

14. Junie B Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime

Publishing Year: 1999

February 14, is the lovers’ day, Valentine’s day! and the big day is just around the corner. Junie B Jones is really excited for the day and can’t wait to see all the valentimes she will get. No that is not a spelling mistake, this is what she calls it.
But her Valentime just got better because guess what she has received a card from a secret admirer. And who is this secret mystery guy? Well, Junie B Jones is equally ecstatic to know about him.

15. Junie B Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket

Publishing Year: 2000

The school year is about to end and Junie B Jones’s class is off to a field trip to a farm. Junie is really enjoying her time at the farm as there are a lot of fun things to do at the farm. First of she got to meet a real farmer for the first time. And Apart from that, she will also get to meet the animals that she can pet.

But the only problem is Junie B Jones doesn’t want to go home empty-handed but the gift shop is nowhere to find.

16. Junie B Jones Is Captain Field Day

Publishing Year: 2001

The kindergartner is having a field day again and Room Nine has decided to make Junie B their Team Captain. But Room eight is the real issue here. Room Eight has been been the events of the field day for many years and this year Junie B Jones is ready to put all her energy into making Room Nine win.

She is dedicated to make her friends the champions but how will she do that. She is the captain field day so she will have to find a way to motivate her team and lead them towards winning.

17. Junie B Jones Is A Graduation Girl

Publishing Year: 2001

It’s Kindergarten graduation and Junie B Jones is thrilled as so is her friends. The whole room nine just can’t wait to put their bright white graduation gowns on. Mrs. insisted that all of their attire should be kept safely in a box until the big day comes.

But Junie B Jones is too excited to even listen to what she is saying. This leads to an accident with the gown. Junie B Jones is now afraid that everyone is going to know what she did, but not unless she fixes things. Now the real question is how will she do it? And if not will everyone else will be able to see her spotty dotty disaster?

18. Junie B, First Grader (At Last)

Publishing Year: 2001

The 18th book by Barbara Park off the series featuring Junie B Jones shows her in a brand new class. She is not a kindergartner anymore and the temperamental heroine is going to make some new friends in the class. But there was Mr. Scary to create a problem.

Mr. Scary decides that Junie B Jones needs a new glass pair but how could he say that. What if other kids laugh at her and nobody would like to be her friend? Our Junie wouldn’t want that. How you can be so cruel to such a nice kid! Well, if that was not enough Excellent-plus-getting May is getting more and more obnoxious.

19. Junie B, First Grader: Boss of Lunch

Publishing Year: 2002

Junie B can’t wait to help in the school cafeteria and this is something that is happening to Junie for the first time and she is just ecstatic. The kitchen lady, Mrs. Gutzman is her friend and Junie can’t wait to hang out with her. She will get to work behind the counter and she likes how the tables have been turned.

Even the hair net excites her. Well, the day isn’t even started yet and our drama queen is already dreaming about how it would be like to be the boss of this entire school cafeteria.

20. Junie B, First Grader: Toothless Wonder

Publishing Year: 2002

Well, you know the struggles of growing up, it is not easy. There comes a phase in our life when we loose teeth. And this is happening to Junie B, her top front teeth are loose. But with this new development in the story, Junie B is not thrilled.

She is afraid that she will look like the toothless Uncle Lou and she wouldn’t want that. Apart from this, she is also dead curious about this tooth fairy lady? I mean who is she? And what does she chose her profession to be the collector of little kid’s teeth? And what will she do with it? The questions are too many and her mind is going to explode.

21. Cheater Pants

Publishing Year: 2001

What it is to be a cheater and not know it? Well, ask Junie B because she knows it, or not. Well, you are going to understand while reading the story. When it comes to cheating, the little Junie has all the answers but no matter what is your response to it, it is just plain wrong.

Junie wants to copy the homework of her friend but that is not cheating, right? Because cheating can only take place when there is a test. And if her friend shares some answers that Junie didn’t ask for, it doesn’t make her a cheater. Right?

22. Junie B, First Grader: One- Man Band

Publishing Year: 2003

The 22nd installment of Junie B Jones book features a kickball tournament. And we all know what sort of the champion our Junie is, but unfortunately, she has hurt her big piggy toe and now she can’t play on the team. So what will happen next? She has to be a part of it in some way or another.

She doesn’t want to be a cheerleader, that is just not her style. She wants all the attention on her so she decides that she could be in Sheldon’s halftime show! She just can’t wait to have all eyes on her. But she is Junie B, and something is about to go wrong with this plan.

23. Junie B, First Grader: Shipwrecked

Publishing Year: 2004

Junie B and her classmates are preparing for Columbus day play. Junie has grabbed the role of Pinta and her arch-enemy, May is going to play Santa Maria of Columbus’s fleet. And this has started a feud between them. Besides this, there is a virus that is soon spreading the class, and with all these on-going problems, how will they make the play successful?

24. Junie B, First Grader: Boo…and I Mean It!

Publishing Year: 2004

It’s Halloween! And to your surprise, our little drama queen, Junie B is afraid, she is afraid of the scary costumes, she is afraid to go trick or treating and she is afraid of the Halloween day altogether. Because what if witches and monsters are real? And what will happen when the sharp teeth on the pumpkin eat your feet? Also, there is a candy corn problem that she can’t even begin to talk about.

All these horrible things are happening and how she is expected to enjoy Halloween. The scary holiday is getting a little better with the help of an idea from a friend and she is ready to outscare everyone with the creepiest costume of all.

25. Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (P. S. So Does May)

Publishing Year: 2005

Ho Ho Ho! It’s the holidays and Christmas is finally here and everybody is so happy and enthusiastic during Christmas. There is a lot to celebrate and lots of fun to do. Room One in which Junie B Jones studies are making the elf costumes and singing joyful songs. But the evil May is at it again, she is on to something and wants to ruin the holidays of Junie B Jones.

When its time to play Secret Santa, Junie B Jones gets stuck with the evil May and this gives her arch-enemy the perfect opportunity to ruin Junie’s holidays. But what seems to be the perfect opportunity for May turned out to the perfect opportunity for Junie to teach her a lesson, which you are going to find out in the book.

26. Junie B, First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!

Publishing Year: 2006

It’s vacation time and Junie B Jones and her family is going on a trip, guess where? It’s Hawaii! and Mr. Scary, yeah the same man who made Junie a subject of mockery in her class for suggesting her to get glasses turns out to be not-so-evil as he has given her a camera to take the pictures of Hawaii and keep a photo journal. But it is not always easy to take the pictures and that’s what ohotograobers are for.

There is a lot that could happen when you are clicking pctures. What if the inner tube unfortunate incident happens at the swimming pool and what will happen if a tropical bird is tangled in her hair? How her photo journal will turn out to be? And will that ruin her whole trip bad?

27. Junie B, First Grader: Dumb Bunny

Publishing Year: 2007

The world’s funniest Kindergartner’s new adventure includes the easter egg-stravaganza. This installment of the series features the easter egg hunt that is happening at Lucille’s house and she has a rich expensive mansion that just makes the whole experience better. And even the prize is pretty exciting too. Whoever wins the easter-egg hunt will get to be at a play date to swim with Lucille in her heated indoor swimming pool.

But here comes the problem, well, obviously there is. Junie B Jones is tuck with a big dumb bunny suit. The suit is making her constantly trip over so how she could possibly succeed at the egg hunt? What good can come out of this well, that is not guaranteed but fun is definitely in the cards.

28. Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved (and Eaten and Other Thankful Stuff)

Junie B Jones is getting ready for Thanksgiving along with her classmates. The thanksgiving feast also involves a contest to see who is able to write the best thankful list. And whoever wins this contest is going to get the pumpkin pie. But who knew being thankful is such a tough task. Because there is one person in her class to which she is not thankful for at all and you know who.

Along with that she is not thankful for the scratchy pilgrim costumes, squash, and even the pumpkin pie makes her vomit. But she needs to save this day from becoming a Turkey Day disaster. And how will that happen? Will Junie B and May will find their common ground and make Room One win the contest, guess you will find that out in this final installment of Junie B Jones series.


The first-ever book written by Barbara Park about Junie B Jones proved to be her groundbreaking work. And since her first release, everything knew this was going to be phenomenal. The character that she created for her series is absolutely hilarious and lovable. The Junie B Jones series is a must addition in your kids’ reading shelf and I am sure they will enjoy it more than their favorite toys.

The series by Barbara Park has kept kids laughing for twenty years and sold 65 million copies all over the world. The book series proved to be successful worldwide and gifted us with a very special character who we will definitely not forget. There are 28 books in her series featuring Junie B Jones and all of them are listed here. This article will provide you the glimpse of the book so that you can know what you are getting yourself into.

It is the best thing that you can get for your kids to develop the habit of reading in the and they also teach them very valuable lessons through a funny and entertaining story. Do let us know how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, they are welcome in the comment section below.

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