Book Series Written By Christopher Pike In The Order They Should Be Read

Christopher Pike is a great author whose actual name is Kevin Christopher McFadden. He was a college dropout yet his brilliance was remarkable. He started off by trying to write adult mystery and science fiction books but was later advised by a critic to go for children and young adult novels.

The list of his works is remarkably long and all his work seems like pure art with just the best storyline presentable. Although his first book in 1985 was his very first attempt at a novel for young adults it gained him great popularity at the time itself which was a pretty big deal to him as well as his friends. He has written a lot of great books and wonderful series as well which still appeal to the readers.

Christopher Pike Books in Sequence

Chain Letter

This series is the very first series written by Christopher Pike which clearly marks his entry into this because he has certainly written a lot of book series as such. The book series is based on letters that have to be passed in a Chain between a group of friends who witnessed a person run over in the desert and they just buried him.

The letters have a particular task listed in them and they are all addressed by someone known as “the caretaker”. Once the receiver finishes the given task, they have to pass it on to the next person listed in it. And everything was away from the supernatural in the first book but the second book really gets interesting as the caretaker leaving letters till now dies and the new caretaker is an evil supernatural entity who kills any person that doesn’t complete the given task.

Chain Letter (1986)

The Ancient Evil (1992)

Final Friends

This is a great series for people who are interested in books on murder mystery books because this is based on it. It revolves around a murderer who is killing people one by one in the same circle. The series starts off with the staring of the school year and the girls throw a party to get to know everyone but some uninvited guest arrives due to which someone might not be leaving the party alive.

After the death, since there was no clue of who did it and why, it is announced as a suicide but things take a darker turn from then. The group of friends of Jessica Hart is convinced that there is a killer on the loose with them on the scope and that turns out to be true. Now they thought that the homecoming dance is safe but it turns out that it isn’t and neither is their graduation which hangs the readers by a thread to read through the three books included in the series.

The Party (1988)

The Dance (1988)

 The Graduation (1989)

Remember Me

This series has it all and if you are looking for an innovative and insightful book that has the fun of a great number of genres and is definitely one that would rock the reader to the core. It revolves around the murder of a girl named Shari who falls off the balcony from the fourth floor and her friends believe that it wasn’t murder as she fell off herself.

And since she’s dead, she has no other way to reach out to her friends in the living world than an Ouija board. But soon she figures out that there is another entity trying to communicate with them which blocks her chances again leading her to try another alternative, which was contacting them through their dreams. Shari has to try a lot to go through to her friends in order to stop her murderer from killing someone else.

Remember Me (1989)

The Return (1994)

The Last Story (1995)

Last Vampire

The series is about a vampire named Alisa Perne who is the last of her kind. At least it starts by her being alone in the series as she hunts and stays alive amongst humans. Everything seems to be going great until there seems to be a problem that will affect the life of the mortal she is in love with. She has to go through a lot of struggles to survive in the mortal world.

There are times in the series when people set out to trap Alisa and her partner to experiment on their blood so that they can be duplicated and she even discovers people of her own kind in one of the books where they witness horrific murders. She even turns human but turns pregnant and gives birth to a girl who is a kind of a monster and then by the end of the series, the readers will be thrilled and would be wanting more of Alisa and her tale.

The Last Vampire (1994)

Black Blood (1994)

Red Dice (1995)

Phantom (1996)

Evil Thirst (1996)

Creatures of Forever (1996)


The title of this series obviously provides a clear hint into what it seems to be based on. It is a series of unexplainable and supernatural happenings that occur around a group of five young residents from a small town in the United States of America. Each book brings something different to the series and definitely have an exciting turn of events.

The series is made for a younger audience but it still has some violence in it which makes it inappropriate to be read by younger children. I didn’t find all the books very fascinating but most of them are great ones to read through. It exhibits how this group of five you citizens handle the mysterious occurrences and keep up their courage throughout all the situations. The author has tried to cover everything from time travel and intra-dimensional travel to extraterrestrial life which makes the series even more interesting.

The Secret Path (1995)

The Howling Ghost (1995)

The Haunted Cave (1995)

Aliens in the Sky (1996)

The Cold People (1996)

The Witch’s Revenge (1996)

The Dark Corner (1996)

Pan’s Realm (1996)

The Wishing Stone (1996)

The Wicked Cat (1996)

The Deadly Past (1996)

The Hidden Beast (1996)

The Evil House (1997)

The Invasion on the No-ones (1997)

Time Terror (1997)

The Thing in the Closet (1997)

The Attack of the Killer Crabs (1997)

Night of the Vampire (1997)

The Dangerous Quest (1997)

Return of Dead (1997)

The Creepy Creature (1997)

Alien Invasion (1997)

The Attack of the Giant Crabs (1997)

Phone Fear (1998)

The Witch’s Gift (1998)

Alosha Trilogy

This series revolves around a girl named Ali Warner who is a normal human being but soon while hiking through the woods at the back of her house, she finds out a secret place and an attack on Earth that is meant to be stopped by Ali. Along the way, Ali finds out that she has several powers that are incomparable to any normal human being and she goes through seven tests to reclaim her powers.

After saving the planet from an invasion by the elves, she figures out that she is the queen of fairies and she has a kingdom that she has to look for. After gaining control of that kingdom that can’t even be controlled by elementals themselves, she tries to look for her mother in the elemental world and killing the Shaktra becomes a major goal as her world is threatened to destruction. The only way to save her world is the Yanti and this completes the amazing plot of the series that has blown the minds of a number of readers.

Alosha (2004)

The Shaktra (2005)

The Yanti (2006)

Thirst Omnibus Editions

This series is basically based on the Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike himself and seems to be a continuation of the franchise. It all starts with the introduction of the previous books and then steers into a new story to be told. The first two books cover the story of the six books in the Last Vampire series which is done in a group of three in each book.

Then the author starts to introduce the story ahead where he first introduces the living descendant of Alisa’s human family and how she is in trouble so she tries to protect her and then the experiences if Alisa in the body of a newborn vampire which makes it pretty interesting leading up to a couple of stories after the end of the Last Vampire series and are definitely the kind of books to get your hands on.

Thirst No. 1 (2009)

Thirst No. 2 (2010)

Thirst No. 3 (2010)

Thirst No. 4 (2011)

Thirst No. 5 (2013)

Thirst Box (2013)

Witch World

This is the most recent series presented by Christopher Pike and it revolves around a world where witches are a reality. This world is found out by the female protagonist of our book when she is out for a vacation to Las Vegas and stuck with her ex-boyfriend in the car who wants her back and is finally ready to provide her closure on their breakup.

She then finds a charming man in Las Vegas who teaches her about gambling while he always wins. Curious to know his secret, Jessie goes up to his room along with him where he introduces her to a new world where people can do the most incredible things and it all surprises her. While later in the second book of the series, she finds out that there is more to the world than witches and there is still a lot that she doesn’t know about.

Red Queen (2012)

Black Knight (2014)

This is a list of all the book series written by Christopher Pike in the order that they should be read and I hope it was exactly what you were looking for. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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