Brad Thor Books In Order: The Complete Scot Harvath Series by the Author

Brad Thor, the American writer who has not only gained recognition in the United States but all over the world. He was born to be a writer and picked up writing at a very young age. When other kids were learning to read a book, Brad Thor was on his way to write one. His interest and passion for writing are deep-rooted and he was gifted with this talent since his birth.

Brad Thor was destined to be a novelist and when he became one, he was on the New York Times bestseller list in no time and his books one after the other continued to top the list back to back. His famous Scot Harvath Series concerns a former Navy Seal who is serving as a secret service agent.

Through his infamous story, you will acknowledge the different missions Scot Harvath goes through and how he manages to be successful in each one of them. However, the journey is not so easy and there are some dangers that he has to face. Each of his novels unravels a hidden mystery behind him.

With Jack Bauer’s brawn and James Bond’s charm, Scot Harvath is all set to become the ultimate warrior through Brad Thor books in order, and below we have mentioned total books from his series in order

1. The Lions of Lucerne

Publishing Year: 2002

The Lions of Lucerne marks the beginning of Brad Thor’s series of novels featuring Scot Harvath. The book introduces you with an ex-Navy seal who is now working as a secret service agent. Scot Harvath is on his mission to rescue the President who has been kidnapped when he was vacationing in Colorado.

The investigations of Harvath lead him to Switzerland where he plays the deadly chase of mouse and cat with the kidnappers who have captivated the President. The race against time gets really thrilling when they discover the hidden military fortress. But he must focus on his mission to return the President safely.

2. Path of the Assassin

Publishing Year: 2003

In order to be successful in his mission, Scot Harvath must unravel the truth and seeks the people who is behind all this planning and plotting for the kidnapping of the President. The government already wanted him terminated before even he could save the president.

Now he is following the clues to get to the man who is behind this operation. Is he some new assassin in America or is he someone who has been the part of the system all along? Harvath has enlisted all the terrorists and the survivors of the hijacking attack who can give him some insight into what the terrorists look like.

3. State of the Union

Publishing Year: 2004

A new terror has shadowed America on a cold January morning when the citizens found out that an old enemy of the nation who was thought to be dead for years has woken up from his grave and is ready to lay siege to the world’s only superpower.

After an unbelievable discovery, the President of the United States, Jack Rutledge has gathered the National Security Council but making the first idea seems like a bad idea right now. Now the President has asked Harvath to unravel this conspiracy that is shattering the peace of the nation and save the country from being in smoldering ruins.

4. Blowback

Publishing Year: 2005

Yet another a thriller book featuring Scot Harvath, with each new book, a new discovery about the secret service agent has been made. The supercharged novel that is sure to thrill discusses the race against the clock in which Harvath will try to face one of the greatest evils affecting the United States.

During his mission, Scot Harvath learns that there is a shady organization that is involved in the combing of earth, and it has been doing that for decades in order to find the deadly weapon that could be used against the country. Scot Harvath must defeat all the enemies to ensure the safety of America again.

5. Takedown

Publishing Year: 2006

4th of July is here and as everybody is aware of the significance of 4th July in American history, but there is a particular group who is planning to pull out a terrorist attack on the land of America. The domestic efforts of the country are focused on searching for the gang as well as their leader and also to rescue the public.

On the other hand, a group of foreign soldiers with extraordinary abilities are set to locate the one powerful man in America that they are trying to keep hidden. The country’s only hope is now Scot Harvath, he is dedicated towards finding the man that the United States even refuses to admit his existence.

6. The First Commandment

Publishing Year: 2007

The plot of the book is discussed in two timelines the first one is set six months ago where five detainees in the war of terror who are considered the most dangerous ones are taken away from their isolation cells and held at gunpoint. They were given the civilian clothes and the orange jumpsuits were taken away, they were also set free after being driven to the base airfield.

The present-day scenario shows that Harvath has realized that this world has changed drastically and it has become a violent version for itself. A new deadly case is at hand where a sadistic assassin is ready to make the attack but the President has asked him to stay out of this, but how will he save everyone now?

7. The Last Patriot

Publishing Year: 2008

Scot Harvath is desperately trying to leave behind the life including criminals and being a secret service agent but every time something happens that forces him into the field again and this time a car bomb has exploded outside a cafe. He has saved the person who was intended to be the victim but now he has made himself a part of a race.

Now he is out there to uncover a powerful secret that is going to change everything. The secret could defeat militant Islam without carrying out any violent operation.

8. The Apostle

Publishing Year: 2009

The eighth edition in the Scot Harvath series comes with a new approach and new administration. The enemies of the United States has left the counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath without a job. Doctor Julia Gallo has been kidnapped in Afghanistan and the ransom that the terrorists are demanding has left the President with only one option.

The President has appointed Scot Harvath to be the in-charge of the operation and to return the doctor safely. Scot Harvath finds himself evaluating his career choices and ask himself if he really wants to continue with this.

9. Foreign Influence

Publishing Year: 2010

The New York Times Bestselling book by the author Brad Thor is another addition to the Scot Harvath series. The introduces the formation of a new spy agency which was once buried within the black ops budgets. The agency only reports to the secret panel of military insiders.

Scot Harvath has just returned from his mission in Rome when a bombing has killed a group of American students and it is someone that Scot knows from his past and used to work with. Now he is being recruited as a field operative.

10. Full Black

Publishing Year: 2011

An intricately laid plan to destroy the United States is set in motion when Thomas Carver Banks, who is the former president has been appointed as the secretary general. Now the government is forced to activate a top secret plan known as ‘Main Core’ after this sting of multinational emergencies.

Main Core has a list of Americans that are considered to be too dangerous to just roam around freely and on the top of the list is, any guesses? Yes, it’s Scot Harvath.

11. Black List

Publishing Year: 2012

The Black List is a deadly list that is deep in the records of the United States Government. Nobody has access to the lost, not even the congressmen, the only person to see the list is the President. The members include in that list are so dangerous that they shouldn’t be allowed to roam around freely and once you are on the list, it is impossible to get off unless you are dead.

Now somebody has added, Scot Harvath’s name on the list who is counterterrorism operative. Now he is desperate to know who framed him for treason and why they want him dead.

12. Hidden Order

Publishing Year: 2013

The international bestseller book, Hidden Order returns with another action-packed thriller. A real powerful organization is being run without the accountability of Americans. The organization is the most secretive and it has been hidden for too long. Though the organization pretends to the part of the United States but it is not.

Now the control is lost and the future is under dark. A group of five candidates is being considered as the head of these operations and they have gone missing now Scot Harvath is ready to play again the most dangerous chase of cat and mouse.

13. Act of War

Publishing Year: 2014

A CIA Agent has died mysteriously while being overseas and now a very terrifying claim has been surfaces as his top asset. But nobody knows if she can be trusted. Now the United States is in danger and they could soon be facing a devastating attack.

The new President of America soon should turn to Scot Harvath to carry out two of the most dangerous missions in America that will be remembered in the American history.

14. Code of Conduct

Publishing Year: 2015

A very strong secret is hidden deep within the most powerful organizations in the world. The secret committee has a devastating agenda and it is going to destroy America with its plan. A video of four seconds has been captured containing the evidences and it has been sent to the D.C.

All of these events have forced Scot Harvath to carry out the most dangerous mission in his career. The mission will prove to be the deadliest one he has ever been through but he is no other option other than to be successful in this.

15. Foreign Agent

Publishing Year: 2016

Brad Thor returns with another addition to the Scot Harvath series. The New York Times bestselling novel has gained internation recognition and acclaim. Being a former Navy SEAL and having an extensive experience in espionage, he is the perfect fit for the CIA and has all the requirements that they are looking for.

On the other hand, Russian Caucasus has their very own kind of operative, Sacha Baseyev. He has gone through some terrible incidents while being a kind and now he has only one reason to breathe, to kill.

16. Use of Force

Publishing Year: 2017

There is news of a spectacular attack that everyone was fearing off since summer and now a dead body is found at the Mediterranean Sea, which brought to the shore by the waves. The body is identified to be of a high-value terrorism suspect. Now everybody is afraid that what his intentions were and where he has been headed.

The CIA is desperate to get the answers and they have turned to Scot Harvath as an unorthodox source to get answers. Scot will have to break every rule along the way to find the answers that they have been looking for.

17. Spymaster

Publishing Year: 2018

The Spymaster will introduce you with an all new Scot Harvath, the more deadly, dangerous and cunning than before. Now the mentor of Scot Harvath is out of the game and he is forced to take the role that he is been avoiding for ever. But one thing he is definitely going to do, now he is going to play by his own rules and rewrite each one of them.

He already has a new mission at hand, a secret organization in Europe has been attacking diplomats and Scot Harvath will have to take the situation in control before its too late.

18. Backlash

Publishing Year: 2019

The final addition to the Scot Harvath series by Brad Thor yet is Backlash. The book features the stories of men who are struck from the shadows and the death is out of reach for them. The fearless men are considered as part angel and part demon, And once you have crossed them in your life, there is no crossing back.

They are military operatives, intelligence agents, and assassin who are highly prized but there is one man, who is all three. The same man has been crossed badly some time ago and now Scot Harvath must find his way out who is been surrounded by his enemy and is very far from home.


The critically acclaimed series by Brad Thor featuring Scot Harvath gained international recognition for its excellence. The article features all of his book in order and each one is too precious to miss out on. The suspense thriller books with action packed events is your perfect choice if you want are a fan of the genre.

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