10 Incredible Books Like Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson has been a great series over the past decade and is still attracting followers from all over the world. It doesn’t stop and neither do we want it to. Moreover, the series is great as Rick Riordan, the author of this series has built this book quite well that any reader would appreciate it even though a quick read and no doubt his books are great as he knows exactly what the audience wants.

Any and every reader loves to check out books that are similar as once we are off a book, we are so obsessed with it that we need more books of the same type and we might even stay in a bad mood if we don’t figure a similar book out. And on top of that, Percy Jackson has grown huge due to its young characters with unimaginable superpowers which is why we love such books even more.

Adventure and mystery books are obviously great but when they have an added twist of superpowers and strength, it just becomes unbeatable. This is why I have prepared a list of books like Percy Jackson and you can read them if you need something to read after Percy Jackson.

10 Books Like Percy Jackson

#1. The Fog Diver

This book is written by Joel Ross. It has a great storyline and it definitely deserves to be on top of the list. I admit this confidently as I’ve read through this book a couple of times and the very first time I did it, I went through it in a day due to my own excitement. The book is worth at least one read.

It revolves around a world where a deadly fog has taken over and covers almost all of the planet Earth. The people live high in the mountains. There is a boy named Chess who has fog in his eyes and he has an ability to survive the fog. He tries to scavenge past goods by diving off a boat that’s floating. They wish to save their adoptive mother, from a fog sickness that she is suffering from.

But simultaneously, Lord Kodoc wishes to look for Chess as he desires his abilities and fears them as well. It may seem a bit boring at first but once you get into it, the story will entrap you into a trance that will make you forget your current reality.

#2. Vengekeep Prophecies

This book is written by Brian Farrey. It revolves around a family of thieves. During a trick, something goes terribly wrong and magical misfortune drains through the city. This is when the eldest son of this family of thieves sets off on an adventure to get the essential ingredient for counteracting the spell.

The name of this son is Jaxter Grimjinx. His character is pretty great along with a lot of other interesting ones. It is a magical book with a lot of suspense and wonderful moments and is a part of a trilogy that just can’t be missed.

#3. The Island of Dr. Libris

This book is written by Chris Grabenstein. It has a kid named Billy who will be spending his summer with his mother. Billy keeps exploring the library of Dr. Libris, while his mother is working on her dissertation as they have rented a house from Dr. Libris.

Soon some magical things start occurring, as he starts to hear books who seem like they have come to life. Soon he rows out to a magical and mysterious island where a lot of crazy characters come to life as a consequence of a bizarre experiment of Dr. Libris. Quite a nice book for loosening up.

#4. The Apothecary

This book is written by Maile Meloy. The book is set up in the mid-20th century against the backdrop of the cold war. A 14-year-old named Janie makes friends with Benjamin who is the son of a mysterious apothecary. Benjamin wishes to be a spy and drags Janie along by enlisting him as well.

After the disappearance of Benjamin’s father, they both get caught as convicts for stealing a magical book named Pharmacopoeia. This brilliant book involves great plot twists and a lot of fun elements that grab the attention of readers. It is a part of a series that is really enjoyed by a number of readers

#5. Al Capone Does My Shirts

This book is written by Gennifer Choldenko. This is a part of a series and unlike other books on the list, it doesn’t have any fantasy elements included in it like magic, any different creatures or even an alternate universe. But it is still more fun than most magical books out there.

This book revolves around a moose who is 12 years old and his family who all move to Alcatraz after a job opportunity is awarded to his father in 1935. The older sister of the Moose is autistic and their mother wishes to get her into a school for special children. Simultaneously, Moose is involved in a couple of crazy money-making schemes. The book provides a taste of reality along with unparalleled humor.

#6. Saving Lucas Biggs

This book is written by Marisa De Los Santo and David Teague. It contains a storyline of historical fiction along with somewhat magic included in it. It revolves around the family of a girl named Margaret, whose family can time travel in secret. But Margaret is asked to refrain from using her father and she makes a promise that she wouldn’t use them.

But when her father is sent to jail by unfair means, she breaks the promise. Margaret travels back to the year 1938 where the local mining corporation used to exploit the workers which is why a union movement was starting to rise up. She wishes to change some events of the life of Lucas Biggs who went on to become a heartless judge to sentence her father into death.

#7. Holes

This book is written by Louis Sachar. It revolves around a boy named Stanley, who is sent to a detention camp for boys. In this camp, boys are asked to dig holes of 5 feet all through the day which they believe can build their character and somehow reform their ways.

But eventually, the boys realize that the warden of the center, who used to wear the rattlesnake nail polish was making a fool out of them and using them to find a treasure that was buried a long time ago. This is when things take an interesting turn.

#8. Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier

This book is written by Ying Chang and Vinson Compestine. It is set in the time of Maoist China in 1970. It revolves around a young boy of 13 years, named Ming, who lives with his family in a remote village. What’s interesting in this book is that the local farmers dig out a terracotta statue, which later comes to life and starts communicating with Ming.

The statue helps Ming to find out a plot to destroy Ming’s father which is when he decides to break the tomb and protect his father along with the cultural legacy of China while the Cultural Revolution was going on. This book is basically for adults as it has some political reference so it might not be understandable to children.

#9. Artemis Fowl

Books Like Percy Jackson

This book is written by Eion Colfer. This is a part of a series and is a great book to go through after Percy Jackson. It is quite well known throughout the world and has quite a lot of fan following due to the storyline. Its intriguing plots will surprise and entertain the reader without fail.

It is a science fiction series and revolves around a teenage criminal mastermind. The teenage boy starts out by appearing as an anti-hero who captures an important fairy and wishes to restore the fortune of his fairy. But it is quite obvious and predictable that things don’t run his course and he ends up in a mess.

#10. The Flame of Olympus

This book is written by Kate O’Hearn. And it has “Magical” written all over it (figuratively). As soon as we see the title, we know that magic is somewhere around the corner in this wonderful book. This is initiated in the Manhattan apartment of Emily where a winged horse named Pegasus is crashed upon their roof.

She goes into a battle along with some of her friends to save Olympus from falling. Emily teams up with a thief, a mortal boy, and a goddess to return the horse back to Olympus while trying to protect her from a government agency that wishes to perform mean experiments on it. Caught between a battle between Nirads and Roman gods, the actions of Emily are really interesting to witness.

I hope I was able to provide you with a great list of books that are similar to Percy Jackson and might pique your interest. These books are all my personal recommendations and might differ in interest amongst the different audiences. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post or drop a comment below.

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