8 Fascinating Pirate Books To Tickle Your Fancy

The life of a pirate is somehow the greatest as they can be free and may wander the high seas without any boundaries. It is just great to read such books as they promote our own freedom and makes us feel something new if we haven’t read a lot of such books yet. These books have a much different and unique storyline to accommodate all the pirate stuff.

The books that include anything about pirates have great content and a lot of sub-genres included. They are adventurous, sea-based, action-packed and what not. This is why we all love such books so much that we just can’t have enough of it. There are a lot of such books that are based on pirates and might make the reader fall in love with a pirate’s life.

8 Awesome Books on Pirates

#1. Pirate Latitudes

This book is written by Michael Crichton. Sadly it was released after the death of the author but it feels kind of a tribute to the author that his work has outlived him. Readers have really loved this book worldwide and it has been almost as appreciated as his Jurassic Park.

This fictional book revolves around a pirate Captain who goes by the name Charles Hunter and is set in the 18th century. He has a quest of raiding a Spanish galleon named El Trinidad to get the treasures contained in there. The plot has nice twists and would be lovely to read. There have also been talking of a movie adaptation of this novel by Steven Spielberg but there haven’t been any updates on the topic for a long time.

#2. Pirate Alley

This book is written by Stephen Coonts. It is quite a nice book that has a realistic way of progression. It revolves around the crew as well as passengers of a vacation cruise which is quite luxury and some of the wealthiest people are on the ship but soon they witness that the ship gets attacked by Somali pirates and later eventually captured.

These pirates have been looking for a ransom of $200 million which is what they ask for and threaten to kill everyone who is on the ship if their demands are not met. But that is not it, there is a more horrible and dangerous plot in motion. The book might give you chills as you head forward towards the end.

#3. The Island

This book is written by Peter Benchley. The author is most famous for his book named “Jaws” which was cinematized and attracted a lot of fan following. But that wasn’t his only book based on water, this is another book that accommodates the sea.

It revolves around a journalist in New York City who wishes to write a story discussing the mysteries that are linked to the Bermuda triangle because he wishes to find an explanation to the disappearances that occur over there. The journalist then takes his son on an unexpected vacation at the island chain of Turks and Caicos.

The father and son duo gets captured by pirates on the island and these pirates have always been avoiding the discovery of their hideout. Both of them need to escape in order from the grasp of the pirates as they don’t know the consequences yet.

#4. On Stranger Tides

This book is written by Tim Powers and I think everyone reading this obviously knew that it would make it to this list. This list would’ve been empty if the book that inspired the fourth movie of the pirates of the Caribbean franchise wasn’t on it.

It revolves around a character named John Chandnac, who is out on his mission for vengeance and is somehow forced to be on a pirate crew. He tries to change his name to Jack Shandy and has a play to try stopping a mad Oxford professor at his plans. The book is absolute perfection which is quite evident from its fan following and I think it was brilliant in accommodating black magic into the pirate movie.

#5. Pirate Spirit

This book is written by Jeffery Williams. It revolves around a real pirate, Anne Bonney, who roamed the Carolinas, Ireland and Caribbean waters around the 18th century. These pirates soon came to be amongst the most notorious pirates in history as females.

This book isn’t just a fictional novel but rather contains the stories from the actual life of this pirate. It even has accounts of her relationships and a lot more about her life. This paints a positive picture of the pirate which might seem untrue to a lot of its readers but it is still a nice book to get your hands on if you wish to learn more about pirate history.

#6. Captain Blood

This book is written by Rafael Sabatini. The author was brilliant and I think the book would’ve worked even better than it actually did if he would’ve tried a sequel of the book to start some kind of a storyline. The thing that attracts me the most about this book is its title. It somehow advertises the raw and powerful adventure that we might go through while reading this book.

It revolves around an Irish physician named Peter Blood, who is an honest man and gets charged with treason for treating the rebels that were injured. After he escapes his imprisonment along with some convict-slaves, they together take on a Spanish ship and become one of the most successful and powerful pirates in history. Their tale is legendary and would definitely rock the time of its reader.

#7. The Pirate Hunter

This book is written by Richard Zacks. It is more about pirate history than black magic so if you aren’t looking for that, then this might not be the book for you. It revolves around the great Captain Kidd who was known to be on the most ruthless American buccaneers.

They buried a huge number of treasure chests all through the eastern seaboard. It is not just a book, it is a great piece of work that accommodates one of the most powerful pirates in American history. This book contains accounts and stories from the life of this pirate.

#8. Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean: The Adventurous Life of Captain Woodes Rogers

This book is written by David Cordingly. It is one of the best novels on pirate history and it revolves around an actual pirate just like a few other books on this list. The author is very skilled in writing such books so if you feel like your heart has been stolen from your chest while reading some of his books, don’t be surprised.

The book revolves around the story of Woodes Rogers who was a great sea captain. It contains detailed accounts of his battles with real pirates from the Caribbean Sea and if you don’t get to read them, your life might be emptier than you think it can ever be. Try out this tale of extreme heroism to go through the life of one of the most exciting sea captains to ever come across.

I hope I was able to provide you with a list of best books on pirates that seem really interesting and informative. These books are best as per my own perception and might differ a little, from person to person. If the content was helpful and innovative, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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