8 Books That Are Like Eragon

Now, as fantasy readers, some elements appeal to us better than others. Similarly, some books appeal to us more than others which may actually differ from person to person. But I think it is right to acknowledge that fantasy fiction books with an action element are accepted by quite a wide number of readers. This is why there are a couple of books that have become timeless favorites of fans.

One such book is Eragon and it is the part of a series named the Inheritance Cycle written by Christopher Paolini. And Eragon is basically the very first book of this series. Let’s talk about the Inheritance cycle at first and then we will get to Eragon. So basically the storyline of the series is amazing and it must be read by every dedicated reader at least once.

The story of this series revolves around a boy named Eragon who becomes a dragon rider and learns a lot more on the way. The name of his dragon is Saphira and they go through a lot of adventures together. And when we talk about the first book with the title Eragon, it is the book where he figures out what he is supposed to be and how things proceed is just amazing. This is why people actually love this book a lot and wish to read similar books to tickle their own fancy. This is why I’ve prepared this list of awesome books that resemble Eragon.

8 Good Books Like Eragon

#1. Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider: books like eragon

This book is written by Cornelia Funke. And I think that this is exactly the most similar book to Eragon that can be accessed because of its quite direct title. Eragon is also about a dragon rider and so is this one which makes it most familiar I think. Although this is more focused on young readers, I think it shouldn’t be an issue for adults in checking it out.

It revolves around a human boy named ben, a dragon obviously, and a brownie. They are on a search for a place where dragons can relocate to. This is what makes it pretty much interesting as the adventures that go forth are quite exciting even for adult readers. The dragon, Firedrake, initially lived in a hidden valley outside London but it isn’t safe anymore as humans are wishing to flood the place so he has to leave. This is why it is absolutely essential for them to find a safe place for their likes.

#2. Mistborn


This book is written by Brandon Sanderson. And this is a pretty epic read according to me because I myself was thrilled after getting through it. The book is a part of the Mistborn series which simply points towards the fact that this is the first book of the series. Also, the story put forward in the book is unlike any other. The powerful storyline would keep you latched until you complete it and I think that’s what every reader looks for.

It revolves around a boy named Kelsier who was kept in the most brutal and darkest prison of the world yet he manages to escape. Just before he almost snapped, he found out about a unique power that he possesses along with another orphan boy named Vin. They together form an alliance and join the underworld where backstabbing nobles, thieves, and all other sorts of people dwelled and enjoyed each other’s company. The main goal of these boys is to defeat the all-powerful king who is running his corrupt kingdom happily but what if they fail?

#3. The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World

The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World

This book is written by Robert Jordan. And it is also a part of a series and moreover the very first book out of it. But the one thing that you need to remember is these boos are huge. They may be as long as 800 pages apiece and you must consider the commitment you would be making when you start with this one.

And as this is the very first book, it will start with the introduction to the major character of the book like Perrin Aybara, Mat Cauthon and Rand Al’ Thor. The storyline is based on the vague concept of destiny where all these three are normal farm boys but one thing that is most important to know about them is their secret abilities. They are all destined to be somewhere big so all you must do is witness the process.

#4. The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind

This book is written by Patrick Rothfuss. And it will give you a journey that you will never forget and might excite you to your very core. This isn’t just a book, it is a literary goldmine that will keep you spellbound until you finish it completely. The way it is carried forward by the Author is remarkable and that’s the most major reason for reading it along the way.

If we talk about the basic style of the book then I might call it a fable and it is quite interesting to get into. It revolves around a boy named Kyothe who is a part of a traveling theatre crew and his parents died by the hands of some evil and dark beings. The book continues to present a powerful storyline along with its sequels which makes it pretty exciting.

#5. The Crystal Shard

The Crystal Shard

This book is written by R. A. Salvatore. And it is another exciting book to get our hands-on. Moreover, as readers, we already know the power of Salvatore of giving us exactly what we want without compromising the quality of the content and it always works out to be a masterpiece. The awesome title itself attracts the reader in, like a prey.

The book’s development over the storyline is something pretty special to see as his writing style is unique. It is quite fascinating to know that this book puts together an unlikely alliance of humans, dwarves, and elves into a story of absolute brilliance. The characters are developed gradually and it may take some time for you to get accustomed to the author’s literary style but when you do, it’ll just blow your mind.

#6. A Wizard of Earthsea

A Wizard of Earthsea

This book is written by Ursula Le Guinn. I think this is a book that just can’t be missed. I read it as a minor and I still remember the wondrous storyline as it rocked me to my core. The wonderful book may bring you to your knees as you finish it due to the concept it underlines and that is something that a lot of books may lack.

The storyline revolves around a wizard named Sparrowhawk and this wizard will someday turn out to be the greatest and most powerful wizard of all time. It tries to show us the desire of this wizard to gain knowledge and power which leads him to do some brilliantly powerful deeds. The development of the character throughout the book really puts things into perspective and that is why I would definitely recommend reading this book.

#7. The Color of Magic

The Color of Magic

This book is written by Terry Pratchett. And this is another brilliant and talented writer who has never failed to provide his readers with just the best literary workpieces ever. Although the title of the book may make you feel like it’s not what you are looking for but I assure you that it will rock your world if you liked Eragon as a book.

A lot of readers say that this fantasy comedy novel puts forward some really thought-provoking concepts and that might just be an understatement. The world portrayed in the book is supported on the back of a giant turtle and there are a lot of other curious extensions to it. It has elements like the edge of the world, an inept wizard, the tourist with walking luggage and so much more. Trying this book out won’t be such a bad idea.

#8. Gardens of the Moon

Gardens of the Moon

This book is written by Steven Eriksen. Though it is listed as the last book on this list, do not underestimate it. It will be successful in providing you some of the most interesting hours of your reading experience as it goes into an exciting storyline that keeps you latched for the entire journey. It is so great that a lot of people compare it to the great works of Tolkien and that provides huge credibility in itself.

It is the first book of the series of the Malazan Book of Fallen and has 9 other books following it. The book puts forward a dark and powerful world where warfare is always at its verge. The book continues to present an enthralling storyline with wizards, magic and other powerful and evil forces that might just be what you wanted in the first place. Its panoramic story building is what it is most appreciated for.

I hope this list of books that are similar to Eragon has helped you in choosing the next book to read. I think most of these books might excite the reader to an extent. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on our post.

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