10 Great Fractured Fairy Tales For Young Readers

Fairytales have been a part of literature for a long amount of time but fractured fairy tales are something that some of you may not have heard of. Well, they are somewhat the same as the classic fairy tales that we hear about but with a humorous approach, altering characters, and an unexpected ending.

Fractured Fairy tales are said to be more modern than the classic ones. They are designed especially for young readers for providing them with a different perspective and contrary point of view. Fractured fairy tales are written the same as the classic fairy tales but the change of literary elements.

If you are thinking about reading one, you are in for a big surprise. Fractured Fairy tales are really entertaining and are suitable for all age groups, although, they are especially for young readers, you will also enjoy reading it equally.

Below we have mentioned some of the great fractured fairy tales that you will enjoy reading.

These are selected on the basis of the reader’s experience and popularity among the users. Have a look below:

1. Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox

Author’s Name: Erin Dealy

Publishing Year: 2002

Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox: fractured fairy tales

In the book Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox, as the title suggests, a girl named Goldie locks has chickenpox. With pretty familiar characters, the author has tried to recite the story of a young girl who is been struggling with the disease. In the story, her brother teases her because she is infected with the disease and that she is not able to enjoy with her friends.

Her brother is also jealous and mad because she is been getting all the attention and gets to eat ice-cream. The book is really funny with an interesting approach.

2. The Princess and the Pizza

Author’s Name: Mary Jane and Herm Auch

Publishing Year: 2002

The Princess and the Pizza

The Princess and the Pizza is a fractured fairytale based on an all-time classic The Princess and the Pea. With the modernistic approach, the book is kind of a feminist. The book is filled with illustrations and funny elements and will end up giving you a good laugh.

The story revolves around a Princess. The princess who is searching for work to do as she is currently jobless. She then applied to become the bride of a prince who is looking for a mate. But the process is not so easy, as she will have to take part in a contest to win the Prince and the list of competitions also involves a cooking contest.

3. The Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark

Author’s Name: Ken Geist

Publishing Year: 2007

The Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark

The Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark is a fractured fairytale based on the novel The three little pigs told with an under-the-sea experience. The book, however, is less violent than the original one. As in the original one, the two pigs die and the third one survives using his wit and by tricking the wolf.

In the fractured fairytale version, no one will die or eat anyone. It is a funny book that uses a different approach to tell the story. The story is about the three little fishes whose mama tells them to build the home. The big bad shark is there to destroy it and the rest of the story is just to see who will be able to make it.

4. Little Red Riding Hood- A Newfangled Prairie Tale

Author’s Name: Lisa Campbell

Publishing Year: 2005

Little Red Riding Hood- A Newfangled Prairie Tale

Everyone has heard of the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, well, it is time to add some humor in the story and turn it into a fractured fairytale with this newfangled prairie tale. The Grandma in the story is a real hero of the book. The book features a really strong characterization of the grandmother who is independent, brave and also compassionate.

Unlike the original version, in this book, Grandma is the one who doesn’t need to be saved instead she is the one who will do all the saving that it needs to do. The villain in the story, the wolf, underestimates her but is truly shocked when she works her magic and scare the wolf off. At the end of the story, there is also a lesson for our young readers.

5. Cinderella’s Rat

Author’s Name: Susan Meddaugh

Publishing Year: 1997

Cinderella's Rat

Cinderella’s Rat tells us the story of an ordinary rat who is stuck in some extraordinary circumstances. The author’s new take on the classic Cinderella story is a must-read for all the young readers. The fractured fairytale version of the Cinderella story uses a humorous approach to tell us the story of the rat who is transformed into the princess’s coachman by her godmother.

Now as we all know Cinderella must return to the wizard before midnight so she could be a normal girl again but this time a rat is also involved. The story is really is to see the adventures of these two as they try to make to the godmother to transform them again.

6. The Three Little Tamales

Author’s Name: Eric A. Kimmel

Publishing Year: 2009

The Three Little Tamales

The Three Little Tamales is a fractured fairytale based on The Three Little Pigs. The story has replaced the pigs with the tamales and also includes a wolf. Even though the characters are new but it will give you the nostalgia of reading the Three Little Pigs.

In the story, the three tamales go to build a house. The first one builds the house of sagebrush and goes to the prairie. The second one builds the house cornstalks and goes to the cornfield. The third and the last one builds the house of cactus and goes to the desert. They survive from the big bad wolf and then go to a party with the tortillas who are running away.

7. Tell The Truth, B.B. Wolf

Author’s Name: Judy Sierra

Publishing Year: 2010

Tell The Truth, B.B. Wolf

Tell the Truth, B.B Wolf is actually a really cute story about forgiveness. The story starts with the wolf sitting in the library when others asked him what is his side of the story of the three little pigs many years later. The big bad wolf who is actually a villain in the story tries to manipulate the truth and tries to pose himself as a positive character, but his lie was short-lived.

Now the librarians are keen towards making the B.B. Wolf admit all that he has done wrong and ask for forgiveness. The wolf then realizes his mistake and begs the librarians as well as the three little pigs to forgive him. The story with a cute ending is really worth a read for all the young readers.

8. The Giant and the Beanstalk

Author’s Name: Diane Stanley

Publishing Year: 2004

The Giant and the Beanstalk

The Giant and The Beanstalk is a very cute story about Otto. Otto who is a polite giant unlike his other fellow giant is a very simple being. His other mates are often found learning all the techniques of being a good giant like stomping, growling but Otto who is embarrassingly polite just wants to spend some time with his pet hen who he named Clara.

Now everything was going right until one day, a human climbs up the beanstalk and steals Clara, the hen. The Giant who wasn’t very good at the Giant School is dedicated to getting his hen back from Jack, the human who stole the hen. He chases Jack down the beanstalk and goes on the quest to find Clara.

9. Falling for Rapunzel

Author’s Name: Leah Wilcox

Publishing Year: 2003

Falling for Rapunzel

Falling for Rapunzel is a clever fractured fairytale, with each turning page, you will the story getting more interesting. The funny book will leave you in giggles and laughter and will have you grinning from ear to ear. As we all are familiar with the character of Rapunzel, the girl with extraordinarily long hair and she throws down her hair to the Prince Charming so that they could escape.

Well, this story is a little different. In this story, the Prince Charming doesn’t ask the Princess to throw down her hair. But instead what he asks him will have you in splits. You are going to read the book yourself to find out.

10. The Three Horrid Little Pigs

Author’s Name: Liz Pichon

Publishing Year: 2008

The Three Horrid Little Pigs

The Three Horrid Little Pigs is another fractured fairytale based on the classic story of the wolf and the three little pigs but the book doesn’t have any villain that is the wolf. The mama of these pigs is sick of them and their horridness so she asks them to build a house.

Well, the concept is the same but however, the hurdles are different. Well, anyway you will end up having great fun reading this book.


Fractured fairytales are a great mode of entertainment for young readers. They not only provide the kids with an alternate ending but also gives them a different point of view to see things. Using familiar characters, the fractured fairytale is a take on the classic stories that we grew up reading about. And who wouldn’t wanna hear the new and modernized version of our favorite story?

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The books mentioned below are some of the best books of the genre and are selected from the numerous books. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them by commenting below.


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