11 Best Books Of Erotic Fantasy To Read To Get Your Heart Racing

Fifty Shades of Grey has gained a huge amount of popularity as a book series and also the movie. The erotic fantasy book has ended up being the guilty pleasure of the readers interested in the genre. Even though after Fifty Shades of Grey, the world of erotic fantasy has produced us with numerous great books but they were often left unappreciated.

It is true that there are a lot of underrated books of the genre that are equally as good as Fifty Shades of Grey series or some may even be better. Different authors have showcased their talent in writing these books of erotic fantasy that went unrecognized and now we are going to list all the best books of the genre for you to read.

The genre, Erotic fantasy or fiction is often misunderstood, people tend to think that the word erotic directly translates to something filthy the genre is actually very clean and classy once you read it. If you are a fan of the genre and are thinking about reading some great books on erotic fantasy, then you should refer to the books mentioned below:

1. Forever

Author’s Name: Judy Blume

Publishing Year: 1975

FOREVER: Books Of Erotic Fantasy

Forever, by Judy Blume deals with teenage sexuality, the book will explore the relation of Katherine and Micheal, the two love birds who met at a party. They are instantly attracted to each other. Later the book becomes more interesting as they decide to take their love to another level. The book will explore the “firsts” of a relationship and will make you swoon over the characters.

Due to the censorship, the book made it to the Top 100 frequently challenged book of 1990-2000 by the American Library Association. Forever was also banned from the school libraries, now you can imagine the kind of impact it made in its era.

2. Emmanuelle

Author’s Name: Emmanuelle Arsan

Publishing Year: 1971

Emmanuelle by the French writer is an erotic novel that was first published in the year 1967 in France and was written in the French language, the book then was translated in English and published again in the year 1971. The book, Emmanuelle is about a bisexual Frenchwoman and you will get to see the world through her perspective as she imagines all her erotic fantasies.

The bisexual woman then explores her own desire to be with both men and women. The book has also gained a lot of recognition as an erotic fantasy novel and the book also has a movie of the same name released.

3. Outlander

Author’s Name: Diana Gabaldon

Publishing Year: 1991

Set in the history, the Outlander is the historical romance novel of forbidden love. Filled with passion and romance, Outlander is one of the best books of the genre. The book provides you with a love story that you will remember for ages. The characters in the book make it easier for us to assume that the book is of erotic fantasy.

The romance of Claire and Jamie is at its peak in the book, and you will learn how these two take their love on another level with the greatest love story ever. There is nothing hotter than Scottish handsome hunk who is ready for anything that it takes for his love. The series has a total of 8 books.

4. The Thorn Birds

Author’s Name: Colleen McCullough

Publishing Year: 1977

The Thorn Birds is a best-selling novel by the Australian writer, Colleen McCullough. The book is about another story of forbidden love and how the story transforms into giving you the tales of dark passions. The book focuses on the Cleary Family. The Soap-opera romance book will explore different aspects of erotic fantasies.

The book was also adapted into the Television mini-series in the 80s and was one of the popular shows on the television at that time. The book version, is, however, is a must-read if you enjoy reading erotic fiction based on soap operas.

5. The MacGregor Bride

Author’s Nam: Nora Roberts

Publishing Year: 1997

The MacGregor Brides is the collection of three novels by Nora Roberts featuring the MacGregor Cousins. The New York Times bestselling author has beautifully depicted the story of the MacGregor clan and their quest for finding the perfect mate. The grandfather of the family is eager to find the perfect husband for their granddaughters and has handpicked three candidates.

The book is a perfect romantic-erotic combination that will work wonders for you if you are a sucker for romance. The female characters are although brave and independent and are all set to create their own love story.

6. The Wedding Date

Author’s Name: Jasmine Guillory

Publishing Year: 2018

Coming straight from Reese Witherspoon’s book club, The Wedding Date has made to the Cosmopolitan list of 33 books to be excited about in 2018. The book is about a groomsman and his fake date who later becomes much more than that. The tale of passion and young love will definitely get your heart racing. The way Jasmin Guillory has explained the scenes in the book, one can’t help but swoon over it.

The unputdownable book by the debut novelist with some hot romance scenes will definitely give you goosebumps. The book deserves to be on the shelf of every erotic-fantasy book lover.

7. Best Women’s Erotica Of The Year, Volume 4

Author’s Name: Rachel Kramer Bussel

Publishing Year: 2018

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year by award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is the collection of some of the hottest stories of women who dared to show their passion. The hot stories of the daring woman who are not afraid to pursue their desires. You will find yourself skipping through the pages to get the real part where everything gets hot and sweaty.

The book features outspoken women with their outsider stories. There are a total of six volumes in the Best Women’s Erotica of the year.

8. Dance off Series: Take the Lead

Author’s Name: Alexis Daria

Publishing Year: 2017

Take the Lead is the first book of the series Dance Off. The book features Gina Morales. Gina who is a passionate dancer wants to win the celebrity dance show Dance-off desperately. She has taken the part into the show many times but hasn’t been able to make it to the finals. This year when she gets to know that she has been paired with the popular star featuring in Living Wild, she is certain that he will be his ticket to the finale.

The story of this Alaskan handsome hunk and Gina will take you on a new adventure and with some of the steamy scenes, you will find yourself swooning on the characters.

9. The Cocktail Series: Wallbanger

Author’s Name: Alice Clayton

Publishing Year: 2012

Wallbanger is the first book of the Cocktail Series, and the entire series is based on the erotic books. There are a total of four books in the series and all are great examples of erotic fantasy. The book starts with a cute meet and ended up becoming the passionate tale of lovers. With a side of humor, the author has presented us with the most toe-curling romance story.

The story of two neighbors, where Caroline is already frustrated as she was not satisfied physically with her ex-boyfriend and now looking for a partner to fill that void.

10. Montana Sky

Author’s Name: Nora Roberts

Publishing Year: 1996

The New York Times Bestselling Author is yet again back with a great story. Jack Mercy, the millionaire had died, and he last left the fortune of twenty million dollars for his daughters. He has three daughters but all of them have different mothers. In order to claim the fortune, the three girls must live together first and bond as a family.

But what starts with the condition end up becoming the tale of passion and romance. With cowboy featuring erotic fantasy, the book will take you on an adventure that you are not even ready for. There are numerous literary elements filled in the book that will contribute to providing you with a great book of erotic fantasy.

11. The Kiss Quotient

Author’s Name: Helen Hoang

Publishing Year: 2018

The Kiss Quotient featured on the various lists including, Goodreads Book of the Year 2018, Amazon Book of the Year 2018, Washington Post Book of the Year 2018 and Cosmopolitan’s 33 books to be excited about in 2018. The characterization in this book is pretty unique and you will meet the protagonists who are different from any other book that you have read before.

The book features the tale of unexpected love and you will fall in love with the story. Apart from this, the story is also great for your erotic fantasy curiosities.

12. The Crossfire Series

Author’s Name: Sylvia Day

Publishing Year: 2012-2016

The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day is a collection of five books, each better than the other. The first book of the series was published in the year 2012 and the latest one was published in 2016. The book uses the Fifty Shades of Grey approach, only, it has better characterization and is a better-written version.

The steamy scenes in the book are definitely worth it and for every erotic fantasy novel lover, this book is a must. The book is written in first-person narration and features Gideon Cross.


The erotic fantasy genre of the literature has done some great progress over time as a literary genre. There are some of the greatest books written in the genre that are mentioned above. These books are selected on the basis of their popularity and user experience and will end up giving you a great reading experience.

If you have read or happen to know any other great erotic fantasy or fiction novels, do let us know about it in the comment section below. You can also send us suggestions and questions by commenting below.

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