Best Dean Koontz Books: 15 Bests Of The Author To Start With

Dean Koontz, one of the most recognized authors of America in the suspense genre has provided us with some of the greatest books of the genre. Apart from suspense, the author has also done some notable works in the horror, fiction, and fantasy genre but he is most famous for his talent of writing the greatest suspense books that we have today.

The best-selling author of the fantastic suspense novels has sold over 450 million copies of his work. Yes, you read that right. Afterall there is a reason he is hailed as America’s most popular suspense novelist by Rolling Stone. For about six decades the author has ruled the genre and in his working period, he has written about dozens of books that became the New York Times bestselling novels.

Now that you have heard so many great things about him, I am sure you will be eager to learn some more about his work and his books. Well, one thing is certain if you are into suspense and thriller then you have come to the right author.

If you haven’t read any of the best Dean Koontz books yet, you must know that you are missing out on so much. Choosing one from his numerous books could be a daunting task and therefore we have curated some of the best works of the novelist that you can begin with. Have a look below:

1. Odd Thomas

Best Dean Koontz Books

The New York Times bestselling novel, Odd Thomas is a horror-thriller book by the novelist where Thomas is the leading character with an extraordinary ability to see the paranormal objects and ghost. He also claims that they come to visit him. The protagonist in the story is an ordinary man who works as a cook in a restaurant.

One day he meets with a man who he instantly find very strange and there was something very unusual about him. Later in the story, you will discover the various shocking truths about this man’s life. And as Thomas has sensed it, something bad is going to happen but how he will stop it? Find out in the book yourself.

2. The Taking

The Taking by author Dean Koontz has a message for every one of us. The book starts with heavy rain around the world. People make various assumptions about it but it all comes down to thinking that it is some form of extraterrestrial invasion and someone outside of this planet is trying to take over.

Although it is very hard to survive in those drastic conditions as the rain has made everyone’s life pretty miserable. But how will they survive it? who will be alive at the end of the book? There’s something really great about this book that you should read to find out. The author through the book has given a pretty valuable message that is worth reading this book for.

3. Night Chills

Night Chills is a thriller and suspense novel by the author Dean Koontz in which the protagonist and his family will reveal the truth about some mysterious place that they visited recently. While on vacation, the lead in the story and the rest of the family find some suspenseful is going on at the place where they have come for the vacation.

Later they find out that the place was conducting some really evil tests and experimentation and they should do whatever it takes to stop those in order to save the lives of many. The book combines thriller with science fiction and is a must-read for everyone who is a fan of this genre.

4. Fear Nothing

“Fear Nothing”, it was the last words that the protagonist’s dying father has told him. The book is about some conspiracy that the lead in the story will try to unravel. He finds out that there was something going on in the old military base that is not right. He has to find out the truth about it and will have to stop it.

Fear Nothing is a three-book series and all of them will provide you with an adrenaline rush. The science-fiction thriller book is something that you should definitely try once even if you are not a fan of this genre, who knows, maybe this book will make you one.

5. Seize the Night

Seize the Night is the second part after Fear Nothing. The book starts where the first book ended and you will find out in the beginning that there are some kids in the town that have gone missing. Well, what if all of this is connected and it all gets revealed as a big truth and everything can get back to normal. But it is not that easy, not at least in the books of Dean Koontz.

The concept is still there in the second book as well however they have used a different approach in the story. The book gets really interesting as you read it and one thing is for sure, once you pick it up, it is hard to put it down.

6. The Bad Place

The Bad Place is the bestselling author by the novelist and it starts with the protagonist being chased down by an unknown man. He wakes up into very strange places and discovers that whoever is chasing him wants to see him dead. The lead in the story gets really scared and hired a security couple for his own safety.

Later the security people that he hired discovers some shocking truth about the protagonist and his twin brother. The story unfolds and will ultimately give reveal all the mysteries but the journey between will give you the adrenaline rush and thrills that you will remember for your life. The psychic adventure book will get your toes curling with shock.

7. From the Corner of His Eye

From the Corner of His Eye is actually a really interesting book about good and evil. The author, Dean Koontz has tried to convey a powerful message through this book that you will only find out after reading this book. The message is loud and clear but the book is even better.

The author has talked about good and evil and what kind of effect it holds on someone’s life. We all get our karma through some incidents and the book will introduce you with stories that intervene with each other and is a result of good and evil.

From the Corner of His Eye will develop some kind of understanding in you about what one should do and what one should not.

8. Dark Rivers of Heart

Spencer Grant has always been weirdly attracted to the doors which have red color in it. He has always wondered what is it about the red doors of the bars that always fascinated him. He goes to the bar like a normal day and thought he would enjoy his beer like any other day but he is in for a big surprise.

The protagonist then meets with the swat team after having a narrow escape and everything around him changes suddenly. The book is full of surprise and with each turning page, you will discover some shocking mysterious. The book will leave you unexpectedly shocked by its mysteries and thrillers.

9. Watchers

Watchers, the sci-fi story is an unputdownable science fiction thriller that the author has brilliantly written. The book is about the top laboratory who has performed several experiments and tests and finally was able to create two genetically evolved life forms. The government based laboratory has created two creatures.

One of them is a really smart and brilliant dog while another one is a total monster. Both these creatures are on the loose in the city and are roaming around freely. Well, how the world will be saved from this violent creature who is not afraid of taking lives. Find out in the book.

10. Ticktock

Ticktock, the New York Times bestselling novel is about a protagonist named Tommy Phan. Tommy Phan is an American-Vietnamese. On a very strange day, Tommy finds an unusual and scary doll at his doorsteps. The doll has a note attached to it but he has no idea what it could mean. But one thing is for sure, something is threatening him.

The rest of the story, Tommy runs for his life and tries to survive. The situation is getting worse. He meets with a girl along the way who joins him in his mission and they both try to find out what is the meaning of that note. The story unravels revealing some of the shocking truth and in the end, everything gets back to normal.

11. Dragon Tears

Dragon Tears features Harry who is a cop, the man who is determined to live his life in an ordered way and he has a work partner named Connie whose beliefs are just the opposite. The book will introduce them with some shocking turn of events. The paranormal/horror book will give you a spine chilling reading experience.

Though Harry being a rational man refuses to let his job harden his soul, his partner, Connie thinks he should surrender to the chaos of his life. The level of imagination by the author in this book is definitely worth reading this book for.

12. Phantoms

Phantoms is a very interesting book with a twisting plot. The book is about a protagonist who visits his hometown after a long time. After reaching there she finds out that no one is in the town. All the people she has known or lived there are either dead or missing. But what happened? And who did this?

The story then moves forward with her finding out the truth about the place. She explores something is really strange about the place and manages to get the help of the military in helping her to find out the truth. The military biological unit does some investigation and ultimately they figure out that this is done by some ancient enemy who is trying to destroy their lives.

13. One Door Away From Heaven

The International Bestseller novel, One Door Away from Heaven follows the life of Michelina. Michelina is on her mission and solving the case of a family who suddenly got missing. The book unravels and provides us with some of the shocking truth about the past of Michelina.

Michelina tries everything she can to save a girl that she meets and with each turning page, you will feel the story getting more and more interesting. In the end, you will discover some shocking truth about Michelina and her past. The book with spine chilling experience has solidified the reputation of Dean Koontz as one of the best suspense writers ever.

14. The Door to December

The Door to December is a New York Times Bestselling Novel by the author Dean Koontz. The story features a mother who is determined to save her daughter. Her daughter has been receiving some of the terrifying threats by an unknown character. The threats were pretty strange which she was unable to understand.

The scary thriller with adrenaline rushing thrilling experience will ultimately transform into an emotional one. The book makes a compelling read with its lyrical writing and with each turning page, it would be pretty difficult for you to put down the book.

15. Cold Fire

Cold Fire is a 1991 book by the bestselling author Dean Koontz. The book is about Holly Thorne. Holly, who seems like an ordinary person has saved twelve lives in his life. All within the duration of six months. The people he saved, all of them were facing the death threats and he had to save the lives of these innocent people.

Along the way, an ordinary girl starts having feelings for Holly and fell in love with him. But Holly is not as ordinary as he seems. He must come to terms with his past that he has forgotten. The gripping thriller provides us with a satisfying read. The story also features hallucinating prose and the characters in the book are what make it the most interesting.


Dean Koontz is known as America’s most popular suspense novelist for a reason. And now that you know that reason I am sure you must be eager to get your hands on his books. People who are a fan of thriller, mystery, and suspense, all those dark books will find heaven in his book.

His writing style, his brilliance and the way he unravels mysteries is what makes him one of the best authors in America, actually, worldwide. The bestselling author who has sold 450 million copies of his books in his life has presented us with utter masterpieces. The story that he saved between the pages that he wrote deserves to be read by the whole world.

Above we have mentioned some of the greatest books written by the author, if you have read any of the books mentioned above, do let us know how you liked those books. And if you have any recommendations about the author’s book that you feel deserved to be on the list, then you can let us know about it in the comment section below.

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