10 Best Poetry Books To Read In 2020

Poetry is the best way to explore emotions. You go through many phases in your life and feel each emotion with the same. Sometimes you are happy, sad, in love, going through any difficult phase, and much more. There are times when you want to explain your feelings to the people out there but don’t have words. What can be best than poetry to describe your feelings? and if you are willing to start a journey of self-discovery, then you should open a book of poetry

No matter whatever hardships you are facing in your life whether it is a breakup or insecurity issues or unresolved trauma there is a poet in the world who has beautifully crafted the feeling you are going through and the situation you are experiencing. Some remarkable poets have written their hearts out in the poetries and have worked as an inspiration for many. So now is the best chance to take out the time and fulfill your love for the poetry of all genres.

Here is the collection of best books of poetry to inspire you, heal you, make you feel your worth, motivate you for self-care, and deeply understand the ocean of emotions.

1. The Strength In Our Scars

Poet: Bianca Sparacino
Published In: 2017

The Strength In Our Scars

The Strength In Our Scars is a reminder poetry revolving around undercover goddesses struggling to get out of bed in the morning. This poetry beautifully defines your inner strength when you are feeling your weakest. It helps you to go through the remarkable journey of healing from past pain, moving on from failed loves, and self-love. This poetry is an ocean of hope, strength is hidden inside the pages just you need to take a positive approach. The book is best for overthinkers, compassionate, and fixers. The book enlightens your soul and shows the path towards self-care.

2. Daring To Take Up Space

Poet: Daniell Koepke
Published In:2020

Daring To Take Up Space

Daniell Koepke the popular poet behind Internal Acceptance Movement (I. A.M.) owns beautiful poetry collection and reminds you that you are subtle the way you are. The poetry is beautiful, encouraging, and is the perfect poetic read for anyone who lives in self-doubt and searches for their identity. The book takes you to the personal growth journey and the path to deeper and more meaningful self-love and acceptance. The poetry indicates all the signals that specify that you deserve to take up space in the world.

3. Autobiography of Death

Poet: Kim Hyesoon
Published In: 2018

Autobiography of Death

The book consists of a collection of 49 poems. You will love the poetry if you are a fan of Hyesoon’s playful this new collection is a simulation of the astounding body of work. The poem is a voice for those who met unjust deaths during Korea’s violent contemporary history. The roller coaster of emotional rawness, the magnificent line describing bodies counting the days after the spirit leaves the body to roam, it’s thrilling and breathtaking. It is a lyrical journey that unravels with wonder in the face of the oldest human fears involving death, decay, funeral, the poem is all about a poem about individual pain, illness, and meditation.

4. Milk and Honey

Poet: Rupi Kaur
Published In: 2014

Milk and Honey

This book is a collection of poetry and prose based on survivors who refuse to let their past define their future. It details different types of pain you might have experienced, violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. With raw emotion, the book is a journey that leads to heal and hope. Rupi Kaur wonderfully lets you experience the sweetness in most bitter moments.

5. The Princess Saves Herself In This One

Poet: Amanda Lovelace
Published In: 2016

The Princess Saves Herself In This One

The Princess Saves Herself In This One is poetry based on young girl experiences, the ride of emotions love, loss, grief, failure, pain, and healing. These poems are inspiration helps you in reaching redemption, the journey towards true empowerment, and motivates you to make changes in your life that make you the best version of your own. This book works as a therapy for those who face problems in falling asleep due to their bitter past, struggling with insecurity, and self-love. These poems are magic to the people who want to heal and start fresh but don’t know-how.

6. Salt Water

Poet: Brianna Wiest
Published In: 2017

Salt Water

This debut poetry book is for the girls willing to practice self-love and what it takes to appease. Salt Water assures you that everything will be fine. The book takes you to a position where you can forgive yourself and prepares you to move on. The book is the journey to know yourself more and bring those changes which can boost your confidence. While reading the poetry it makes you feel the meditation and leads you in the right direction. The book is for each soul who cried in front of the mirror, searched for the purpose of their life and the worth.

7. Soft Science

Poet: Franny Choi
Published In: 2019

Soft Science

Franny Choi’s new collection Soft Science is you can’t resist. A series of Turing Test-inspired poems grounds its exploration of questions consciousness, how to be tender, and feelings. Poet being an incredible creator showing the diversity showing the deepness in poetry. The book defines the softness, of what it means to be human in an increasingly wicked world. Gambling on cyborgs, artificial intelligence, and automation, the book urges on flares to interrogate consciousness and think all to be casual. The poem includes “Glossary of Terms,” poet breaks down the language in a graph and makes you acknowledge that you are dropped straight into the tangled intersections of technology, violence, eradication, gender, and loneliness

8. Blud

Poet: Rachel McKibbens
Published In: 2017

Blud: books of poetry

Collection of dark rhythmic poems from the world-renowned Rachel McKibbens are much worth praising, the poet’s fierce yet vulnerable voice, as powerful on the stage as it is on the page. BLUD is an inspiration due to the richness of its metaphors and raw energy. You not only read the poems but you feel them. They work melodiously to make you feel each word of the poem, its music to your ears. If you are fond of poems then this gem is a must for you. With such beauty and phrases, the book is one of the best poetry books.

9. Mary wants to be a superwoman

Poet: Erica Lewis
Published In: 2017

Mary wants to be a superwoman

There are times when you read the poem but there some poems you connect. In this poetry, Erica provides you with the context you need with astounding foundation and collection of photographs so that you can imagine and deal with visuals also go forward by fast-moving, pop-filled, history-steeped poems. The books focus on living with your own history and move on. And do what’s more each poem is framed by phrases from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s Motown records, well it also cannot be denied that poems themselves are homages to her women relative, friends, and other contemporary women poets. These poems are membrane through which pop culture pervades the most intimate experiences of selfhood. This iconic poetry book is by far the most visually framed book and is a must-read for poetry readers.

10. Her Mouth as Souvenir (Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry)

Poet: Heather June Gibbons
Published In: 2018

Her Mouth as Souvenir

In Her Mouth as Souvenir, Heather June Gibbons not only explains the anxieties of life but also makes you notice the faith, loneliness in the digital age, beauty in the face of absurdity. The very first sentence of this tome makes you capture your self into the simplicity you can help but fall for Gibbons’ poetry as it is rooted in her ability to arrange life’s chaos without fading its energy. These poems are reality check and wide eye opened to the end as they turn from exclamation in the first and to prayer in the second to the plaintive mode of the third share. These poems have given their fair share in the poetry world and hence counted in the best poetry books of all time.


Poetry is not only the sake of reading but works wonders if inhaled in your soul. This is the only way to share your all emotions be it anger, love, passion, anxiety, insecurity. Poetries make you feel good about your self and make you feel the connectivity to the world. There are times when you face many issues and think that you are the only one, but poetry makes you feel that you are not alone. There are people to understand, to heal you, motivate you, and helps you to move on from your past experiences. The above-mentioned books are specially handpicked and are the creation of very talented poets. These books of poetry are not just inspiring but helps you create your best version. Well,” if you believe that books can be your best friend than poetry books can be the love of your life.”

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