9 Amazing Bilingual Books For Children

As we grow up, learning even the simplest things becomes harder for us. It is stated in scientific research, that a child’s brain is much more flexible than that of a full-grown adult. This means that children can learn anything by investing a really small amount of effort while an adult would take a pretty huge amount of time in accomplishing the same task.

This is why it is best to help your kids learn a second language while they are still young. In today’s world, it is fine to know a primary language like English for basic communication but knowing a second language can greatly help you out. This is why teaching your child a second language is a good option. By doing that, you might be able to help them to an easier success in crowds. This is why I have prepared this list of 12 bilingual books for children that might be helpful in introducing your child to a second language.

9 Bilingual Books for Children

#1. The Life of Selena

This book is written by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein.

Published: 2018

Bilingual Books For Children: life of selena

This book is somewhat the biography of Selena in a bilingual representation to help in promoting your child to learn a second language. This book has English and Spanish language written in it to carry the story forward. Selena had a really strong career which started when she was pretty young and it started out as the lead singer of her family band named Selena Y Los Dinos. Her work became quite famous worldwide and she gained a lot of popularity. Getting this book for your child will help them learn a second language while learning more about the life of Selena and her likes, dislikes, and priorities.

#2. Sonia Sotomayor

This book is written by Jonah Winter and it is illustrated by Edel Rodriguez.

Published: 2009

This book tells the story of Sonia Sotomayor in English and Spanish. She became the first Latino woman in history to be nominated for the position of a Justice in the US Supreme Court. She had a history of poverty and had to face prejudice all through her life and yet she made it. I think it would be a pretty motivational journey for your child to read this book as the story told in this book would be unlike any other. This story teaches us that a strong will to learn, a mother’s love, and an unwavering determination. Your child won’t just learn a new language through this book but also get a motivational story out of it.

#3. Margaret and Margarita

This book is written by Lynn Reiser.

Published: 1993

This fine book will not just help your child have a good time but will also help reduce the language barrier that sometimes gives rise to racism and prejudice. This great book for children is one that accommodates two friends, Margaret and Margarita. They both want to play together but there is just one issue that Margaret can’t speak Spanish and Margarita can’t speak English. But still, they don’t wish to spoil their time in letting this stop them. This book seems pretty subtle but the message it sends out is one that shouldn’t be missed. So check this book out for your child.

#4. Dalia’s Wondrous Hair

This book is written by Laura Lacamara.

Published: 2014

This will definitely help your child with a story that would lead to the growth of their imaginative mind and will definitely help them have a good time. The book tells the story of Dalia as one night when she slept, her hair grew as long as the sky. Now her mother is confused about what Dalia will do with her wondrous hair that is so tall and thick. Dalia kept experimenting using one thing or the other during the whole book. She sees flowers in a garden and gets the idea of ornamenting her hair with them. This book will definitely tickle your child’s fancy so check it out.

#5. Counting with Frida

This book is written by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein.

Published: 2018

There are a lot of books out there that might just be fun for your child but not informative and may not teach any good things. But this book will help your child count and that is pretty evident by the title itself. The illustrations in this book are pretty interesting and are a great visual stimulus to your child. The book teaches them about numbers along with their very first words in English or the Spanish language. It is a fun and exciting experience that will help your child in knowing something new so consider this book for your young ones.

#6. Side by Side

This book is written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Joe Cepeda.

Published: 2010

This is definitely a book that you must get for your child because it shares real-world information about the time two people helped the farmworkers in raising their voices for their rights. It is good to read a book that is fun but at a young age, your child might need a book that helps them in understanding a story that is of the two greatly influential people, Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. It tells us how farmworkers used to work all through the day yet got barely some food and not even a handful of money in return. Check this book out for your child to help them know about a historical checkpoint.

#7. Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match

This book is written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Sara Palacios.

Published: 2011

This book tackles an issue that really needs to be addressed but sometimes parents don’t get the attention to the topic or maybe sometimes the child might not be interested in discussing it. A lot of kids face bullying from a young age and let it pass as they feel like they don’t fit in. This book helps you make them aware of the topic that everyone is unique and it isn’t a bad thing. If someone treats them in a wrong way due to anything at all then it isn’t their fault and they don’t have to try being something they are not, just to fit in. This book will definitely be a good choice to introduce your child to a second language, so check it out.

#8. Maya’s Blanket

This book is written by Monica Brown and David Diaz.

Published: 2015

This is another nice book that depicts the relationship of a granddaughter to her grandmother. The book talks about the story of a blanket that is weaved by Maya’s grandmother and when it wears out, she takes it back to her for converting it into something else. Through the course of this book, the blanket is turned into a lot of other items as Maya grows. Each of these items has a special connection that gets to Maya. Over the course of time, the blanket is turned into things like a skirt, a scarf, and a lot more. Consider getting this book for your little one to help them through this beautiful little story depicting the connection of a grandmother to her grandchild.

#9. My Name is Gabriela

This book is written by Monica Brown and illustrated by John Parra.

Published: 2005

This is another book that will help your child through a history lesson that would motivate them positively. The book talks about Gabriela Mistral who was the first Latina laureate for a Nobel Prize. She received a Nobel Prize in 1945 in literature and has since been a person of great admiration. She has become an inspiration to everyone out there who wishes to become something great and life and similarly if your child reads this book, it might have a positive effect on them, motivating them to achieve something meaningful in life. So consider this book for your child’s personal growth along learning a new language.

I hope this list was helpful in providing you with great options into books for introducing your child to a second language. These books have helped a lot of people out in this quest and I guess they may be pretty helpful to your child as well. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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