10 Top Webcomics One Must Read

Although the field of entertainment has taken a lot of leaps in the past few years and the evolution has been quite wonderful, providing the people with a lot of alternatives, there are basically a lot more ways available now. One of such new sources is webcomics.

These are the books that are appealing to a lot of people who are interested in comics and wish to have a relative entertainment source. These are basically those comics that are published digitally and are available on the internet. This is why they are called webcomics.

There are certain different series with different types of focuses. These comics are quite illustrative and remotely accessible due to the fact that they are available online. They are great entertainment sources and are best for the people who are interested in classic comic type books with concise words and a lot of illustrations. Some of these top webcomics are really worth reading, which is why I’ve made this list and wish for readers to check it out.

10 Top Webcomics For You To Read

1. Hark! A Vagrant

Hark! A Vagrant

This top webcomic is written by Kate Beaton. It is a single form comic series that tries to look into science, history, literature, and much more. The author tries to provide a certain bend to her work in terms of feminism. However, she doesn’t update the comics often due to her active working life but you can still see her archive.


2. Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophers

This webcomic is written by Corey Mohler. The comic basically believes itself to be about the “inevitable anguish” that is provided by our life into living in such a world. It basically means that it contains daily life discussions with somewhat your favorite philosophers. And obviously, a lot of people are attracted to it due to the name which contains “dungeons and dragons”. It is updated on Mondays.


3. Stick Figure Hamlet

Stick Figure Hamlet

This webcomic is written by Dan Carroll. This is basically something that accommodates Hamlet completely but with a small twist. The twist is that it contains stick figures. This means that Hamlet is depicted completely in this book using stick figures as the characters. People might think this is a gag comic and they aren’t completely wrong. A simple proof to this statement can be that the ghost is a Lego ghost and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern look a lot like Bert and Ernie.



This webcomic is written by Randall Munroe. The author tries to describe this comic as a webcomic of sarcasm, mathematics, language, as well as romance. I think that this description is quite accurate, given the content of the comic. Some of the comics included, use a lot of stories about depths and strength of love. While some other comics discussed mathematical and scientific principles. Another fun thing provided by the author is discovered when you hover the cursor above the comic. Try doing it yourself, I won’t leave any spoilers. It is updated on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


5. Cat and Girl

Cat and Girl

This webcomic is written by Dorothy Gambrell. This comic starts the fiction part of our list. This is a long-running series and it consists of a cat that has humane characteristics and a Girl who is curious about the nature of the universe. It has a lot of esoteric jokes. This comic is fun to read. It is updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


6. Gronk


This webcomic is written by Katie Cook. It revolves around a monster whose name is Gronk and has problem fitting in with all the other monsters around. Then a composer named Dale Wilco discovered him. She works from her house. It shows how our sweet monster figures out how to live in this world. This is a beautiful comic series and would be liked by anyone who reads it. The only rough news about this is that it was last updated in 2015 which means it won’t be updated anymore.


7. Phoebe and her Unicorn

Phoebe and her Unicorn

This webcomic is written by Dana Simpson. This comic revolves around a little girl with the name Phoebe. She meets a unicorn whose name is Marigold Heavenly Nostrils and it gives her a wish. She wishes for the unicorn to be her friend and so they become friends. Both of them get into a lot of adventures along with her classmates and a lot of other fantasy creatures. Sometimes people also compare it with Calvin and Hobbes but they definitely aren’t the same.


8. Connie to the Wonnie

This webcomic is written by Connie Sun. It is basically described by the author as an exemplified status message. It is quite easily deductible from the title of the book that the author is talking directly to the women who are trying to live their lives in the current world. She paints quite a picture though. She also tries to tackle the issues of cultural identity, creative process, dating, and a lot more. It is empowering to go through this comic. It is still updated regularly.


9. Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half: top webcomics

This webcomic is written by Allie Brosh. This is basically a webcomic that isn’t fiction and it contains the details of the author’s life. She discusses a lot of stuff starting with her childhood misadventures to the challenges that she has to face as an adult like depression. It is really funny yet touching and would be great for any reader at all. It isn’t updated anymore.


10. The Oatmeal

This webcomic is written by Matthew Inman. It is a combination of a number of informational comics. It discusses grammar, animals, and etiquette. He has non-fiction stories too which accommodate his challenges with running. It is obviously worth taking a look at this comic. It might change the reader’s perspective and would definitely bring a certain change in their thought process. It updates periodically.


I hope I was able to help you in selecting your desired webcomics to help you through boring times as an entertainment source. All of these comics are one of the best so please try to keep an open mind. If the content was helpful, please leave a comment below or at least like the post. Any sort of criticism is welcomed warmly.

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