The development in the field of information technology has provided us with several opportunities concerning the computer world. Now as we can see most of our work is online and it has become a crucial part of our lives. Well, not just work but even most of our modes of entertainment are getting available vividly on the internet.

It is pretty evident that advancement has taken over most of our traditional ways and provides us with a different and more convenient means. For instance, eBooks that are really trending among the readers have taken over paperback by being available online. Though many would argue that using the traditional way can not be replaced but it has definitely provided us with an alternative.

Talking about the ebooks website, Bookzz is one of the best ebooks sites that has been in business for a long time until its domain got blocked due to privacy problems leaving its loyal users to go on a quest to finds its alternative. There are numerous websites that will give you the same convenience and services like used to and will work as a great replacement.

Below we have curated the whole list of websites that could be used as an Bookzz replacement. Each of these websites contains a huge collection of books available in the digital form. Have a look below:

1. is the website that is launched with a different domain as an alternative site for since the original one got blocked. The infrastructure of is the same as of Bookzz. Users of the previous website will know exactly operate this site since the way of downloading remains the same.

It provides you with an extensive collection of eBooks for free written by different authors. To be exact, has 2,780,670 books which are quite an impressive number. The website also features 52,429,917 articles to be accurate. And the exciting part is, all of this huge ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and entertainment is for FREE!

bookzz replacement
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2. is another alternative of which is released as a part of the same domain of Bookzz and The website uses the same operational methods as the previous ones and provides the users with a huge collection of books for free.

Apart from this, this website also provides you with a feature where you can download the ebooks from various foreign authors. And as we all know getting foreign authors’ books could be costly but here you get the opportunity to get it free and not just the foreign ones, but literally any book available free of cost. And isn’t that awesome?

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3. Library Genesis

With the collection of around 2 million books, Library Genesis has become one of the most popular ebooks websites in the world. The website that is originated from Russia contains a huge database collection of books of all kinds of genres. The best thing about Library Genesis is the convenience that it provides its customers. You can easily get your hands on any ebook and download it without any hassles free of cost.

Well apart from this, the users will be really impressed with its navigation that is both easy and accurate. You get to search the books you want easily through various filters. Yes, the website also has filters such as publishing year, author, series or standalone, MD5, language, extension, tags, etc.

Along with this, the users will be thrilled to know that it has also given you the opportunity to get free access to various articles related to fiction, science, comics, magazine, and standard. And the best part is yet to come. One of the most important essential benefits of Library Genesis is that it is a unique domain change website. This means that even if one gets blocked, the other one will automatically replace it.

Click here to visit the website: Library Genesis

4. Book Boon

The list is incomplete without mentioning Bookboon. It is one of the best alternative websites of out there, the website gives you easy access to download textbooks and free ebooks. The feature that makes it different from the rest is that Book Boon stores books from different languages, even from the ones you have hardly heard of.

The languages that the books are available include, English, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Finnish, Swedish, French, Danish, German, etc. It also provides you with an opportunity to link your Facebook account with Book Boon so that it could notify you regularly about the new free ebook and you could get the ebook download link on the account.

You can also get 30 days free trial account on Book Boon and after the end of the month you can resume the same services for $4 a month. Like Library Genesis, you also get an option of using filters to find yourself the right book like management, editorial picks, most popular ones, finance, marketing, science, etc.

Click here to visit the website: Book Boon

5. Google Ebook Store

It’s one of the perks of the android device owners to get access to Google’s services and platforms. And you know the platform is authentic when it is issued by Google itself. If you are an android owner whether you have a mobile phone or tablet, you can easily get access to the Google marketplace and especially the Google eBookstore.

Google ebook store has a free as well as a paid version. Well, it is true that the paid version is going to get you the full experience and all the services but even the free version is pretty good and gets the work done. You can get the free version by going on the ‘books’ option and then clicking on free and you will find the ocean of knowledge in front of your eyes.

It provides you with huge collection of books featuring hundreds of classics,, contemporary bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction and many more. The collection of books is available in all the genre and you get different formats to choose from like ePUB, PDF, etc.

Click here to visit the website: Google Ebook Store

6. Free Ebooks

Free Ebooks is a well-known alternative for Bookzz where you get millions of book options to choose from. The purpose of ebooks to get books more conveniently and for free and it also makes you available any book at any time. Free Ebooks give you the opportunity to read any book of your interest in free and operating this website is pretty easy too.

This alternative of is very user friendly, and it is designed in such a way to make the experience of the visitors hassle-free. You can easily navigate the books and select the language of the website according to you.

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7. Free Tech Books

Free Tech Books as the name suggests, provides you with technical books available especially for students of the college. With the help of this website, you can get your hands on various computer science books, engineering books, textbooks, programming books, lecture notes, and whatnot. And the best part is all of these are for free and are legally available for you to download on your device.

Not just the ebooks but Free Tech books also give you a chance to download monograms, notes, texts, documents, etc. The user-friendly website is pretty easy to access and designed especially for the students to give then an opportunity to learn.

Click here to visit the website: Free Tech Books


One of the fastest-growing website as an alternative to Bookzz is Ebook300. The website gives you the option to download the ebooks as well as articles for free. There sure are numerous alternatives for Bookzz across various platforms but with Ebooks300 you actually get the comfort and convenience you are looking for.

Now just a mode of entertainment, but this website also serves the purpose of using ebooks site for knowledge and school work too. Adult students get easy access to the books that are required by them for their research studies. Not just ebooks but the students will be able to get on their hands on the articles as well.

The unique feature of Ebooks300 is that you get the exclusives ebooks of rarely available magazines such as Playboy Africa, purely legal, purple candy, and whatnot. The regular readers can really utilize this site and especially the youth will find it most helpful because what you can not find anywhere else, you will get here.

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9. Open Library

When looking for an ebooks website the first thing we look for is the availability of the books and user-friendliness of the website. And if these two are on your list then you have come to the right place. Open Library is another ebook website that will work as a great replacement for Bookzz. Users will find it really convenient and easy to operate the website and get access to the books.

In Open Library you get two options, free as well as paid features. The free ones provide limited features and with the paid version you get the whole experience of the website. It stores a large variety of books including the technical ones which is pretty difficult to find on others.

Click here to visit the website: Open Library

10. Gutenberg

Gutenberg is another replacement of for passionate readers. The collection of this site may be less but it is easily one of the best alternative sites for Bookzz with an easy access. There are a total of 54000 books available on Gutenberg that you can read or download for free.

Apart from this, you get the feature of downloading and accessing the e-pub books which can also be called Kindle books. Registration is for free on Gutenberg but if you wish you can make a donation on the website to boost its library.

Another great feature of Gutenberg is that this website will give you access to the oldest literature books that have expired copyrights.

Click here to visit the website: Gutenberg


Ebooks which are a trending option of reading books provide us with a convenient and more comfortable option to access the books. However, many would argue that nothing could beat the old traditional way of reading but you can not just deny the fact that the development of technology and the invention of ebooks has given us the opportunity to read any book anywhere and any time.

There are numerous platforms that are available through the internet where we can read the ebooks. Bookzz was definitely one of the most popular platforms of ebooks but since you don’t have that option anymore you can explore other websites that provide the same services and are actually pretty user-friendly too.

Above mentioned are one of the greatest alternative websites that you could use as a replacement for Bookzz. All of these websites have a large collection of books and provides easy operating. So what are you waiting for, head to these websites, and enjoy your free ebooks right now!

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