12 Mind-Blowing Books That Resemble Twilight

When it comes to romance novels with a vampire twist, a lot of us tend to Twilight as our first choice no matter what, and that’s completely justified. The stature of the movie is huge and it provides one of the best story lines presented to us by any other authors. It is a guilty pleasure book for a lot of people and that might remain constant forever.

Twilight showed the story of a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire named Edward and they both wish to be together forever. They love each other a lot and can give everything up for the sake of each other. The twilight books show the journey of Bella trying to cope up with the Cullens and wishing to be like them while they protect Bella throughout.

It even contains a group of werewolves out of which Jacob, a friend of Bella is a member. These are the mortal enemies of the vampires, which is why there are tensions going on between them too, throughout the series. This simply shows how awesome this series is and why people are in love with it. The only issue is that it apparently had to end and that’s left the fans heartbroken.

But don’t worry we have a list of books over here that are just like Twilight and will definitely blow your mind.

12 Vampire Books like Twilight

#1. Vampire Academy

vampire Academy: books like twilight

This book is written by Richelle Mead. It revolves around St. Vladimir’s Academy which is actually not a boarding school but instead is a school for Vampires to learn magic and it is hidden from humans but half-human teenagers come here for training on how to protect themselves. It is a great book to read due to the vampire thrills it provides us.

In this school, there are two students, Lissa, who is a Moroi Vampire Princess, and Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir, who is the best friend of Lissa and also acts as her bodyguard. The two of these friends have been on the run for quite a while now but soon they are forced to return to the vampire academy which is the most dangerous place to them.

These two are leading a normal teenage life along with the ruthless social scene of the academy and the terribly unspeakable nighttime rituals. But they need to stay careful as she might be turned into joining the Strigoi forever who are the most dangerous and fierce vampires in the world.

#2. Hush, Hush

This book is written by Becca Fitzpatrick. A lot of parts of this book might seem like that of the twilight series and people might like to call it a cheap attempt at copying the latter but I think it is worth a read. It is a worldwide bestseller and shouldn’t be dismissed just for small detail.

It revolves around a girl named Nora Grey who doesn’t really believe in romance. The girl has been quite distant from boys throughout her life even at school and nothing seemed to act on her even when her best friend named Vee used to throw guys over him. But things changed quite shockingly when Patch entered her life.

The guy has a certain quality in his eyes and the way he smiles just seems like home to her and she feels as if Patch can easily see through her which is what draws her into him on a much further level even against her own mind. But she knows something’s wrong and she doesn’t know whom to trust anymore due to the terrifying encounters going on.

Soon Patch is found to be everywhere Nora goes and knows a lot more about her than even her closest friends. This is why she seems confused about whether to trust him or not as it is quite overwhelming. She seems confused about whether to let him in or run away from him. Soon she gets fed up with it completely and doesn’t have any time to wait anymore.

So she just puts her question forward and the final answer she gets is really shocking because Patch turns out to be immortal and there is an outbreak of war coming which needs to be handled. The choice is on Nora to make the right choice as her life might depend on it.

#3. Shiver


This book is written by Maggie Stiefvater. The concept of this book is very fascinating and the way it presents the storyline is just incredible. It revolves around the story of a werewolf and a girl named Grace who has always watched the wolves that are present in the woods at the back of her house.

The one thing that she has always felt is the need for the presence of her own wolf with yellow eyes as if she is meant for him. And according to this book, Sam is that wolf. He has been living two lives for as long as he could remember. In the winter, he stays a wolf and witnesses the protection of the pack along with the silent camaraderie of the fearless Grace. In summer, he gets to be human until it gets cold and makes him go back to his furry skin.

Now when summer comes and Sam turns into a human being, Grace finally gets the chance to meet that yellow-eyed boy and his familiarity just makes her heart skip a beat. She believes that this is her wolf and she doesn’t want to lose him. But soon as the winter approaches, Sam knows that he needs to fight himself for staying human otherwise he might lose himself forever along with grace.

The book really spoke to me because I haven’t witnessed any other book with such a concept. The insightful way of putting forward a werewolf that is turned due to the temperature is something that attracted me the most towards it. The love that is shared by the two is precious to witness and their own fights to keep it safe is remarkable.

#4. The Kiss of Deception

The Kiss of Deception

This book is written by Mary E. Pearson. This book seems to be presented in a pre-historic format where there are kingdoms and their rulers. The way it puts forward the idea of traditions in our society is truly admirable. It revolves around the story of a princess named Lia whose life seems to follow a preordained course.

There are bound to be certain expectations from her as she is the first daughter and she is expected to have a valued gift of sight but the fact is that she doesn’t. And she feels like her parents are committing an act of fraud by arranging her marriage with a prince of a neighboring kingdom to secure an alliance. She doesn’t even know him and yet she is to marry him which is obviously a little overwhelming.

 Due to all this, the princess runs off on the day of her wedding to a distant village and starts to settle into her new life. But soon enough two handsome and mysterious arrive, one of which is the rejected prince and the other is an assassin with a mission to kill the princess, and she is unaware of any of this.

In the rest of the tale, deception overflows and Lia is on an edge of discovering some terrifying secrets while she feels like she is falling in love. It seems like a classic storyline and is definitely eye-catching.

#5. A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses

This book is written by Sarah J. Maas. It revolves around a huntress named Feyre who is just 19 years old and while in the woodlands, she killed a wolf. Now, a creature resembling a beast comes forward and wishes for revenge. The book provides a storyline that will boggle the mind of the reader.

Soon Feyre finds herself in a magical land that she has only heard of through legends and later discovers that the person who captured her isn’t a beast. He is actually named Tamlin, who was one of the immortal faeries that used to rule the world and is extremely lethal.

The time she spends into the manor of Tamlin, her feelings for him change. She feels like passion is running through her stream for him and the cold hostility goes away. She looks back to the stories full of lies that were told to her about the world of Fae and its dangers yet the beauty it exhibits.

Through all this love and confusion, she discovers a cruel dwelling over the lands of the faerie that seems to be growing rapidly. Now, Feyre needs to find a way of stopping it unless she can let it destroy the world of Tamlin for the rest of eternity.

#6. The Unearthly

The Unearthly

This book is written by Laura Thalassa. And is another book that revolves around an Academy for the supernatural. This is known as the Peel academy and is an elite boarding school for the supernatural on the British Isles. And it starts when Gabrielle Fiori, the last out of the sirens, gets enrolled into this school.

All she wants is to fit in and feel welcomed but the elixir that was meant to awaken her supernatural powers ends up killing her. She wakes up after 12 hours in the morgue and she knows that something wicked has risen inside of her that even the supernatural public might not have seen before.

She needs to seek help from Andre de Leon, who is the king of vampires and an infamous bad boy of the community, as he is the only one who can be of help to her. She tries to get her best help from Andre and he gives her his best shot but even he can’t help her out no matter how much they try.

Soon she figures out that someone is after her and needs to end her short life from existing no matter what. But Gabrielle can’t let that happen as her soul hangs through because she might have met the devil and he wishes to have her pretty badly.

#7. City of Bones

City of Bones

This book is written by Cassandra Clare. It starts with a girl named Clary Fray when she is fifteen years old. She first encounters Jace, a Shadowhunter when she visits the Pandemonium Club which is in New York City and Clary witnesses a murder, in front of her own eyes. This was quite unexpected but what’s even more unexpected is the body of the murdered boy, disappears out of nowhere.

Now how can someone call the police when there is nobody to prove the murder was committed. However, the three teenagers with mysterious tattoos who carried out the murder were a part of Shadowhunters, who are warriors that have dedicated their lives to the task of getting rid of demons from the planet.

The guy named Jace acts like a jerk but looks like an angel and Clary is dragged into his world when she gets attacked by a demon herself and her mother goes missing. But what’s suspicious is why the demon would be interested in the lives of ordinarily dull human beings like Clary and her mother.

The book goes on into a much deeper phase of this fantasy when the Shadowhunters start showing interest in why the demons might have attacked Clary and her mother and how might Clary get the Sight all of a sudden. The mystery keeps on increasing and is quite likely to interest the reader.

#8. Everneath


This book is written by Brodi Ashton. It is a kind of a love story with an apparent twist and would surely interest any reader who adores mystery. It revolves around a girl named Nikki Beckett who vanished last spring and got pulled into an underworld that was named Everneath.

But now she has returned to the surface and her own life for six months as this is the only time she has before getting banished forever to the underworld. She has come back to live her last few days with her boyfriend and family and wishes to find redemption if it is even possible.

She only has six months to bid her farewell to everyone until the Everneath arrives for claiming her. She wishes to forget all about Everneath for the time she is back and wishes to spend it with her family and her boyfriend who was the one who got most disturbed with her vanishing. He is the one person she loves more than anything.

The things she loves are slipping out of her hands and all of this is due to Cole somehow. Cole is a handsome and powerful immortal who lured Nikki to the Everneath as the most direct influence and he has followed Nikki back home as he thinks she is the key to helping him take over the Throne of Everneath which he wishes to rule.

Cole is willing to do anything he can to take Nikki back with him while her last time on the surface makes her feel like everything is slipping from her hands. Now she is stuck with the dilemma of what to do. Either she can stay with Cole as his queen and return to Everneath or he can cheat destiny to stay back with Jack.

#9. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

This book is written by Holly Black. It is just something that you must read at least once due to the way its storyline proceeds. It revolves around a normal girl named Tana and in this world, cities exist which are walled and are called Coldtowns. These are the places where humans and monsters are quarantined as a mix.

The one fact with the utmost importance around here is that once you go through the gates of Coldtown, you just can’t leave it. Tana goes through something unusual when she wakes up one morning surrounded by corpses after an ordinary party.

The only few survivors of the party are Tana, her infected ex-boyfriend and a strange boy with a terrifying secret. In a state of shock, she decides to save herself and her two companions by the only way visible to her which is to go through the heart of Coldtown and survive their wicked fate. This might be the most horrifying story of this list.

#10. Labyrinth Lost

Labyrinth Lost

This book is written by Zoraida Cordova. It is a bit different from the other books on this list due to the storyline and orientation of the characters in the book. The way it proceeds is quite interesting and its storyline would definitely fascinate any dedicated reader.

This book revolves around a girl named Alex who is a Bruja. Brujas are witches and Alex is the most powerful one out of her generation but she hates magic. This is what brings about the exciting changes in the storyline because Alex wishes to get rid of her power.

On the celebration of her Deathday, she tries to execute a spell that will help her get rid of her powers and it backfires. She loses her whole family as they vanish into nothing and all she is left with is a brujo boy named Nova whom she can’t be sure to trust.

No matter what she believes, Nova might be her only chance to save her family. She has to travel to a dark land which is quite like Wonderland when it comes to strangeness but quite as dark as Limbo. The story of her struggles in order to get her family back is quite an interesting set of affairs.

#11. Sunshine


This book is written by Robin McKinley. It is a pretty nice book to curl up with on a weekend due to the storyline it offers and the way the book proceeds is quite interesting. It revolves around a girl named Rae Seddon and has a nickname Sunshine.

She is the head baker at the café situated in downtown New Arcadia, owned by her family and is quite popular and busy. But she needs to find peace and needs a place to leave all the noise and tumult for a while which is actually caused by her family and the clients of the café.

She completely knows about other creatures, who are basically termed as “Others” by everyone in the book. Everyone is aware of the “Others” and there are even Special Forces for these “Others” named SOF, who are meant to deal with these creatures. Sunshine knows about this as most of the SOF personnel are regular customers of the café.

In order to find the peace she was looking for, Sunshine drives out to an old lakeside cabin which is owned by her family. She is enjoying silence along with the silver moonlight falling on the water while sitting on the porch and swinging her feet. What she doesn’t notice is when the Vampires arrived as nobody ever does and that’s when the book gets even more interesting.

#12. The Wicked Deep

The Wicked Deep

This book is written by Shea Ernshaw. It revolves around a Town named Sparrow, which is cursed. This town has a story that about two hundred years ago there lived three sisters who were sentenced to die due to their witchery. These sisters were tied down with stones on their ankles and were drowned in the deep water that surrounds the town.

This is a story of revenge where the three sisters return to the town each summer for a short period of time and take control over three girls with a weak heart so they can lure boys to the harbor and once they get there, pull them under it to drown them as well.

A lot of the people living in the town have accepted their town’s fate along with a girl named Penny Talbot who is 17 years old. And on the day of the return of the sisters, a boy arrives who is named Bo Carter and has no idea of the danger he has walked into. Now soon the streets are spread with Mistrust and lies and the people of the town turn against each other.

Even Bo and Penny suspect that the other is hiding something from them. And it is quite clear that the people who answer to the calling of the sisters are put to death quite easily. But in this scenario, Penny is the only one who can see straight and needs to make a decision whether to save Bo or help herself to save her own life.

I hope this list of books related to the twilight saga was great and tickled your fancy. This list is my utmost favorite as I’m a twilight fan myself and really needed this list too. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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