10 Awesome Books Like The Lord Of The Rings!

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy is something appreciated by many and the work of J. R. R. Tolkien on the series is just marvelous. The way everything is accommodated in the series is admirable and I think that it was one of the best book series I ever read. The storyline is perfectly balanced to the interests of all sorts of readers and the ideas put forward by the books justify their fandom pretty well.

It depicts the story of a set of rings that were forged to rule all over mankind and the name of the series, “The Lord of the Rings” is set after the Dark Lord Sauron who lost the one ring that rules over all the other rings of power and wishes to find them. The story revolves around how he wishes to enslave Middle-earth and continues through the struggles of the hobbits to protect the ring from getting into the hands of Sauron.

Anyone who would’ve read the trilogy might most definitely love the way Tolkien has carried the storyline forward to maintain absolute thrill throughout. As a reader, if you have gone through the entire series and wish to read more books like this instead of checking out the movie franchise then here is a list of the best books you can check out.

10 Books like the Lord of the Rings

#1. The Dragonbone Chair

Books like the Lord of the Rings

This book is written by Tad Williams. And it really deserves to be on the top of this list. The author has crafted the storyline in such a way that it will obviously appeal to any reader but if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy then this particular book will blow your mind completely. It revolves around dark sorcery and I think the concept of the story might fascinate you.

It revolves around a peaceful place which is under the threat of an undead king as he wishes to gain control of it. But there is still a chance of that land to be saved by the League of Scroll. This league is made up of brave scholars along with the help of Simon, who was a part of the king’s kitchen but after the king falls sick, he learns his responsibility to save his world.

#2. The Naming

This book is written by Alison Croggon. And it is another insightfully captivating book that you must go through. The female protagonist in this book doesn’t know much about her talents and potential. Just like in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo doesn’t exactly know his absolute potential but Gandolf does and that is why he pushes him to be better.

This similarity is the entire theme of this book and is based on the vague concept of mutual discovery. The name of our protagonist is Maerad and she is initially a slave. But when a bard, who is considered one of the greatest, discovers her, he takes her in and helps her understand and sharpen her potential. This leads to a great turn of events where they both set off to save the world against the darkest forces.

#3. The Deed of Paksenarrion: Sheepfarmer’s Daughter

This book is written by Elizabeth Moon. It is a great book and the world depicted in the book is pretty much similar to middle Earth which makes it quite similar to the Lord of the Rings. It follows a simple yet spellbinding storyline which is definite to tickle your fancy. The fantasy elements and basic character description is pretty strong and is quite fascinating to go through as even a new reader.

It is the first book of its series which revolves around a female protagonist named Paksenarrion. She refuses her father’s wish of getting her married to a pig farmer and instead rides off to join the army. The bravado and revolutionary thought patterns put forward in this book are marvelous. It is really interesting to read for any and every dedicated leader due to the story and values it puts forward.

#4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

This book is written by C. S. Lewis. It is the very first book of its series and it has magic along with various characters which make it pretty interesting. The characters defined in this book have a certain twist and the way the story is told is beautiful. The series has also been adapted into a movie franchise which has brought in even more fans to it. I have been a fan of this series myself and I would suggest reading it.

The first book is most recommended as I think it is the best in character representation and the story is most similar to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It revolves around the story of four normal American siblings who magically get pulled into the land of Narnia and become kings and queens. The storyline is pretty amazing and the quests that they have to accomplish, to save the people of their kingdom, are really thrilling to go through. It is a book that provokes people to think.

#5. A Clash of Kings

This book is written by George R. R. Martin. And I don’t think it was even possible to not include a Game of Thrones book into the list and especially this one. Before this book, the two great leaders of the seven kingdoms had faced death due to the treachery of the world. These were King Robert of the House Baratheon and Lord Eddard of the House Stark. And also the arrival of the red comet indicated the return of dragons.

This is the second book of the series and starts with the chaos and treachery of the seven kingdoms, flowing free into the hearts of the people. As the war starts to break and confusion sets in, everything becomes dark. This book even marks the return of the dead and the complete disclosure of incest and other such activities in the kingdoms. The claim to the throne is what remains confusing at this time as everyone wishes to be on it. Reading this book of the series would make you fall in love with it.

#6. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This book is written by J. K. Rowling. And this is another famous book that is a part of a widely loved series. It was also later converted into a movie franchise which only made it better. The first book is the most recommended one as it is what I think marks the entry of a new era. I love this book myself because a lot of the good memories are there which are unadulterated and actually make the reader happy.

The book revolves around the Character of Harry Potter and how he first finds out that he is a magician. He goes off to the Hogwarts’ school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and makes new friends who are on the same journey as him. The book goes forward to build up a great story of friendship and bravery, and the way everything turns out is pretty interesting. Harry has to face a part of Voldemort in a way that might be fatal to him. Reading this book might introduce you to a lifetime of fandom.

#7. Eldest

This book is written by Christopher Paolini. It is a part of the Inheritance Cycle series. After the first book as Eragon and his dragon have won against King Galbatorix who was a cruel ruler and by defeating him, they have simply saved the people from darkness. This was all a part of the previous book and after this, the storyline of Eldest begins.

Eragon has to go to Ellesmera, which is a land of the elves, along with his dragon, Saphira, to train in the arts of a Dragon Rider. This training will be a further advancement of his swordsmanship and magic as a rider and the journey is inspiring to all the readers. The adventures mixed with the introduction of new people is obviously eye-catching and I think this book of the series is the best. The chaos and betrayal brought forward in the book can really get you thinking.

#8. The Da Vinci Code

This book is written by Dan Brown. The writing style of the author is really wonderful and the way he brings in fiction to reality is absolutely admirable. I don’t think there might be any reader who hasn’t heard of Dan Brown or his books. His books connect us to history in a very exciting way and thrilling way. This book directly talks about the descendant of the royal bloodline of Jesus.

As we already know, Robert Langdon is the symbologist, taken as a protagonist in this book. He is contacted when a suspicious murder takes place of the Louvre’s elderly curator inside the museum itself. Robert Langdon along with Sophie Neveu, a French cryptologist, goes through the case side by side, uncovering different clues through Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, the last supper. It is of grave importance to figure out the secrets to keep the last person to have Jesus’s bloodline safe.

#9. Dragonsbane

This book is written by Barbara Hambly. And I think it will definitely speak to you if you like the stories with dragons and fearless warriors in a mix. It is a tale that puts forward some adventurous questing, tasteful humor, and powerful magic into the ultimate literary piece. It is set in a scene where a vicious dragon deems destruction upon the Southlands.

This is when the Crown Prince Gareth set forward a quest to the Forbidding North to find the Dragonsbane, Lord Aversin, who is the only person who can possibly kill the dragon. But when he finds the mighty Dragonsbane, it turns into quite a bit of a disappointment. As he gets to know that Lord Aversin didn’t kill the dragon with his wits and sword and rather used a dishonorable poison to carry out a deed. Now they have to kill the dragon with what they’ve got which is what makes this tale pretty interesting.

#10. The Hobbit

This book is written by J. R. R. Tolkien. And a lot of people think that this is a part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy but it actually isn’t. It portrays the tale of a time which occurred much before the trilogy starts and this prequel is actually really interesting to read. It isn’t as successful as the trilogy but it is a great side read if you have already read the trilogy.

It is somewhat a children’s fantasy novel which was obviously set in times much before the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It concentrates more on the story of Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit who was the cousin of Frodo Baggins as in the Lord of the Rings universe. This book discusses the quests and adventures undergone by Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit, along with his companions who were dwarfs and I think it is a must-read if you are an actual fan of the franchise.

I hope I was able to present a fascinating list of books that are similar to the Lord of the Rings. The books included in the list are my personal recommendations and will definitely trigger your fancy. If the content was helpful, please drop a comment below or leave a like on the post.

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