Best Option Trading books of 2020

The Option Trading involves the buying and selling of underlying asset like the security that is allowed by a contact. The contract is the ‘option’ that is seen as a trading option. This practice is carried out at the options market, this option market trade the contracts that are based on their security.

The option trading is seen as a lucrative idea that gives you an opportunity to earn a little extra. It is totally different than stock trading and involves limited risk. But anything related to the market of trading requires you to have some skills and good knowledge of the market.

Since it is not a child’s play, you need to gain complete knowledge of the subject, because even if it’s limited, the risk is still there. There are numerous Option Trading books in the market that will help you learn everything about Options Trading. Option Trading books are all about using the right strategies and techniques that are used to maximize profit and minimize loss.

We have selected some best option trading books for you available in the market. These books are revised as of 2020 and provides the best result when it comes to learning all about Options Trading.

1. Options Trading Crash Course

best option trading books

Options Trading Crash Course is the best course out there for beginners. If you are just entering the field and have no prior knowledge on the subject then this book will help you learn the basics of it. The book is easily available on online platforms such as Amazon.

The author of the Options Trading Crash Course is Frank Richmond. The book is pretty small and has only 82 pages but in those 82 pages, the author has perfectly described Options trading the way it should be described. The step-by-step guide breaks down everything for you so that you can understand everything completely through a beginner’s point of view.

The book will introduce you to all the concepts concerned with the options trading and will provide you all the necessary details about the market. It is also pretty affordable as compared to others.

2. Options as a Strategic Investment

Options as a strategic investment book is authored by Lawrence G. McMillan. The book is one of the best selling books in the market available on options trading. It is your complete guide to learn every concept and idea concerned with the subject.

The book, Options as a strategic investment is considered as the best comprehensive guide about options trading that has everything in pretty detail. The book starts from the basics, where it involves the fundamentals of the market, then the book also covers how the markets function and the right time and place of investment in these options markets.

The book is over a thousand pages long and it could be a heavy read but once you start reading it, you will realize that every page of the book is worth your time.

3. Options Volatility and Pricing

Options Volatility and Pricing is written by the author Sheldon Natenberg. This is also one of the best selling books in the market but this book is more for the professionals who already have some prior knowledge about options trading. The book, Options Volatility and Pricing has a more advanced approach and is designed for the people who are already a part of the market.

The book has the tagline, ‘Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques’ and it stands firm on it. It has numerous amount of strategies and techniques that will help you become an expert in the field and will actually give you all the insides of the market.

Options Volatility and Pricing teaches us some effective ways to determine the profitable areas in the market and also one of the techniques to find the options that will provide you desired results.

4. The Options Playbook

The Options Playbook is written by Brian Overby who is the Tradeking Senior Options Analyst. The Options Playbook has a unique approach towards the options trading. If you are looking for ways to get trade options in a variety of ways then this book is your calling.

The book covers 40 most popular techniques and strategies of options trading. The author has brilliantly categorized the book into three parts, namely, bullish, bearish and neutral. The categorization is done on the basis of the risk tolerance of the readers. From these three categories and techniques, you chose what works best for you as per your investment.

The Options Playbook teaches us various ways in which we can get the most amount of profit and get the minimum loss.

5. Trading Options Greeks

Trading Options Greeks is written by Dan Passarelli. In the world of trading, ‘Greeks’ means the strategies and the ways that are used to determine and evaluate the position of your option in the market and also the price fluctuation. The book focuses on ‘How time, volatility and other pricing factors drive profits’ as it’s tagline reads.

It is one of the most important books that are crucial to learning everything about options trading. The techniques that are explained in this book are pretty easy to understand and anybody without having any prior knowledge on the subject could understand it.

6. Trading In Your Spare Time

Trading In Your Spare Time is written especially for women. It is authored by Wendy Kirkland and Virginia McCullough who have tried their best to explain the options trading to the women who find it difficult to indulge themselves in the trading market.

Women are often faced with some challenges while using the trade market for their profit and to put a stop it, the authors of the book ‘Trading in your spare time’ have used a unique approach to offer strategies and advice to women who do not have any prior knowledge of the subject.

The book has all sorts of ideas, information, tables, charts to give you everything about the concerned topic that will help you build wealth even with a pretty small investment.

7. The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund

The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund is authored by Dennis A. Chen and Mark Sebastian. In this book, the authors have walked us through the insights of the trade market along with various techniques and strategies in a pretty different way. The slightly different take of the authors in the Options Trader’s Hedge Fund has proved to be effective for the reader’s and that’s what earned the book a place on the list.

The book focuses on teaching the readers about how they start something of their own in the options trading market. It gives you all the detail that is required to set up your own business in the options trading. The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund is a step by step guide to teach you how to have a consistent income in the options trade market with the help of a well-planned business model.

8. Binary Options Trading

Binary Options Trading is authored by John Reigner, and it uses a pretty simple approach to guide you in the trade options market. The book will simply teach you about the option that you are trading and whether or not it is likely to help you earn some profit off it.

The binary options path is brilliantly described by John Reigner in this book. He has a pretty interesting approach to the options trade market. The risk is definitely more in this way but if you learn the technique once effectively, it can work wonders for you in the options trading and Binary Options Trading book is here to make it happen.

The book is published in the year 2019 and that is why it uses some modern techniques and also has som updated content about the market.


The above-mentioned books were some of the best books concerned with options trading. The market may be a risky one but if you have some good techniques and strategies you can ace it like a pro and that’s what these books are for. These books are easily available in the market and will give you complete information about the market and the ways to earn maximum profit.

Each book is written from a different perspective, so you will just have to find a way that works best for you and choose your book accordingly.

If you have any queries or doubts you can ask them by commenting in the comment section below, also, we would love to get your feedback.

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