10 Best Networking Books To Channelize Your Energy

Imagine you are standing on stage and giving your world’s best speech boisterously keeping your words and thoughts in front of numerous people without a doubt or a hesitation, sounds amazing, isn’t it? It’s not enough the people standing out there are listening to you and working on what you ask them to do. Well, this can be just found in imagination for some people, but some personnel really stand out from the crowd and influence them and make people do what they actually want from them. Let’s take another example- you are a salesperson and you are out to sell a mattress but you don’t know from where to start, what to do, who is your targeted audience… From here the work of networking starts for any recognition, sale, or influencing, you require a chain of people who can turn out to be fruitful for any craft out in the globe.  You need to build a chain and that is done with strategy, confidence, communication, and presence, now you might be thinking how to generate those qualities in you. Well without creating any gaga this article is your path towards networking. 

This exclusive article comprises of 10 best networking books that can change your perception and persona by facing confidently to the world.

10 best networking books to influence connectivity

1. How To Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

Published In: 1936

best networking books

This book tops the list of best networking books for a reason. You seek a job and get it, now have it and you want to grow in the same forever. But that can only happen if you have the scope of improvement. You need to be a decision-maker that is always in your favor. The title itself is self-explanatory and your mind starts tickling when you hear such a socializing term. The book carries time tested advice obeyed by countless people to turn failures into success and boosting personal lives as well. This best-seller of all time captures your attention in the most possible way like 6 ways to make people like you, 12 ways to win people to your way of thinking, 9 ways to change people without arousing resentment, And much more! The book is great to discover yourself a better friend, mentor, family member, boss, or any potential personality.

2. Croissants vs. Bagels: Networking at Conferences

Author: Robbie Samuels

Published In: 2017

Croissants vs. Bagels: Networking at Conferences

When you seek for a practical guide to help you build meaningful and authentic connections this book is all you are talking about. This book all about not wasting time networking and start building great relationships. Imagine roaming the whole day, meeting countless people collecting business cards and non giving fruitful result and you still don’t feel that connection with your targeted people. The book is apt for all whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, amateur or an expert it has something or the other to offer all. It natural to feel anxious about networking but this book shares practical steps to help you feel empowered, not only that book focuses on practical examples of how to approach and engage people who are opposite and how to crack conversation or break the ice to feel comfortable. This extraordinary book teaches to set your goals with an estimated ROI and comprises of tools and techniques to build strong networking. 

3. How to Be a Power Connector: The 5+50+100 Rule

Author: Judy Robinett

Published In: 2014

How to Be a Power Connector: The 5+50+100 Rule

You need to be a great influencer in order to achieve answers, deals, money, access, power which is seen in the hands of many people surrounded in the world. , power, and influence you need to get what you want in this world. Guess what who can help you to achieve that? yes, you guessed it right it’s your surroundings. You generate business from people and anyone in business knows, strategic planning is critical to achieving long-term success. the book leads you to the path where you enhance your skills and talent in the right direction and get the best outcome. According to Judy Robinett, strategic relationship planning should be your top priority and managing your relationships, nothing will stop you from meeting your goals. This book is an absolutely brilliant masterpiece in order to achieve your set goals bu getting in connection with people. And trust me this book is an ocean once you start reading it takes you deeper and deeper. With such a magnificent approach this book is of the best networking books you will encounter ever.

4. The Game of Networking: MLMers ARE MANY. NETWORKERS ARE FEW

Author: Rob Sperry

Published In: 2017

The Game of Networking: MLMers ARE MANY. NETWORKERS ARE FEW

The book comprises 3 1/2 Laws to enhance and heighten your network marketing skills to increase sales, remodel your connection and reference. Well, you might be aware that the top inventors, visionaries and mavericks all used networking to launch and leverage their companies. You talk about Thomas Edison networking with Henry Ford or Steve Jobs networking with George Lucas to acquire Pixar not only that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet networking all have generated the benefit and you will be acquiring, in the same way, but they did also just need to follow the techniques mentioned to create lasting change and massive success.

5. Networking for People Who Hate Networking

Author: Devora Zack

Published In: 2010

Networking for People Who Hate Networking

Some find it weird to interact with the strangers in any means. But still some work on their personality for example-Devora Zack who hates talking to strangers and was never able to pull up a conversation till date but she evo0lved and is now a successful consultant who addresses thousands of people each year and without changing her personality. To get build a network you need not change or even learn how to fake it. The book explores the networking approach that can be even more effective than traditional techniques. Networking helps you to accomplish your goals without changing your personality by working on your strengths.

6. Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

Author: Mark H. Maxwell

Published In: 2018

Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

It can be considered that networking is all about how you serve your attitude, skills and talent in front of your audience. The book is a self-focused fresh content which you desperately need to change the necessary perspective. Moving from one place to another in search of the best business opportunities. Networking Kills delivers what the Bible and Jesus say about true success. Intertwining inscription with Maxwell’s own accounts from his professional career and pop culture illustrations not only that Networking Kills examines the need for cultural change concerning the success. Writer covered the aspects in the book are Networking kills creativity, Networking kills authentic relationships, Networking kills life, Networking kills love. The story is not over yet it also works on the services like serving erases the fear of failure, serving erases conflict, serving creates purpose, serving creates value, serving creates provision and serving changes the world. The book is great for the one who is willing to change and seeking the best opportunity.

7. The 20-Minute Networking Meeting – Learn to Network. Get a Job

Author: Marcia Ballinger and Nathan A. Perez

Published In: 2012

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting - Learn to Network. Get a Job

Willing to scrutinize the art and science of networking, this is the boon. Though the book gives you the texture like a how-to textbook but has terrifically explained the aspect like who, what, when, where, and how of successful networking. This eye-catchy content book makes you understand the basics of the “invisible job market” that make you work on connections and also the authors contest that this makes up 70 percent of all jobs. You get to learn about the biggest tactic of how to deliver the “quick and dirty” version of what you can deliver, what you have, and what you need to enhance. The entire book explains the docket for meetings and maintaining your network throughout your intact vocation. This book with excessive demand is a must-read to understand the networking modules.

8. The Charisma Myth: Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

Author: Olivia Fox Cabane 

Published In: 2013

The Charisma Myth: Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

All of you meet countless people on a daily basis and communicate with them, each has a different way of communicating clearly indicates that nobody is born with communication skills. The writer focuses on arguing in the book to create a mindset and train yourself with techniques to build charisma. Grab some exclusive straightforward tips and specific actions to initiate conversation. work on the art of visualization of what you want to make it happen. The book offers you to study the four types of charisma that makes you understand how to motivate people in various circumstances. 

Well, the quality is not over yet the book also points out how charisma can be built by providing opportunities to others, and moreover networking and connecting with others becomes much easier. If you have known about the charisma before this is book is best to understand and smoothen your skills.

9. Super connector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter

Author: Ryan Paugh and Scott Gerber

Published In: 2018

Super connector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter

The approach towards networking is always been stereotype like attending an unending loud, congested, frantic event with the bulk of people all around, but is it really effective? The answer is NO, so what can you do to gain your business. This book is perfect to understand how to build quality relationships and how to take it forward by connecting the dots. The book comprises various stories of several such community builders who have made the corresponding career fields and encourage you to interact more efficiently and compassionately by writers. Though the book doesn’t deal with career path specifically but can definitely help you out in your profession. There are various chapters in the book and each will inspire and encourage you to take new risks and provides you with powerful advice to live a passionate and worthful life.

10. Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards

Author: Derek Coburn

Published In: 2014

Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards

Time to break the stereotype, managing networking events full day collecting business cards and meeting countless people. This sounds cheesy but this actually happens, a room full of desperate strangers trying to jostle business cards at one another and worthless trying to connect different people all time with that tiring fake smile. But unfortunately these events do not go so well as per your expectations. This book proposes different strategies in a very different way. This book involves effective ideas and concepts to build a network, most importantly it helps you the effective knowledge to provide value to your clients and contacts. You need to understand what is your client base and once you know what to offer it becomes easy to build your network. The book involves an abundance of real-life stories with takeaways to apply to your profession. 


Networking and socializing is one aspect that everyone needs to deal with in their life at certain points in order to define their career. All career opportunities provide the appraisal on the basis of your talent and skills to built a great and beneficial network.

The above-mentioned books in this article are the best networking books in order to create a great network, socialize, and define a career. These amazing and self-explanatory books are crafted by renowned authors that can be really helpful to create a fruitful network which can give your professional and your personal life an amazing ounce. 

This article consolidates the collection of handpicked best networking books that can change your perception towards socializing, creating a productive chain, breaking the stereotypes and moreover contains techniques and strategies for networking so that you can create your own networking chain. Do let us know in the comment section how you liked this article and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them by commenting below.

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