The idea of learning calculus may seem a little overwhelming for the students, but if you have the right book, you will realize it is not that complicated. Books definitely play a significant role in the learning process of students. A good book can work wonders for the students therefore it is really important to know some when you are trying to learn something.

Coming back to calculus, the books of calculus are used in the preparation of competitive exams like IIT JEE. These books deal with some concepts of mathematics like geometry, trigonometry, algebra, etc. There are numerous books that you will find in the market, but it is hard to tell which one of them will serve the purpose rightly.

Well, to minimize your struggle to find the right book for yourself.

We have listed 12 best calculus Textbooks for students below:

1. The Calculus Primer

The Calculus Primer: best calculus textbooks

The Calculus Primer is written by Wiliam L. Schaaf and it was published in the year 2011. It covers all the aspects related to the integral and differential calculus. The best thing about the Calculus Primer is that this book deals with various complicated mathematical concepts with so much ease and the manner of presentation of the information in the Calculus Primer is what makes it ‘The book’ for aspirants.

The book features various examples, diagrams, questions, and answers as a special element to make it interesting and worth reading for the students. The book is perfect for beginners as the structure of the books is created by bearing all the basic needs of s beginner in mind.

You will find all the basic concepts related to the calculus such as all the fundamentals related to the concept, derivatives, functions, differentiation of algebra, transcendental functions, partial differentiation, indeterminate forms, the definite integral, partial integration, general and special methods of integration.

2. Sneaky Math

A Graphic Primer with Projects: Ace the basics of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus with everyday things

Sneaky Math

Sneaky Math is written by Cy Tymony and it was published in the year 2014. Cy Tymony is the author of the best selling Sneaky Uses series. His series uses a great fun approach to make students learn even complicated things with ease. This book shows the best effort of Cy Tymony to make maths interesting.

The book has 20 pass along tools that complement math education programs through which the author has tried to show us math all around us.

Sneaky Math is divided into seven sections. These seven sections are listed below:

  1. Fundamentals of numbers and arithmetic.
  2. Algebra Primer
  3. Geometry Primer
  4. Trignometry Primer
  5. Calculus Primer
  6. Sneaky Math Challenges, Tricks, and Formulas
  7. Resources

3. Calculus in Context: Background Basics and Applications

Calculus in Context: Background Basics and Applications

Calculus in context is written by Alexander J. Hahn, it was published in the year 2017. The books takes a unique approach and make the students interested in the subject through two new ways. The first part of the book deals with the basic mathematical preliminaries, these subjects include geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and coordinate geometry. An interesting thing to note is that all these concepts are dealt with in a historical time frame.

On the other hand, the second part of the book uses a rather modern approach to treat the fundamentals of the differentiation and integration calculus. Through this book, you will also get introduced to the core ideas related to the subject. These concepts include torque, inertia, acceleration, force, momentum, and the properties of lenses.

The topics that are covered in Calculus in context are:

  1. Introduction to the basics of calculus such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, also the various historical and scientific point of view and agendas that resulted in these concepts.
  2. Newton and Leibniz’s work on the introductory of calculus.
  3. The second part of the book represents a modernist point of view and deals with differential and integral calculus.
  4. The fourth part involves the analysis of various applications such as the dome of the pantheon, dynamics of the bullet, the geometry of pseudosphere, the momentum of the object in free fall, the optics of a telescope, etc.

4. The Everything Guide to Calculus 1

A step by step guide to the basics of calculus- in plain English!

The Everything Guide to Calculus 1

The Everything Guide to Calculus 1 is written by Greg Hill, it was published in the year 2011. This book perfectly explains the complicated matters of advanced science and math beginning with the basics of calculus. This book can prove to be a little hard to read or understand if you are not familiar with calculus. So it is suggested to only prefer this book when you are learning it for a while.

The book features tons of practice exercises, various elements that are used in this book covers all the aspects related to Calculus. These concepts include Monomials and polynomials, calculation maxima and minima, integrals, derivatives of a function, finding the volume of irregularly shapes objects, limits of a function, logarithm differentials, etc.

5. Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, Books a la Carte Plus MyMathLab Access Card Package

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, Books a la Carte Plus MyMathLab Access Card Package

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, Books a la Carte Plus MyMathLab Access Card Package is written by Allyn J. Washington, it was published in the year 2013. The author of this book has brilliantly approached the technicalities associated with the concept of calculus meanwhile focusing on the integration part.

The book provides the students with unlimited practice source by a fully developed MyMathLab program. The book features various elements that help the students with the learning process such as every section of the book has a video worked example, guided instructions.

6. Pre-Calculus Demystified Second Edition

Pre-Calculus Demystified Second Edition

The book is written by Rhonda Huettenmueller, which was published in the year 2012. The book is a complete guide that helps the students in the mastering the study of pre-calculus. The book is designed especially for the beginners that helps them in understanding calculus from the basics. It gives a way to the students to move forward to the more complicated part and advanced approach of the calculus.

The book covers all the important aspects such as logarithms, matrix arithmetic, linear questions, polynomial division, the rational zero theorem, Basic trigonometry. The book is perfect for students having different levels of understanding of the subject. This book is good for the students who are just beginning to study the subject and also for the ones who already know the basics and moving forward to learn the advanced concepts.

7. Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics

Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics

Vectors, Tensors, and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics are written by Rutherford Aris. The book was published in the year 1990. The book brilliantly deals with mathematical concepts while focusing on the physical theories associated with it. Vectors, Tensors, and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics is written for students studying at graduate and undergraduate levels.

The main audience of this book is the engineers, physicists, and applied mathematicians studying at various levels. The book explores multiple concepts associated with the calculus of partial differentiation and multiple integration. The book also deals with the background meanwhile also focus the algebra and calculus of Cartesian Vectors and tensors.

Some chapters given the book also deal with the geometry of surfaces in space, the equations of reacting fluids, and the equations of surface flow.

8. Basic Partial Differential Equations

Basic Partial Differential Equations

Basic Partial Differential Equations was published in the year 1997 and the author of this book is David D. Bleecker for the University of Hawaii and George Csordas from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This book is written from a learning point of view of the students who are just beginning the study of the subject.

The book helps in the preparation of various competitive exams by providing them with numerous problems and solutions. Basic Partial Differential Equations also constitutes 280 examples worked out in detail and 600 exercises of varying levels of difficulty.

You will also find the answers to the problems at the back of the book. The book covers all the topics with extensive applications such as electrostatics, square drums, minimal surfaces, wave propagation, heat conduction, quantum mechanics, spheres and manifolds, vibrations of strings, gravitation, etc.

9. Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus

Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus is written by Peter K.F. Kuhfitting and was published in the year 1989. The book has an interesting take on the basics of mathematics and is designed especially for students who are interested more towards the mathematical approach.

This book is ideal for students who are taking courses in algebra and trigonometry. Also the book has a great approach towards calculus in the department of technology.

10. The Calculus Direct

An intuitively Obvious Approach to a Basic Understanding of the calculus for the calculus observer

The Calculus Direct

The Calculus Direct is written by John Weiss. This book was published in the year 2010. The book is for the students who have no prior knowledge about the mathematical aspect concerned with calculus, The book is known for providing the students with the most efficient way. The Calculus Direct provides an easy way to learn the concepts associated with calculus.

The main motto of the Calculus direct is to make students understand the fundamentals of the subject. The brilliant book has everything written in a concise manner that facilitates learning for the students starting to get a grip on the subject.


The above list of books is the most efficient one to help you learn Calculus. Each one of them is written brilliantly to make the students learn the concepts of calculus in an easy manner. The level of difficulty may vary in these books but they are designed in a way to conceptualize calculus in the perfect way.

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