Some Of The Best Book Series For Adults

A lot of adults believe in reading instead of other types of entertainment methods. The music that the current youngsters listen to is something that doesn’t qualify for music, to be honest. And they don’t watch TV shows and movies, they rely on web-based platforms like Netflix to watch quite confusing things. In a situation of such tumult, only books are left that haven’t changed, this drastically and irritatingly.

This is why if you wish to spend this weekend on your bed, curled up with a good book, I won’t judge you. Instead, you would have my heartfelt sympathies. And most of the readers are quite dedicated to literary work, which is why they prefer to complete a series completely once they start reading it. So I have a few series listed below that might be food for the thoughts of some adults as well as quite interesting.

5 Best Book Series for Adults

I won’t just be listing the series but I would rather provide a book-by-book review on each book of the series as well. So hold on tight and keep reading on!

The Lady Sherlock

There are four books in this series and are written by Sherry Thomas. It is basically based on the popular detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his quest with a simple twist that the main character isn’t Sherlock, it is Charlotte Holmes. She uses Sherlock as an alias to conceal her identity. She even has an assistant named Watson, who is also a woman. This means that it is a type of Sherlock Holmes books with their genders swapped.

A study in Scarlet woman

A study in scarlet women: Book Series For Adults

This book marks the beginning of Charlotte Holmes’s life as a detective. This starts when her sister and father are blamed for some unexpected deaths in the city and she tries to clear all the charges in the family name. She was helped by a couple of friends that included, a kind-hearted widow, a man who loved her since the past and a police inspector.

She tries to find the actual culprit behind these events to help her sister and father. So she takes up the name of Sherlock Holmes to fight crime and move against the expectations of society as a whole. This book will unlock certain secrets that would definitely thrill the reader.

A conspiracy in Belgravia

As Charlotte was shunned out by society, she had enough freedom and time to practice her powers of deduction. She is basically a consulting detective and takes the help of her friend Mrs. Watson to solve cases and has been quite helpful in a large number of cases of different types. But the client that presents herself at the doorstep of her Baker Street office isn’t someone that she is prepared for.

This client is the wife of a very dear friend of Charlotte, Lady Ingram, and she wants to employ the services of this brilliant detective to find her first love who didn’t give an appearance at their annual rendezvous.  The book takes a sharp turn when Charlotte finds out that this man is none other than her half-brother Myron Finch which is when it gets more of a personal issue rather than a professional matter related to her loyalty,

A lot of other stuff also goes on simultaneously while the state of events uncovers. This mostly refers to the unexpected proposal that her sister gets from a mysterious man that she didn’t know about and soon a body with no certain identification, enters our picture. This book shows her journey of trying to find her half-brother before something terrible happens to him. It shows her attempts of trying to find her brother before he turns into an unidentified corpse as well.

The hollow of fear

This book is my favorite amongst this series and would definitely woo all the readers who try to go through it. It makes the reader curious about everything and tries to highlight the character of the great detective Charlotte Holmes using the alias of Sherlock Holmes. It isn’t just that our female protagonist needs to know what others don’t, it is rather about the fact that she wants to know it.

This is the book that introduces the character of Moriarty and if any of you have been a fan of the original Sherlock Holmes then you know that this character plays a key role in the outcome of the plot. It starts with the setting from the previous book that Charlotte’s half-brother turns up missing and Lady Ingram, her friend’s wife, is found missing in her husband’s estate.

Lord Ingram is suspected of the murder of his wife because all the signs are pointing towards him. And because of the closing in of the Scotland Yard, our wonderfully brilliant detective has to go under disguise in order to find out the truth. But this also means that she would get into the effect of some other malevolent forces to get through this which will be what she might have to regret.

The art of theft

This book is currently the latest work of the author in this series. Honestly, it is very interesting to see how the dynamics of this series change through this book. After finally being able to solve the mysteries of the previous murders and the disappearance of certain individuals, she is trying to look into the ways of a thief by trying to steal a priceless artwork.

The said artwork contains secrets that are yet to be discovered and maybe paradigm-shifting. This quest is aided by her close friend Mrs. Watson who tries to help Charlotte out of this case during this time of continuous confusion.  She has to infiltrate an auction and get her hands on this piece of artwork.

All the people close to her are trying to get her the artwork by some clever rues and distract everyone else. They all try to bid on the artwork and are all supporting Charlotte in her quest which makes her a step closer to acquiring it. This book shows her journey through this mission of knowing these hidden secrets covered by this artwork. 

The Loyal League

This book series is written by Alyssa Cole and consists of three books currently. It is set in the times of The American Civil War which makes it a series on historical romance fiction. It talks about a number of Black Spies who are infested in America for the Union Army to leak intel. It takes us through the stories of these spies where they find a lot of information along with some great action. It tells the story of how they find love and romance in their ways.

An extraordinary union

The book shows the journey of a powerful and courageous pair of spies who jump voluntarily and fearlessly into a situation of great confusion and danger. It discusses how they shift the course of history by making their way through all the obstacles that come their way.

The two spies that indulge themselves in this mission are Elle Burns and Malcolm McCall. The former is a woman who lived in Massachusetts and had an eidetic memory along with a passion for justice and she also was a slave earlier in her life. While the latter worked for Pinkerton’s secret service as a detective.

Elle is given to work as a slaver in South for the union army as a spy while Malcolm is asked to infiltrate a rebel enclave situated in Virginia. It is quite obvious to know that the leads of this book carry a certain passion for each other and their revolutionary roles in the outcome of this book are just brilliant.

A Hope Divided

Into three years of the civil war, Marlie Lynch, our female protagonist has always tried to help the cause in peace. She used to write letters to provide intel about anti-rebel alliances and uprisings near her Carolina woods and she has done her best to carry out her missions without a single thought crossing her mind.

She is safe due to her father’s white name protecting her till a group of vicious people by the confederate Home Guard, take control of her house to run their new operation’s base during the guerilla war. This book tells the story of Marlie along with Ewan McCall of how they have to run away from their own belongings to protect themselves against the current issues that they have to endure when their freedom is put on the line.

An unconditional freedom

This is honestly my favorite book in this series. It has great plot twists and would definitely be a snack for its readers. It shows a man named Daniel Cumberland who lives in Massachusetts. It discusses how his life is turned upside down when he is kidnapped one night and then sold into slavery. He is full of despair and sorrow until he is offered to join the Loyal League as a spy. This frees him from the bonds of slavery and then he tries to use this opportunity to overthrow Confederacy, fueled by his rage.

The other character in this book is a woman named Janeta Sanchez. She lives in a small town in Florida. Her story starts when the Union Army takes on her town and her father is thrown into prison even though their family had some ties to Cuba. Her father was imprisoned unjustly on the grounds of treason. Now, she is offered by the Confederacy to act as a double agent and infiltrate the Loyal League, in exchange for freeing her father.

This book shows how our male protagonist is aggravated and intrigued by the arrival of Janeta in the league. This is the very first time in a while that he feels anything other than anger. They are assigned as partners on a case to track Jefferson Davis on the tour of South. The best thing about this novel is that it tries to accommodate the stories of both these partners so well and it also highlights everything they have to endure while ensuring their secret missions. They ultimately start falling for each other, and that is when this book gets really interesting.

The Newsflesh

This series of books is written by Mira Grant and it contains four literary pieces. The writer is quite widely appreciated which is why it can easily be said that the series must be great and thrilling. It is a series of horror books and does justice to their genre quite appreciably. This book portrays a reality where mankind has found a cure to all diseases but now there’s a virus that affects people’s brains and turns them into a zombie-like creature. Quite thrilling and fun, it starts 20 years after the virus is released and shows the story after that. It even has a few short books for literary sidelined information.


This book is set in the year 2014, where humans have successfully cured cancer and simply thrown common cold off the map. But, during the process, humans created a much deadlier issue that can’t be resolved and spreads very quickly.

This infection kept spreading at a very high rate. The title of this first book, “Feed” is due to what infests in the brains of the people affected. All they can do is eat. This virus simply takes over the brain and the body to infest this simple command which in turn would lead to global contamination.

This book depicts the story of our two protagonists, Georgia and Shaun Mason who are bloggers and are trying to get to the bottom of who actually was behind the release of this virus, twenty years after it has spread. They go to great lengths to figure it out even at the cost of their lives.


This book shows the life of our frustrated and run down male protagonist, Shaun Mason. After everything he has lost, he has lost all interest in his life and the world. It is the sequel of the last book. It resumes after the last book and shows how disinterested, Shaun has become.

He rediscovers his interest in life when a CDC researcher appears on Shaun’s doorsteps after faking her death along with a hungry pack of zombies at her tail. He finds out through this researcher that the conspiracy might not yet be over. He was successful in taking down the people who started this but he might still not have gone through its roots.

So he accompanies the researcher on a trip to find out how deep this all goes. It gives a thrill ride to the readers where they get to find out whether our protagonist makes it alive or not.


This book of the series starts in the year 2041 when a curious investigation has begun after the new president, Ryman has been elected. Their biggest problem is that they are extremely understaffed at their own news agency and there is a lot to discover yet.

They have to collect a lot of information and get through a lot of human pressure to complete this quest. They don’t just have to face zombies, but instead, there are mad scientists, rogue government agencies and a lot more to chill them to their bones. And they also have to remember that things may go wrong any minute.


This installment of the series takes all the ongoing events to a more drastic stage. It paralyzes America with fear. Swallowing the streets, buildings and all the other places in the country into states of deep tumult, our protagonists are devastated.

This provides a great mix of a lot of genres into a single book. it discusses the politics involved in this plague-infested country and how everything plays a role in affecting the current situation. It is quite a whirlpool and once you start reading it, our protagonist won’t let you leave it half-way.

The Twilight Saga

This book series is written by Stephanie Meyer and consists of 4 books in total. It brings to light, a story about magical and mythological creatures like werewolves and vampires and how they live in the same society along with each other by their guidelines used to govern their actions and their peace treaties, saving them from war amongst. Initially, it starts just by accommodating the vampires and then introduces the werewolves later on in their second book which changes the dynamics of the thoughts of our female lead character. It efficiently grabs the attention of its readers and doesn’t let them out of its sight as the reader starts falling for it.


This is the first book of this series and it starts with introducing the characters of the series while taking a deep look in just two of its main characters. It doesn’t disclose a lot of the backstory of these characters and just takes a subtle look into the series. It follows our characters into a place where they first start falling in love.

The end of this book is just like most books end. There is a problem that our leads have to face that is three passing vampires witness Bella and one of those three vampires is a hunter. This hunter’s name is James and he would go to any lengths to get his prey. This book ends with a happy note but you need to read the book to find out whether the Cullens are successful in killing James or does he escape.

New Moon

Basically, being the second book of the series, it starts with where the first book ends. James is dead and his girlfriend, Victoria has escaped. Edward and Bella are happy in their lives and have no issues breaking their way except the fact that Bella is still a mortal and her age is still advancing. This doesn’t bother Edward but it truly matters a lot to Bella. Soon her 18th birthday arises and the Cullens throw her a little party which turns into an unfortunate event.

Edward is deeply guilty for this and in order to keep Bella safe, he goes away. This book shows how miserably Bella tries to live without the presence of the Cullens in her life. Finally, the author introduces werewolves through this book of the series and our third lead character, Jacob is highlighted.

Bella is shocked when she finds out about Jacob and things progress a lot harder since she now misses Jacob too. Due to a series of events, something happens which makes Edward think that Bella is dead which is why he decides to die too, by the hands of the Volturi. Read this book to find out whether Bella and Alice can stop this from happening.


This is the third installment of the series and is quite interesting as this is the first book where the wolves and the vampires unite to fight against their common enemy. This book features the return of Victoria, the girlfriend of Jacob who was killed by the Cullens in the first book. She seeks revenge and thus creates an army of newborns to kill Bella. This has even snatched the attention of Volturis, making it a bigger problem for the Cullens because Bella is still a human.

This is why the Cullens decide to intervene so that the Volturi don’t have to come their way and find out about Bella. When Bella discusses this in front of Jacob, he wishes to fight too, along with his pack. This starts a full-scale training for war under the expertise of Jasper. Read the book to find out whether the Cullens are able to defeat Victoria and the newborns with the help of the werewolves, and what happens when the Volturi show up.

Breaking Dawn

This is the end of the series which makes it the most saddening news of all and brings along a lot of twists. This book starts with the wedding of Edward and Bella and then their honeymoon takes place. It is the most beautiful time of their life and they tend to enjoy it pretty happily but something goes terribly wrong. Edward seems to get Bella pregnant and the fetus starts growing very quickly in her belly.

She wishes to give birth to the baby against the wishes of everyone else even if it tends to kill her. This even terrifies the werewolves as they wish to finish the unborn child before they are born, as they don’t know if it might be a threat to their kind. The chaos turns everything dark and Bella almost dies while giving birth to the baby but Edward’s venom finally kicks in and she turns.

This then starts a new phase of their lives but the happiness doesn’t last too long. Eventually, something happens which leads to the intervention of the Volturi. They wish to use the gifts of Edward and Alice into their forces so they gather their witnesses to pull the coven apart. This leads to the Cullens finding witnesses of their own. Read this final installment of the series to find out whether the Cullens survive or it ends on a sad note.

Harry Potter

This book series is written by J. K. Rowling and consists of 7 books. This book series is great for young adults as well as middle-aged people who are interested in the concept of another world inside our own, with a lot of secrets and some beautiful talents that a lot of us wish for. It takes us through the journey of a young boy named Harry Potter who goes through the journey of his life and fights a lot of strong and evil forces to stick to what’s right. It shows how this boy never goes off the track even through the toughest of problems and loses a lot of his loved ones along the way. Due to its great fan following, it was even cinematized.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

This is the first book of the series and started a new era in the lives of literature fanatics and geeks. It starts with the story of a young boy named Harry Potter whose parents died when he was very young so he was sent off to live with his aunt and her husband who treated him poorly. They were often unfair to him and made his life really dull. Then he finds out that he’s a wizard and so were his parents which takes him on a new and wonderful journey to the school of magic named Hogwarts.

This journey began with making new friends and learning to adapt to this new environment but soon he finds out that a horrible plot is taking place and he has to do all that he can to stop it because he suspects that a teacher is behind these events to steal the Philosopher’s stone. Read the book to find out what the reason is and will Harry be able to stop the culprit.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This is the second installment of the series and starts again in Surrey, Little Whinging where Harry is living with his aunt and her husband. They keep him in his room and don’t let him make contact with his friends. Ron and his brothers help him escape this jail time and bring him to their humble home. This is where he meets Ron’s family and his journey back to Hogwarts starts quite differently this time.

He was nearly expelled when he gets to the castle and finds out soon enough after a quidditch accident that this was all because of a house-elf named Dobby. But this wasn’t the only curious thing till now. After this, a chain of events takes place that nearly leads to the closing of Hogwarts until Harry finds out what this is all about. Read the book to find out whether Harry and his friends be able to get to the Chamber of Secrets and save the school, or the school will be closed forever.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This book is where the story starts accomodating itself with the reality of the world. This starts with Harry’s aunt’s house at first where he blows up his uncle’s sister and then runs off. This is where he finds out that there is a killer on the loose with the name, Sirius Black. He then meets Ron’s father who tells him to stay away from Black as he is after Harry’s life.

Now, soon on a visit to Hogsmead village, he finds out that Black is Harry’s godfather and he betrayed his parents against Voldemort which infuriates Harry. But he later finds out that Sirius is innocent and it’s actually Peter Pettigrew who Betrayed his parents. Sirius is on a death sentence and has no way out of it. Read the book to find out whether Harry would be able to save Sirius and prove him innocent or not.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is the fourth book of the series and depicts the fourth year of Harry’s life into the wizarding world and Hogwarts. It brings along a lot of thrill and excitement but also claims the return of Voldemort which marks the point where the plot darkens.

A tri-wizard cup takes place where Hogwarts is to host two other schools of magic out of which champions would be chosen from each of the three schools, including Hogwarts, to fight for a cup into victory. Harry is curiously chosen in this competition even when he wasn’t eligible for it, which makes it pretty curious. He doesn’t know that this is a plot for something devious and has to continue in the competition. Read the book to find out how Voldemort is brought back to life and Harry’s world crumbles beneath his own feet.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This is the fifth installment of the series, and it is where the war against Voldemort actually begins. It depicts a state of tension amongst the ministry of magic as the minister tries to deny the return of Voldemort. He tries to keep a close eye on Dumbledore so that he can’t take any action on his own. This is why the minister sends a person from the ministry to take a look over the affairs at Hogwarts.

Simultaneously, Harry gathers a group of friends to practice as wizards because Umbridge wasn’t letting them use wands in the class. He names this group as “Dumbledore’s Army”, which later lands Dumbledore in trouble when these kids get caught, so he has to escape. The dynamics change after this act because Umbridge is straight away announced as the acting principal of the school.

After this Harry has a vision that his godfather is in Voldemort’s grasp and he is torturing him for Harry’s prophecy. Now, Harry is tensed to find a way to get to the ministry, in order to save his godfather. Read the book to find out whether he is able to protect Sirius or does Harry lose his godfather.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After the loss of Sirius, Harry is broken and things get pretty ugly. The wizarding world, as well as the muggles, can experience a disturbance in the current situation. This is why people feel it isn’t safe and need to protect themselves. Harry discovers a book of potion-making that contains the name of a person named “the Half-Blood Prince” who was actually Professor Snape as found out by Harry later.

This book is the sixth book of the series and introduces Professor Slughorn in the mix. He’s a brilliant Professor who holds some important information that will help in defeating Voldemort. Simultaneously, Draco is ordered to kill Dumbledore and he tries several ways to do that throughout the book. Read the book to find out whether Draco is able to kill Dumbledore and whether Harry is able to find out what Voldemort’s secret is.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is the final book of this series and marks the end of a wonderful era that was appreciated by fans all over the world. In this book, Harry, Ron, and Hermione set out to look for Horcruxes and destroy them after the attack at Bill Weasley’s wedding. They go through a lot of trouble to find a Horcrux and are able to destroy it with the help of the sword of Godric Gryffindor. They even experience the loss of Dobby before going back to school, in order to find the last few Horcruxes.

They go back to school, where Professor Snape is the Headmaster after killing Professor Dumbledore. This is where an all-out battle starts between Harry and Voldemort and it all turns down to the last few blows when Harry finds out that he himself is a Horcrux and has to die. Read this last installment to find out whether Harry defeats Voldemort by dying himself or does Voldemort live on.

I hope I was able to help the readers in figuring out the next book series that they should read. If the content was helpful, Please leave a like or comment on the post.

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