Best European History Books To Read

Europe is a continent with so many historically rich countries like Germany, France, UK, Spain, and many. Europe is majorly known for the European Union and the Non-participation of Britain in it. Europe has a very interesting and extraordinary history, there are so many books that have been written about Europe and its history few of them we are listing here to give you a brief about the European history and its different aspects.

Let’s begin with this amazing list of 7  Best European History books:

1) Europe: A History

Writer: Norman Davies

Europe: A History

This book is a best seller and covers a very vast duration of time in those 1000 beautifully written pages, it explains the history of Europe from the time of Ice age to the late 1990s, This book is very easy to read and understand, it does not make you feel bored at any point of time because of its engaging writing style and hook.

This book contains charts, maps, and all the other relevant reference sources to support the information written in this books, Norman Davies received hell lot of criticism from people who think that he has been quite a bias towards Poland but this goes false as move ahead with this book you realize this is just the deficiency of the genre.

2) The Shortest History of Europe

Writer: John Hirst

The Shortest History of Europe

This book is written by one of the most famous and celebrated historians, Mr. John Hirst which makes this book a must-read, this book is a quick read and follows a humorous yet thought-provoking approach that makes it even more interesting. “The shortest history of Europe” talks about the qualities and points which helped Europe be a world-changing civilization.

This book is a 200 pages quick read take only a few hours of yours and If you trust bookchums you must invest a few hours to read this book if you are eager to understand the cultural evolution of Europe from the ancient classical Rome to German warriors culture.

3) Europe: the Struggle of Supremacy

Writer: Brenden Simms

Europe: the Struggle of Supremacy

The book covers about 550 years of European history but the major focus of the book is on the twentieth century,  Breden Simms has chosen the theme of struggle and domination of the continent on the International level, Book talks about the international relations of Europe and its impact on the continent and the countries.

If you want a detailed explanation of how Europe struggled on the international level to emerge as a powerful continent you must read this book to satisfy your curiosity. There is a pinch of an exaggeration but you need not agree with all that has been written in it but this book is a sure delight for the history lovers.

4) The making of Eastern Europe

Writer: Philip Longworth

The making of Eastern Europe
The making of Eastern Europe

The making of Eastern Europe talks about the Stalin period and the growth decline and again growth of eastern Europe, the book holds a vast approach to maintain the real understanding. this book talks about the reasons for war and the damages caused by it, what led Europe to war the post effects of it. Strategic Vaccum the failure of democracy and many more.

This book is a superb creation about European history and if you are planning to buy and read this book you should go for the newer edition which has a new chapter about the collapse of communism.

5)  Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin

Writer: Timothy Synder

Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin

Bloodland is written in the time frame of the second world war this book covers the story of the mass murder of civilians by Stalin during the war, this covers majorly how Russia and Germany have survived this war where both the Hitler and Stalin were in power. How Josef Stalin has killed his own citizens till Hitler got defeated is scary he had killed over 60 million civilians during and after the war.

If you are looking for a book that helps to give a brief understanding of modern European history you must read Bloodland, this book grabbed 12 awards including the Emerson Prize in the Humanities, and has been a bestseller in 6 countries, also Bloodland is available in 30 languages so you can read this epic piece of art in your native language.

6) Europe from war to war 1914-1945

Writer: Alice-Catherine Carls, and Stephen D. Carls

Europe from war to war 1914-1945

This book gives a clear understanding of the 30-years turbulent transformation of Europe from both the international and domestic perspective, this book talks about a wide range of topics such as art, religion, literature, world war and its aftermath, politics, military, cultural, economic, and the key trends and ideas that helped Europe to evolve.

This book is well-illustrated, and chronologically arranged and it is a perfect book for students willing to learn about the evolution of Europe, The writing style makes this book and the proper use of photos and maps and resources make it an academic read.

7) Migration, memory, and Diversity

Writer: Cornelia Wilhelm

Migration, memory, and Diversity

This book has the focus decided on one country of the European continent that is Germany, this book explores the sad history of migration in Germany from 1945 till today also it covers how the policies and cultural builds have been different for the migrants after the world war 2. The book also gives a glimpse of Germany’s role it the religious politics of Europe.

If you are looking for an engaging book full of historic knowledge and incidences about the country and the continent then you must read this book it is a personal suggestion from my side.

Bottom Line

These are a few recommendations by bookchums and all of them would surely satisfy your thirst to know about European history, Some of these books are engaging enough to read twice. We have tried our best to give you a brief and most useful list of the best books on European history. Also, we have a list ready for 10 best history books which also deserves your time and attention if you are a true history lover,

Tell us in the comment section if you find this article helpful also if you have any recommendation that you want us to add to this list please share we will be happy to update this article.

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