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eBook Swap FAQs

1. What is the BookChums eShare program?

The BookChums eShare program is an exclusive feature offered on It lets you lend, borrow, and read books. Our intent is to keep the reading community growing. Upload or share an ebook with BookChums readers.

2. How do I get started?

Sign in or register if you are a new user to get started. Roll over the books tab and select eShare from the drop down list.

3. Where can I find ebooks?

You can find ebooks from the internet or share ebooks from your personal collection.

4. How can I upload ebooks?

Click on the 'Books' option, where you will find a drop down, there is an 'Add Books' option. Select 'Add Books', on the right hand side of the 'Add Books' page, you will find an option to 'Add Books Manually'. Click on that option to upload your ebook.

5. How do I download ebooks?

Browse the ebooks section and find ebooks available for download. Then click the Download button for whichever book you want to read.

6. How many ebooks can I download from the BookChums website?

To begin with, you can download two books. You need to upload books to be able to read more than the first two books.

7. I can't find the ebook that I was looking for?

The eShare program allows you to put in a request for any ebook of your choice. You will be notified when another user uploads the requested book and is ready for you to download.

8. What is the point system and how does it work?

Upload ebooks and earn points. Redeem these to download more ebooks or convert them to discount coupons to buy more books at The more books you upload the more points you earn.

9. How will I benefit?

You will get to read a wide variety of ebooks. The points you earn can be redeemed to download more ebooks or be converted to discount coupons to buy books.

10. Can I purchase or give credits for others as gifts?

The points and the vouchers you earn are non-transferable.

11. Can I borrow a book for free?

Yes, to begin with you can download 2 ebooks for free. To read more ebooks, you need to share your ebooks. You earn points and gift vouchers with which you can purchase books from us.

12. Can I lend sample chapters or promotional books?

Yes, you can.

13. What is My Wishlist?

Can't find the book you want to read? Go to My Wishlist and post the book title and author name. A notification shall be send to you when the book is available.

14. Is it legal?

Yes, it is. Readers upload and share ebooks. BookChums serves as a moderator