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By: Judy Balan
ISBN: 9381626009
2.8 Stars
Rating(s): 17
Review(s): 6
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Category : Family / Relationships , Family / Relationships , Humor
A thoroughly good book! Initially, I assumed the book to be a spoof on Chetan Bhagat's Two States, the book turns out in awesomely good shape. The storyline of a couple who are dying to get a divorce was indeed very catchy and I am sure most of the couples can relate to Rishabh and Deepika, since all the incidents mentioned in the book are in-fact witnessed among the urban couples these days. It just keeps getting better and better as one progresses. The author had me in splits most of the time. This story starts where most of the stories end which according to me was the splendid part. Right from childhood, we are hooked onto the fairy tales where the prince and the princess get married and they live happily ever after (an imaginary phrase cos we don't get to see the 'happily ever after' couples in real life). In the Bollywood movies too, the story ends with the actors tying up the knot or getting betrothed. But what happens after that, no one knows. And that's exactly where Judy scores with her book. Life after marriage and that too after a passionate love story with a Romeo-Juliet backdrop where the Punjabis and Tamilians resembling the Capulets and Montagues, is not a bed of roses. However, the most surprising element of the book (atleast to me) was the two families getting along and not for the sake of it, but actually getting along like a house on fire. I loved the way the author presented the story with equal amounts of sarcasm, humour and emotions. Great style of writing and a really wonderful plot. I would definitely recommend the book to all.
To summarize, all I would like to say is Kudos to the author and eagerly waiting for her next book!
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