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By: Bhisham Sahni
ISBN: 0143063685
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Category : Literature and fiction
Tamas is a critically appreciated novella penned by the prolific Indian novelist and playwright Bhisham Sahni. Tamas earned the writer much critical acclaim and was regarded as one of his finest literary works of all times. The story is set in the year 1947 in a small town frontier principality. The story unfolds before partition. In this book, the writer narrates the story of Nathu who works as a sweeper. He is bribed and eventually cheated by a regional Muslim political leader who eventually makes him kill a pig supposedly for a veterinarian. The next morning, the corpse of the dead pig is found on the steps of a local mosque and the tension-filled town erupts with more anger. Angered Muslims go on a rampage and end up killing many Hindu locals as well as Sikhs which has a retaliatory effect as they go on killing every Muslim they can find in the area.
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