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By: Ruskin Bond
ISBN: 0143416111
2.0 Stars
Rating(s): 11
Review(s): 3
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Category : Literature and fiction , Family / Relationships , Family / Relationships
Susanna’s Seven Husbands is a novella by the much-acclaimed Ruskin Bond. The story is told as a narrative from the character, Arun’s point of view. Arun is Susanna’s neighbor and is secretly in love with her. Bond has done a wonderful job in creating and developing a dark and alluring character of Susanna. The protagonist has a way of falling for the wrong men, every single time. The story describes Susanna’s journey through a series of seven marriages, all of them leaving behind a dead husband. The tale is wonderfully structured and has a stygian quality in it. The story has also been developed into a motion picture titled “Saat Khoon Maaf”. The winning point of the plot and the story is the central character of Susanna, which is charismatic and edgy, and makes you want to read more. Even though the book is not a thriller per se, one does get hooked on till the very last page wanting to know how it ends.
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