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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 812911880X
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 195
Review(s): 30
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Category : Fiction
The story is about three friends, Gopal, Raghav and Aarthi. Gopal and his father are barely managing to make ends meet and he(Gopal) has never seen or experienced anything other than struggle in life be it studies, exams or love. Raghav, on the other hand, is one who is eager to bring about a change in the society apart from being the “perfect Indian student”. Aarthi is the girl-next-door type whom every guy would want to be more than “just good friends!”. Emotions , feelings begin to fluctuate when love, corruption and ambition combine forces to destroy their lives.
Like all other Chetan Bhagat books, this one is a love story and I doubt whether he would ever feel like writing a book without love stories in them. Anyway, love stories have now become his trademark. As the story goes on he explores the world of private colleges who bribe everyone from the peon to the highest authority. This perhaps represents the current scenario in our country. The timing of the release seems appropriate mainly because of the Anna Hazare movement and his stand against corruption which has gained a lot of popularity among the masses.
Now, when I read this book, I found it way too predictable for my liking although the end is melodramic and not what we would expect it to be. Comparing it with “2 States” would be rather unfair since I found that book (2 States) to be very entertaining. The characters have been sketched very well but the part I appreciated the most was that the story is based in Varanasi. For a change, it’s good that Chetan Bhagat has shifted his attention from the metros to small towns.
As it was dedicated to the Indian Student, it was hard to ignore for me and thus my final verdict would be that if you are a keen reader of Chetan Bhagat, then go for this book but I would rate it as a one-time read only.
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