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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 812911880X
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 195
Review(s): 30
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Category : Fiction
I read it start to finish as with most of his other books.
Would sure rate it 4 star.
I admit that over the years his topics have moved only little further than IITs and IIMs but is it not the reason why he has youngster's fan following en-masse?
The nove depicts true picture of younger generation. Many found character af Aarati to be confused. However I thought of her as supraconfident next gen girl as all others in his other books. I don't know if he paints them as thoughtfull and charismatic and naughty because he gets impressed by female characters faster or that he wants to keep it as his distinction.
Whatever it is, this book connects quite just in few pages and keeps one soaked in.
Other thing is his lucid style with sense of humor present everywhere.
Would have sure loved to read Aarati's reactions after she discovers the true story but that type of theatrics suits more for SRKish Kal Ho Na Ho. The biggest success of this book will be that readers would have loved to read more and Chetan manages to keep something for reader's imagination.
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