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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 812911880X
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 195
Review(s): 30
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Category : Fiction
A good work done by Chetan Bhagat.. Gopal has a little bit gray shade character but at last it's turn in a positive way. It's a good tale in between of ambtion and wish. I really like this book but it's little low in compare of "2 STATE".The tagline (“Love. Corruption. Ambition.”) refers to the key themes of the book. Revolution 2020 is foremost a love story, in fact a love triangle, as both Gopal and Raghav love the same girl. Corruption, particularly in the education sector, is the backdrop of the story. All three characters have strong ambitions, and how they go about achieving them also forms a big part of the story.

According to Chetan Bhagat, story covers corruption in the education sector but in light and entertain way as he has done for previous books.

But over all it has a good taste so go for it!!!
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