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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 812911880X
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 195
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Category : Fiction
On reading the tagline (Love. Corruption. Ambition.) I assumed that Chetan Bhagat was hinting at the current revolution against corruption that Anna Hazare has started that has gripped the country. But no- the backdrop of the story is the corruption that the education sector of the country is facing. At the forefront is a love triangle. And the characters (Gopal, Raghav and Aarti) seem to be the ones from Chetan Bhagat’s previous book.

The story shows Bhagat visiting a college in Varanasi, and by twist of fate ends up helping out Gopal as he pours his heart out to the author after one drunken night’s episode.
The story talks about the dreams, aspirations, perceptions and life of the three characters. Bhagat has tried to make this a light, entertaining read but at the same time bring to light the complexities and corruption in the education sector that most aspiring engineers (IIT fellows) are facing.
His points are precise and the language is simple enough that anyone would be able to understand it. It is not a very high quality work but definitely readable and worthy.
I was eagerly waiting for this one and I think it was worth the patience.
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