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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 812911880X
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 195
Review(s): 30
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Category : Fiction
Oh how I absolutely loved this book!!!
Chetan Bhagat’s much awaited one…and it truly delivers good entertainment.
This is the story of three friends who belong to Varanasi. Gopal, Raghav and Aarti. They’ve been friends since childhood but their personalities and upbringing are diverse. Gopal comes from a mediocre family and his only aim is to become rich. Raghav comes from a middle class (well to do) family and his desire is to change the world and remove corrupt. Aarti belongs to a very high class with political connections and all she wants to do is live a fancy life by being an air hostess.
Gopal is unable to get through the IIT exams and also loses out on Aarti’s love. This makes him a bitter person.
Both Gopal and Raghav are bright lads but their morals are different. In his struggle to become rich and show his worth, Gopal becomes a part of the corrupt system and mints money. Raghav stands up for what is right and braves the wrong. This is where the friends stand on either side of the line – the line that marks the right from the wrong – the corrupt from the principled. What happens next and how it is handled is what you should read and find out.
The author is merely listening to Gopal narrate his story to him. And in the end advices Gopal and does not judge him for his actions.

The tone of the book is a serious one. I wish there was some humor and wit- Chetan Bhagat style. But overall I simply loved the book! The characters were developed so well and felt so real. The situations are something we all can relate to. It is a very light and entertaining read. I’m glad I picked this one. You won’t regret reading it. Go ahead and get it soon!
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Very true - a decent book by CB !
Nov 8, 2011, 9:22 am