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By: Lata Gwalani
2.2 Stars
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Category : Fiction
Incognito by Lata Gwalani has all that it takes to spike a whodunit plot. Enter Anjali’s world. Her world is turned upside down when four gifted, beautiful, and heady women breeze into her life. They are women who know their minds, pursue their dreams, and are obsessive towards perfection. Further they smell and spell freedom. They are Shailee - a teacher, Rachana – a fitness guru, Anuradha – a writer, and Shakti – a filmmaker. The four women take you across different locations of the world: from Venice to Dubai to Mussoorie to Kolkata. And each one of them plots a murder……

It is a sassy, riveting, and a purely thrilling read. The etching of each character is well-done and the language is fine. The best thing about the book is Lata Gwalani’s sensitivity and eloquence in breathing life into these characters. They are stark real: real people with aspirations and neurosis making an attempt to live in the world. They have a quest for something in life and a zeal for experience. Yet they falter like anybody else.

Gwalani has definitely delved into and understood human insecurities and the need for attention. As a reader, one would definitely look forward to her future writings. It is a remarkable piece of writing in the psychological thriller genre!
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