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By: Durjoy Datta
ISBN: 9381841037
1.6 Stars
Rating(s): 43
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Category : Literary Collections , Romance
Durjoy Dutta, the author of If it’s not forever, It’s not love, is a fresh new talent in the Indian literature world. The book has an interesting title and propels you to move forward and buy the book. In this book Deb the protagonist is one of the survivors of the deadly bomb blast and assassination that had engulfed the streets of Chandi Chowk and invoked a terror amongst the families who have lost a loved one in the blast. As Deb finds a diary of a corpse, though apprehensive, opens the pages to read the story of the unknown victim. The diary literally changes his entire perspective on life and his outlook on how to enhance thoughts and process them in daily loopholes. As he embarks on a road trip with his friends, he utilises the teaching in the diary to redeem himself and redefine the path of self discovery. An intense journey and whirlpool of emotions keeps the reader hooked till the very end.
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