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By: Durjoy Datta
ISBN: 9381841037
1.6 Stars
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Category : Literary Collections , Romance
An interesting storyline by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh.
The story highlights the Delhi blast (near the High Court) that happened last year. Debashish Roy (Deb) happened to be near the court when the blast shook him and the others. Though he escaped without injuries, the emotional scars remained with him for a long time. The imagery is finely described and it wrings an emotional chord in the reader’s heart.
He happens to stumble up on a half burnt diary of a blast victim and tries to trace the man’s family to hand over one of the last remains of the person.
But unfortunately the first and the last few pages are severely burnt and there is no contact address/number.
Deb’s friend Shrey and his fiancé Avantika help him in his quest, across the country. And then begins their journey with a lot of twists and turns.
The diary shows the man’s unconditional love for his girlfriend.
Bringing alive moments that take your breath away to the ones that leave you confused and frustrated at times, the authors have managed to take a simple story to a very high level of emotional connect.
The characters seem so real that you begin to care and connect with them. The story brings you to introspect, and look around you closely. It makes you more aware of situations and the fact that life can never be easy or smooth. And we should not take people in our life for granted. When you look back in life, you will stand to realize that only love prevails all.
There cannot be a perfect life. So if it today was your last day, what would your last words be?
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