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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 8129115301
2.2 Stars
Rating(s): 160
Review(s): 28
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Category : Fiction
Chetan Bhagat, India’s beloved author’s new adaption The two states is based on his personal life. The book has no magical love story or an expected amalgamation of cliques and coincidences; it is a straightforward and pure boy-meets-girl and falls in love kind of extraction. He has used his own life incidents and managed to create an innocent love story between Anaya and Krish. In the book, these two characters are portrayed to be brilliant and are pursuing post graduation in a hallowed university. They meet and fall in love, but like a typical Bollywood masala flick, belong to different cultures that result in opposition by their respective families when the matter of marriage arises. The unwieldy incidents they undergo to fight for each other, only shows that true love can pave its way out of the darkest corner and prove to be victorious in the end. The real essence of this book lies in their struggle to gain companionship even though the world opposed their union.
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