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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 8129115301
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 84
Review(s): 15
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Category : Others
2 States by Chetan Bhagat is a story of a couple’s struggle to convince their respective families, in order to get married. Chetan Bhagat of Five point Someone and One night at Call Centre fame gives the readers a similar book with similar twist that one sees in a Bollywood movie. As the plot suggests, the book is very predictable and at no point do the readers are caught off guard. The character build up is practically nonexistent and the dialogues and lines sometimes edge on being cheesy and melodramatic. The characters of Krish and Ananya come from the North and South of India, respectively. The book definitely sheds light on the internal racism that exists within the society and how important it is to get societal approval for two people who wish to spend a life together. The entire novel is written in first person, but as Chetan Bhagat has proved time and again, his style is not at all literary or anything even close. It’s a onetime read just to see the cultural differences that exist within the Indian society.
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