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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 8129115301
2.1 Stars
Rating(s): 84
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It is very fantastic, enjoying, entertaining & pageturner reading.It was very awsome experiance to read this book.The plot is basically Punjbi-Tamilian warfront.

Bollywood masala is the flavour for the book but still enjoyable.Krish(Punjabi by birth) and Ananya (Tamilian) both fall fo each other while completing their MBA from IIM-A. After a no problem love story of two years ,a major problem is to be confronted-PARENTS.

As we all know for all north indians ,south indians are madrasi & for all south indians ,north indians are illiterates.:)

Anyways Krish attempts his best to get the marriage proposal accepted by ,not Ananya but her parents.Ananya on the other hand does all sort of things to get absorbed into Krish's family.

Ultimately what happens we all know.No marks for guessing.

But if you are a north-indian in south or a south-indian in north ,you will connect to the story and will certainly enjoy.Most of the situations are the one which can be found in real life.

This book actually tells you the thinking of Indians staying in India but still apart,still not accepting different cultures in the same country. Some moments can really leave you giggling and smiling for sure.

Do read atlest once.
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