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By: Chetan Bhagat
ISBN: 8129115301
2.2 Stars
Rating(s): 160
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Category : Fiction
Dedicated to his in-laws Chetan Bhagat admits that the book ‘2 States’ is inspired by his own experiences. Bhagat is a North Indian guy married to a South Indian girl and the story narrates what difficulties they had to go through to convince their parents for their marriage.

A Punjabi guy and a Tamilian Brahmin girl meet in IIM Ahmedabad, fall in love and decide to get married but know that their parents would not approve of their relationship. The story of their falling in love has been rushed through but the story picks up when their parents meet at the convocation ceremony and do not make any efforts to hide their hatred towards each other.

It explores the differences between culture, life style, food habits, thoughts and life of Punjabis and Tamilians. What makes Bhagat a hit among Indian readers is his simple language, lots of emotions and an inspirational lead. Read the book to be reminded of how love is still at the mercy of societal norms in India. His humour and subtle observations are commendable as he vividly describes each scene. The book also makes a perfect plot for a typical Bollywood movie.
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